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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and the great photos. What was your opinion of the digital wall? While watching John Heald's live video yesterday, it looked like their were spaces of light between the panels when they changed positions. While the imagery was fabulous, for me, the space was distracting. How did it seem in person?
  2. Mardi Gras looks great but the standard balcony cabins look extremely narrow. I am old with old knees ( but with a very youthful mind) and I just can't walk these extremely large ships. I hate the idea of taking an ADA cabin away from someone else, but there is no way these standard cabins will hold a scooter.
  3. We had that experience on land in Las Vegas - Free is never FREE- hahaha
  4. My thoughts on a closed in smoke free casino without a bar on a different deck than the Casino: IMO, I think for passengers, it comes down to what you want more - to gamble or a drink or a smoke or the convenience of a cashier where you are. Compare the tables or slots in Vegas and the constant beverage service to the cruise ship waiting and waiting and waiting for someone to appear to take an order AND come back with it. Then if you are fortunate to win and want to cash out - you have to go and find the cashier - who is in the very place you did not want to go in the first
  5. Go to Facebook. Search John Heald. Like his page. You will then see notifications when he goes live. you can also check his page from time to time.
  6. I'm happy for him. He is not going on vacation. He is going on that cruise to work on behalf of Carnival. For many many people ( maybe not the ones on this board) he has been the voice of hope for the past 16 months and many guests on the Horizon are thrilled he will be joining them.
  7. Well then so much for my 'work around' thanks. Can't have it both ways.
  8. But he is not a guest. he is an employee and employees get on and off at ports all the time - at least they did before the pandemic.
  9. Is the Horizon's 7/3 itinerary the same as 7/18? If so, Horizon's first stop is Amber Cove, couldn't he fly to DR and get on ship there? And, get off again in Bimini? Not ideal, but could be a work around. His eyes were so sad during his live. I feel terrible for him.
  10. We are booked on RCL next July. I just looked at coco Cay prices! Everything has increased dramatically. We had originally booked a floating cabana for $1699. It is now $1899. Beach Club day passes are $199 adult and $179 child. I paid $32 for my grandson last year! It was on sale, but come on! I guess we will just find a lounger. Shame, I was looking forward to Coco Cay, now not so much. I understand the cruise line needs to recoup some revenue, but this outrageous.
  11. Everyone who arrives at the pier will be considered unvaccinated. Offer proof of vaccination and you will be given a bracelet. If you don't, you will receive a hole punched S&S card. This will not be difficult to administer.
  12. I am definitely discouraged. I haven't even been on here in forever. Our last cruise was on the Anthem in 2018. We did a short land trip in 2019 because of medical issues and our CCL Panorama cruise was cancelled for July, 2020. We are booked on Indy for an 8 day cruise in July 2021. Until we know how the eight day cruises will change, there isn't much to do- we don't even know where we will be or on what days or what excursions/freedoms will be allowed I love planning our trips - we travel mostly with the family. But right now there is too much uncertainty to make any plans.
  13. If to/from US cruises will be capped at 7 days, what do you think will happen to the already scheduled 8, 9 & 10+ itineraries? We are booked for an 8 day cruise July 3, 2021. Can't wait to see how they change it. RCL has already changed the ship and the itinerary on us. New Ship is good- the itinerary not so much. Now the vacation length shrunk. I appreciate all the information being discussed here. I admit, I have used this forum as my cliff notes - 40 pages of CDC report is a bit much for me. I am also concerned as to whether we will be allowed off the ship once we are in po
  14. Three out of seven of our cabins still show Brilliance, but out of Tampa. I hope they finish this process soon. Of those already moved, no one is very near each other- even on different decks. Everybody wants to know where they are going to wind up! Lyn
  15. Well I would be up for that! We had booked a cruise on the Jewel out of Rome last year but had to cancel for health reasons. I still have not been to Greece and I have tried twice. Maybe the third time's the charm! Thank for the info. Lyn
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