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  1. Thank you BirdTravels, I hope we do get the suite benefits but I think I will phone NCL and clarify the situation . I believe there are ‘ suites’ on other NCL ships which are not real suites so don’t get the benefits I hope we are not classified as one of them Rosy
  2. I know about that, but since we booked this cruise 2 years ahead of sailing and at the time we were told there would be perks for being Concierge I would be very disappointed if they were taken from us
  3. Hi, we are booked on the Joy for Feb 21 and we have one of the Concierge family inside suites. Can you tell me what the Concierge perks were please thank you Rosy
  4. We will have the same problem but as we were to be on a b/b we have flights from UK to Boston then back fro Miami to UK , not sure if BA will let us change to Miami return trip
  5. I have never heard the term “ amenity credit “ but as it was given because our cruise was cancelled I would think this would be it. It is not a deal breaker but I would not like to lose it if we don’t have to , if I think our October cruise will be cancelled I will contact Celebrity and ask about it
  6. Thank you we are still hoping the October cruise will go ahead, maybe nearer the time we can act on it if it looks like it’s not. Just wondered if anyone had this situation before
  7. We have a b/b cruise booked for October. This was booked after our original cruise in October was cancelled last year. As an incentive to re booking and as compensation for the cancellation we were awarded some OBC. If this cruise is subsequently cancelled do we lose the OBC or can it be transferred to another cruise. We have 2 more booked .
  8. We received the rest of monies due ,refunded to our credit card today ,All seems to be correct.Now we have to get it into our bank account. I can now stop checking my a/c every day lol
  9. Hi Annie, thank you for your wonderful review, although we have been to most of the ports you visited it was so nice to read your opinion of them. Our cruise on Solstice in March to Australia and New Zealand was cancelled so now we have to wait until October when we are doing Boston to Canada and New England then on to the ABC islands , well we may be doing that ??fingers crossed. I am sure , like us , you will have many cruising days ahead of you. Happy cruising , take care, keep safe 🌈🌈🌈
  10. The headphones at the silent disco ARE sanitised I have see them doing this. They have a box of sanitising wipes for this purpose
  11. How long should it take for funds to go back into your CC ? I received notification about one refund of an excursion 14 days ago and it still has not appeared. I have since had notification about my 100% refund and 2 more excursions but I will hold my breath on them coming .
  12. We bought 3 super duper neck cushions for our long flights to Australia and back from New Zealand. We also bought water shoes for our Fiji excursion . Our currencies I returned and lost £90 in the transaction but did not want all that money lying about the house. Countless new tops and shorts but will use them sometime
  13. We had fillet mignon stuffed with blue Stilton cheese on a port and red wine sauce. Served with broccoli and cauliflower au gratin and baby potatoes. Washed down with an Argentinian Malbec . and very nice it was too
  14. Our b/b cruises on 20th March and 1st April were cancelled on 14th March. I phoned on 18th March to request FCC for first cruise and refund for second. Today we received our FCC but no mention of our fees and taxes, prepaid gratuities and an excursion we had booked. Also no mention of the refund for second cruise. If we have no further emails , I will phone up after the holiday weekend . At least we have had something and haven’t phoned Celebrity in between times.
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