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  1. They have now removed all cruises in August and September from the website. I tried to do a mock booking for an October cruise and it would not let me.
  2. I think it would be good to suspend all cruises for at least 60 days. Some people are carriers of COVID-19 and will not exhibit any symptoms, meanwhile they can spread the virus. But the reason is: these small islands have very limited resources and medical facilities, I would not want to spread the virus to any of these locations--they simply cannot handle it. I have read some islands have already started to deny ships to dock. What happens when all the islands forbid docking? I love to cruise, and have some really great casino offers starting @ $10pp, but I also have lung disease and will not risk going. I have already spent 6 weeks sick this year with the Coronavirus OC43, but the CDC did not test me for the COVID-19, because I had not been out of the country, but i was in contact with a customer who had just returned from Thailand, so I may have already had the COVID-19 and just didn't know it. It was a horrible illness, and I struggled to breathe everyday, my blood pressure shot up to dangerous levels and was admitted to the hospital, and was in isolation. Stay healthy everyone!
  3. I have life insurance on all my children. Why would i not? We have lost a child to an auto accident--the funeral was $17,000, plus time off to grieve and counseling for us and our other children ran well into the thousands. Not only that, but if your child develops a medical condition like diabetes, they will forever be ineligible for life insurance. Currently there are over 800,000 go fund me pages for funeral funds, a significant amount of those are for children. You have to think beyond just funeral cost with a death of a child.
  4. Every day you spin, you get an entry into the sweepstakes. There are 3 parts to this Sweepstakes. You can also upload a photo everyday for another entry into the sweepstakes, this runs until February 13th. The 3rd part will be trivia questions which runs from February 14th-29th. This is a casino promotion.
  5. We take a small fold up camping chair with us when we book an interior. We only use it when we order room service, so we don't have to sit on the bed to eat. With a twin set up, it would work. I'm not so sure with a king set up. We also take those battery operated candles to use. We put one in the bathroom and one on the desk at night.
  6. Guest do not book the Havana for an exclusive sleeping experience! As stated before, all those aft balconies are Havana balconies, even if the Havana pools are empty and no one is utilizing the area, it is still being enjoyed by guest on their balconies.
  7. It a Casino promotion. The slot game runs through February 29th--you can spin for an instant chance to win a cruise or gift cards etc. You can play once per day, each time you play you will receive one entry into the Sweepstakes drawing. They also have Sea Me Play going from Jan 14th- Feb 13, where you upload a photo and will receive one entry into the Sweepstakes drawing for each day you post a photo. Pick your Fave from what I understand will be daily trivia questions, I'm assuming it will work the same way, answer daily trivia, receive one entry into the Sweepstakes, this one runs from Feb14th- Feb29th.
  8. That was my G-rated version!😂
  9. My last cruise we had a Havana Aft Facing Balcony. At night while sitting out on our balcony enjoying our view of the Havana area, it was usually ruined by the non Havana people using the area. Instead of it being serene and peaceful, it was kinda obnoxious, beer cans rolling all over the deck, people pawing all over each other in the hot tubs, etc. So yes, if it is empty it is still being enjoyed by the Havana guests! That is what we pay for!
  10. I am happy about the change. I do not like Coke at all, it taste flat to me and leaves a weird taste in my mouth. Pepsi does have more sugar and caffeine in it and Coke has more sodium. Pepsi is sweeter than Coke. I'm not usually a Pepsi drinker anyways, but i do drink Mt. Dew--and that does have a cult following.
  11. These are my offers right now. I wish i could book one of the 50% off casino rates cruises--they are dirt cheap, but they only go thru December and my husband works retail and cannot take any vacation in November or December.☹️ VIFP CLUB MEMBERS-ONLY OFFERS $20K Weekend Tournaments: Up to $280 off with Casino Rates + Free Drinks On Us! while playing in the casino + a Free Seat in our Tournaments Book by December 18, 2019 Exclusive Carnival Players Club® offer Invitation Only: Available on select Carnival Dream®, Carnival Valor®, Carnival Liberty®, Carnival Sunshine®, Carnival Miracle®, Carnival Victory®, and Carnival Imagination® sailings Up to $280 off with Casino Rates Up to two tournament seats (1 Blackjack tournament seat and 1 Slot tournament seat) per sailing Free drinks while playing in the casino. Terms apply Rate Code P0X will be automatically applied at checkout From $148* Avg. Per Person SHOP NOW ► Getaway Cruises: Up to $340 off with Casino Rates + Free Drinks On Us! for you and one travel companion Book by December 19, 2019 Exclusive Carnival Players Club® Getaway Cruises offer Invitation Only: Available on Getaway Cruises Enjoy Up to $340 off with Casino Rates Free drinks while playing in the casino for you and one travel companion. Terms apply. Rate Code P4V will be automatically applied at checkout From $143* Avg. Per Person SHOP NOW ► Dealer’s Choice: Up to $450 off with Casino Rates + $50 in FunPlay™ credits Book by October 24, 2019 Exclusive Carnival Players Club® offer Available on a wide variety of sailings through April 30, 2021 Up to $450 off Fun Select with Casino Rates + $50 in FunPlay credits Rate Code P2R will be automatically applied at checkout HURRY! ONLY 11:33:01 HOURS LEFT From $128* Avg. Per Person SHOP NOW ► Exclusive offer: 50% off Casino Rates on select sailings. Book By October 31,2019 Get 50% off Casino Rates Offer available on select sailing only Request Rate Code PUC From $89.5* Avg. Per Person SHOP NOW ►
  12. We were on the September 15th sailing on the Horizon. There were several Havana rooms that were not booked. They were giving upgrades from regular interiors to aft extended balconies for $200. We took the upgrade. We were sailing on a very reduced casino rate to begin with, then upgraded for only $200 to the Havana. We paid less than a regular priced interior for our Havana room. It was great to have that pool all to ourselves. The last day was the busiest with maybe 15 people in the Havana area. All other times there were only maybe 6 people utilizing the area. But come 7 pm, it was packed.
  13. I was on the Horizon last week, and had the 18 hour brisket @ the Pig N Anchor. My husband thought I was having a Harry met Sally moment while eating it. Was soooooooo good!
  14. I would have to agree Nachi Cocom is the best. We just got back from there last week, there was maybe 50 people total all day--never crowded, service was awesome. The view is great, no water toys to look at. Paradise Beach now has an all inclusive rate, i believe they are all the same price $55. Paradise Beach and Mr. Sancho's have a limit of 450 per day. They were both very crowded. It was a $17 taxi ride from the port.
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