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  1. I'm so sorry for your family tragedy and very glad you will be cruising on a couple of months. We have been to Margaritaville in Grand Turk a number of times and the cabanas are awesome! Little air-conditioned hut like structures with a porch with your own personal attendant! Loungers are right out front. It makes for a wonderful day! Pool is lovely as well. If you are beach people, its a short walk, but we love the pool. I hope you enjoy it as much as my family does.
  2. Sorry - I wrote this before I actually contacted Shore Excursions. You cannot add more than 8 on the floating cabanas - only the other ones. I had read about that and thought it was for all of them. My mistake. Lyn
  3. Thank you! This is information I can use. I will pass this along to them . We have time to cancel and rebook another cabana. On your cruise, did the cabanas sell out quickly? Again, thanks!!! Lyn
  4. You'll get no argument from me - but I have an 18 year old granddaughter who has her heart set on those over water hammocks. We have never had an issue with the extra people(children), but I understand there is a safety risk - after all these cabanas are not on solid ground. I just wish I knew the dynamic of getting to the cabanas and how strictly access was enforced. As usual, when you contact RCCL you get conflicting information. Thanks for your input. Lyn
  5. Seriously, a long day. I'm sorry. The island in question is Perfect Day Coco Cay. Lyn
  6. Does anyone have any experience with having more than 8 persons in the floating cabana? We have recently purchased the floating cabana for our cruise next year and I wrote to shore excursions to see if I could purchase two more places and was told no. Then I asked if I could buy Beach Passes for the kids who will not be using the cabana and I was told I had to wait until onboard to basically ask permission, because it was not allowed. Since the cabana was $1700(!), what do I do if they tell me no? I can't leave the kids, I can't cancel once onboard. This has been very frustrating. I am willing to pay the beach pass price $160 vs the $100 usually charged for two extra people and $210 for 4 children under 12. My family is so excited about these cabanas but I am less than impressed with RCCL at the moment. Should I just cancel the cabana now? Any thoughts appreciated - including telling me I am wrong in my assessment. Lyn
  7. We have purchased a floating cabana for our group and I know we get 8 beach club wristbands +2 more for $50 each to be paid when we get there. We will have 4 or 5 additional children with us. I guess we will have to buy them day beach passes. My question is do these passes sell out before sailing? Should I buy them now? Is there any possibility that they could go to the beach club and pool without a wristband? You know, because we already spent $1800? lol What are your thoughts? Lyn
  8. We usually tip $20 per adult. But, that being said, we have not ever rented a $1700 cabana in the past. We hope to next summer.
  9. Wow!!! That is so much less than our July 4th Brilliance of the Seas cruise in 2021! Over the water cabanas are $1700!
  10. If and when a vaccine is developed that works, I think there is merit in the vaccine being mandatory in the US. I’m sure I am not the only person on here who has been ‘vaccinated’. We irradicated small pox by way of vaccination. I know there are many that will disagree- we have rights, vaccines could be dangerous etc etc. But, I would definitely support that measure to ensure this country does not go through this misery again ( not that we couldn’t have another misery) Lyn Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. We have gotten off the track of the OP's question. I have just one comment with regard to COVID19 numbers trending up or down. Although I do not work in a hospital, someone very close to me is a first responder in NYC. He is privy to much information not necessarily given to the public. For example, if a COVID19 patient with an underlying heart problem passes - it is very possible that the death certificate will list cardiac arrest as COD. This can help COVID19 numbers trend "a certain way" (down). Conversely, hospitals are funded differently for COVID19 deaths and someone who enters the hospital with CHF may contract COVID19 and die and COVID19 is entered on the death certificate creating a trending higher COVID19 number. ( This may be hearsay - it has been told to me- I have no first hand proof - please don't flame me). I believe my relative, you do not have to. I simply present what I have been told. It seems plausible to me. It is a little food for thought. I only know everyone I know who is in the medical field who has been in the hospitals these past months say they have never seen anything like this and hope they never do again. Our Panorama cruise was cancelled. I love cruising as a couple or with my children and their families - but I am not in a hurry to return just yet. My apologies to the OP - we have gotten off the track..... Lyn
  12. In NJ, our Governor is talking about reopening outdoor dining and shopping in non essential stores. Some beaches are opening, but social distancing is still in place. I see corona fatigue everywhere. I myself have started to venture out to the supermarket last week. This week I went to a local nursery for some vegetable plants. Masks are required anywhere inside. Most folks were wearing masks at the nursery - but not all. My fear is as quarantine orders get lifted, social distancing is going to go out the window - and this cannot be a good thing. We just aren't a patient society and this could be our downfall. Lyn
  13. Perhaps the deposit for the new cruise is higher? Then I would think you should only owe the difference. Lyn
  14. Well there you go. That last line though is a little weird - talking about a side effect of a product. This particular survey may be more than just opinions. In any case, I wave the white flag. Look for disclaimers before doing surveys!! Lyn
  15. Unfortunately, once you do the survey, you cannot see it again. I tried. But to be sure, going forward, I will definitely look to see if there is some type of disclaimer. I have to say I do not remember there being one, but since I was not looking for it, I could be wrong. Lyn
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