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  1. How is anyone going to know they are swim trunks vs shorts if they are regular men’s swim trunks and not a speedo?
  2. Can you go back and add a photo later?
  3. If we book two cabins can we switch who is in the cabin once onboard?
  4. I drink coffee and juice for free everyday on my cruise
  5. Every cruise I book I compare a similar itinerary on Princess, Celebrity and Royal. The last few we have chosen celebrity because we get more for our $$$ than we do on the other lines. Yes celebrity has gone up but so have all of the rest
  6. I always laugh at these threads on the boards. Why does someone else care if I wear a lanyard. I’m not forcing them to wear one. Have cruised 16 times and wore one on every cruise. Don’t really give a rats ... what anyone else thinks
  7. Just got of the Reflection and there were several doors decorated.
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