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  1. If we book two cabins can we switch who is in the cabin once onboard?
  2. I drink coffee and juice for free everyday on my cruise
  3. Every cruise I book I compare a similar itinerary on Princess, Celebrity and Royal. The last few we have chosen celebrity because we get more for our $$$ than we do on the other lines. Yes celebrity has gone up but so have all of the rest
  4. I always laugh at these threads on the boards. Why does someone else care if I wear a lanyard. I’m not forcing them to wear one. Have cruised 16 times and wore one on every cruise. Don’t really give a rats ... what anyone else thinks
  5. Just got of the Reflection and there were several doors decorated.
  6. Looking forward to reading your review. If you book a future cruise can you let us know what the onboard booking offer is.
  7. I like the new format of the forum but for the last two days have had the same issue as everyone else. In safari all it does is refresh non stop. I finally downloaded chrome and was able to log in
  8. You went on an excursion to a storm ravaged area. Did the excursion staff state that the area was fully restored and functional? We went to the beach in St Croix and it was basically in the same condition. I expected this as I knew that the area was hit hard by the storms. That is the choice we made by going on a cruise to an island that was recently hit by a hurricane Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. It will show unavailable if you try to book for one night. It is a two night minimum Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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