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  1. All good points. There should be something stating the changes on their main page as well as changing the itinerary on this sailing if you can still book this sailing. Good luck to everyone on this cruise. I hope it all works out for the best. I would not be happy to not get notification directly from Celebrity about the changes 6 days before sailing. If you did online check in, they know how to reach you.
  2. Thank you for sharing this information. We are on the 9/21 sailing. The overnight in Istanbul was one of the main reasons for booking the cruise. I have been watching news and happenings in Istanbul since the attack at the Dolmabahce Palace last Wednesday and it has been quiet. However, that attack happened in a tourist packed location not far from the cruise ship terminal which surely has Celebrity very concerned. We hope they do not change our itinerary, but that is up to Celebrity to determine based on the information they have. If they do, we will make the best of the new stops. The other logistical item I noticed in a later post is that it looks like the port time in Kusadasi has changed from 11am-8pm to 8am-5pm. Anyone that has a tour booked may want to reach out to the tour company.
  3. I looked at cabin availability, saw a cabin that I desired more than the one I as assigned and called the cruiseline (had booked directly with them). Told them I was in cabin X and wanted cabin Y that was showing available. It was simply an exchange from one cabin to another in the same category. If you booked with a travel agent, you will need to go through them.
  4. We booked a W GTY the day before final payment was due and were assigned in an S1 the next day. We were able to switch cabins a couple times within the category. Hope you get a nice upgrade!
  5. Depending on the ship (Reflection), S1's are also located on deck 12, If I am not mistaken, they were converted Aqua suites. I agree the views are no better unless you are in an aft cabin. The corner afts IMHO are the best. The pole is forgotten within 15 minutes. Lots of sun on most corner balconies and 270 degree views. A bit of a walk to the elevators but if that does not bother you, it is worth it.
  6. Thanks for your inputs. We will also have a small car and surely have suitcases in the back seat. (DW loves her shoes!) We will take that into account wherever we stop. I am figuring on 6hrs driving time which give us about 2.5-3hrs of diversion time.
  7. DW and I are renting a car post cruise and driving to Venice the same day. Hoping to drop the car off before 6pm. Looking for some inputs on where to stop along the way for lunch and maybe a bit of sightseeing for a couple of hours. (Without getting too far off the beaten path) Have been to Florence before. I heard Ferrara might be a nice stop. Dave
  8. Great Pics and excellent composition. We were on the Solstice a couple of years ago in Hawaii. Brought back some nice memories. Thanks for taking the time to post a photo review. They are my favorite type...
  9. Does the Lawn Club still offer music on certain afternoons? We were on the Solstice a couple of years ago and there was a guitar player, blankets, cheese and wine available one afternoon. It was very enjoyable to just relax on the grass and have a drink. Don't recall seeing it posted in the Daily and we did not see it on the Solstice last year.
  10. I made the decision (mistake?) of booking Alitalia out of Boston, non-stop to Rome through Choice Air based based only on shortest flight and price for a cruise in September. Booking it online was super easy. I actually am flying home from Venice (routing through Rome). I received an email from Choice Air a couple of weeks ago, advising of a schedule change. It was slight, only a 10min change on the outgoing flight. However, I took a look at it online on Alitalia's site to find my wife's seating assignments were gone on all 3 flights. Alitalia could not explain it but told me in order for my wife to get the seat next to me it would cost $12 because it was considered a "Comfort Seat". I moved our seats but when I look online, they still show me in my original seats, even though when I call, they see that I am in new seat. Small annoyance. I am sure it will work out. I love the idea of a non-stop overnight flight but after reading dozens of bad (really horrible) reviews, I think I made a mistake choosing Alitalia. I understand that the planes they use out of Boston are very old. Hoping an Ambien will help me sleep through the experience!
  11. I second the recommendation in trying Choice Air and flying home from Venice. We are doing that exact same thing on our upcoming cruise. Flight was the same price as coming back from Rome, even though they route us through Rome from Venice! Choice Air rate was hundreds less than going the airline directly...
  12. Thank you for your detailed report. Sorry you could not tender into Edinburgh. We are in our first suite in September and looking forward to dining in Luminae. Enjoy the rest of your cruise...
  13. Idiots! I agree, take them to the Colosseum for a lion show!
  14. Thanks for posting this info. Very good to be informed!
  15. We experienced it on the Solstice a couple of years ago leaving Maui around 530pm. It was wonderful. We either missed it or they did not have it on the Silhouette last March. I am going to really try to catch it on our next cruise. What a great experience...
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