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  1. You might want to change the word to "compete". You still need to do some homework once they start bidding, but I have not had any trouble with them.
  2. Not the I am surprised, but my TA might have misinformed me about the group rate. She specifically told me it was not refundable. Sigh. I do know that the group does not need to be specific to my agent. She had to go to another agent to see if I could be put with that group.
  3. I use the bidding site as well. Sometimes they are quoting a group rate. And SOMETIMES that group rate DOES have a refundable deposit. Each cruise is different. I have gone to one of the TAs direct after using them on the site and they actually referred me back to the site to post a bid and didn't want direct business. I thought it was odd, but whatever. I have used several companies from this site with no issues.
  4. Those spring breakers really make me angry. I can't imagine what they would do if the airlines suddenly cut flights and they couldn't get home. I bet they would just call their Mommy to bail them out. And, why is it that those same college kids think the rest of us should pay for their student loans? Rant over. Sorry.
  5. Just to lend some positivity. Hopefully this virus, like the flu, dies out as the weather turns warmer.
  6. I agree completely. If they hit the button to process any Royal-ups or the guarantee cabins, the cruise could fill up quickly and the rate go up within minutes! Plus, for those cancelling and rebooking the flu cruises from Asia, they may now be looking at the same cruise you are looking at. I would book NOW! Also, they do have a 24 hour guarantee for a price match, I think. It is similar to the price of gas. If it goes down, it will be a little, but if it goes back up, it will be a lot. Don't risk it. Also, loyal to Royal here. They have a better product!
  7. To be clear, I am not complaining. My main point was that we enjoyed our cruise very much and had exceptional service and a very kind staff. Others have noted the negative reviews. This is a positive review. Loved the ship and the staff it reminded us of what cruising used to be and was very enjoyable.
  8. When you used Dizzys, did you need to show your card? and did they give you a receipt? We were in Dizzys but there were also non-Diamonds up there. It was not just for us, so we just went back into the lounge for our drinks.
  9. Well, they could make all the Diamonds really irritated and NOT let them into the lounge at all and just make it Diamond+ and Pinnacle. Or, they could just open the Viking Crown to all of the Diamond and above. Then everyone would be at least pacified. Once Explorer goes to drydock, the Diamond lounge is moving and there will be even less options to resolve this issue. And, all of the window views will be gone in the "new" lounge. RCL is making this worse rather than better. I think if there were clearer expectations on how the vouchers worked, that might help. Several in the lounge were discussing and were confused about the process. Sometimes you get a receipt, sometimes you don't. There were billing issues with the drinks. We personally don't like the vouchers because we have had billing issues on previous cruises and I do not like to spend my time at Customer Service.
  10. Hello. We just arrived back from a sailing on the Explorer (1/24-2/2). Had a wonderful time. Must say the staff onboard was exceptional. Very friendly and went above and beyond to be pleasant and helpful. Have not seen this on a ship in quite a while. It was noticeable and impressive. Also thought they are doing a better job in the Windjammer for lunch. Lots of easy to eat foods, like burgers and nachos, but also had a few different items every day to make it interesting. And nice big salad bar. The one big negative that we found was that they did not open the Diamond Lounge in the evening out into the bar area. It was cramped in that little room and there seemed to be an attitude that RCL does not care about its top cruisers. We were sent a letter at the beginning of the cruise that there were 700+ Diamond and above that would be using the lounge and just to use our vouchers. As per usual, that did not go over very well. RCL knows they have a problem and just don't want to do anything about it. There is a second, minor negative. The Cruise Director, Mike Witte, was boring, grumpy and not very entertaining. He even chastised one of the contestants during the Love and Marriage Game Show. It is an ADULT themed event and he should expect that. He is way to sensitive! He seemed to be quite a drag the whole week. Other than that, the ship atmosphere was much better than Inde and Anthem, which we recently sailed. Overall fantastic cruise and reminded us of what it used to be like.
  11. Hello. We will be getting on shortly. Do you know if they have the "tropical" themed night? And do they have the beef on kimmelweck sandwiches anywhere?
  12. Thanks. I had a previous cruise that I did not want an upgraded room, so I had changed my preferences. After the cruise, I changed it back. I just wanted to make sure that it states that I DO want an upgrade if it is available. I have been upgraded in the past and didn't want to miss out.
  13. How did the MyVegas OBC work? Did you have to book with their agent or could you add it after booking with your own TA? I have not had much luck with MyVegas.
  14. Update. I did have to call C&A. It was quick and painless and they confirmed what I already had set up. She said they are working on the issue and it should be back on the web-site at some point in the future.
  15. I can't seem to find where to set my personal preferences on RCL. Some of them were what kind of soda do you want in your room? Do you want an upgrade and then it had options. I can't seem to find it and it is making me nuts. Help.
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