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  1. We’re booked on this ship in May of 2018, and was wondering what Internet speeds are like onboard. Is the old, slower than “dial up” system, or has Princess updated their services? Prices are pretty high for subpar speeds. Any help is greatly appreciated. Reg
  2. Hi everyone. My wife and I are considering a cruise on the CB. We have cruised Royal many times, but this is our first Princess cruise. We are looking at a British Isles itinerary near the end of April, and while I have been able to determine there is no covered pool on the ship I was wondering if anyone knew if the pools would be heated. Additionally can anyone point me in the direction of dining room menus so that we have an idea of the kinds of meals we can expect. Any other information about the ship would be useful as well. Thanks in advance for any help. Reg
  3. donovan52

    Soda Package Cost

    Thanks folks.
  4. donovan52

    Soda Package Cost

    Thanks Bob. Do you happen to know the price of a glass of soda onboard?
  5. Does anyone know the current cost of the soda package on the ships? Also the cost of pinacoladas? These are my favourites.
  6. We've done four weeks on the Adventure (two one week trips and a back to back), all in hump cabins, and I will say our cruise in December was the first one where we experienced the vibration. It wasn't subtle, it was a decent vibration that definitely took a little getting used to. It didn't bother us enough to keep us from booking in that area though and we experienced no sewage smell or noise issues.
  7. donovan52

    Halifax Hotels on Boardwalk

    The Westin Hotel is directly across the street from the Halifax Seaport Farmer's Market and Pier 21, and there is an entrance to the boardwalk next to the market. It is our favourite place to stay because we find the location great.
  8. We were huge fans of Portofino and were disappointed that it would be gone when we went on the Adventure in December. We booked the first night at Giovanni's to give it a chance and we were blown away - our service and food were both better than they had been at Portofino and didn't miss it one bit! We were happy we'd booked the first night because that gave us time to try it a second time. :)
  9. donovan52

    Serenity Tours????

    We booked the "Fun at the Beach" tour through Serenity and it was one of our best days!! We booked as a private tour, $60pp and I felt it was a great value! I have some photos of our day on my review - scroll down to post #94 to see them! http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2144344&page=5 Our guides were Hans and Alisha and they were amazing! I will definitely book through Serenity again.
  10. Barrachina (a restaurant in Old San Juan) has free luggage storage from 9am-5pm. Here is their website: http://www.barrachina.com/indexb.php It is a very convenient location (with decent food/drinks) if you are looking to shop around Old San Juan.
  11. We actually didn't check out the fort at all, just walked in front of it to get to the beach. When you get to the end of the cruise pier you leave through a gate and turn left (walking by all of the vendor tents). You'll see the fort straight ahead. The walkway to the beach is along the water in front of it. It is a simple walk and the walkway is easy to follow. I'd say for us it took ten minutes from the ship until we put down our towels on the sand. (It is actually easier than my instructions make it seem!) I saw a couple of people with stand up paddleboards (but didn't notice where they were rented from) but didn't see jetskis though. With a large family group this would definitely be the cheapest way to do things! There is another beach that the poster just before me mentioned (WilsonFamilyNRH) which I've heard is good as well, but I've never been. WilsonFamilyNRH - glad to hear you are having a great time!! Wish we were still onboard! Jayblue - My first cruise was a 3 night on the Sovereign (smaller than the Jewel) and after that we jumped right to Voyager and Freedom class. I hadn't even considered a smaller ship until the Jewel was in port in my city and I was able to go onboard for a tour. I fell in love with the solarium and knew we'd give her a try at some point. SO glad we did!
  12. There are no take out containers - you can use a second plate to cover your first one (I hear there are trays but we really don't need one with only one plate each). We only had a couple sets of stairs to go down and didn't need to go down the hallways at all - no problems whatsoever. They have actually set up I'd say over a dozen tables on the pool deck just outside of the Windjammer. They are meant for people who bring their food out and are set with salt and pepper shakers. Hoopster95, I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner! I'm not in the orange hat but I believe that is Ryan's dad. I am the third from the right, if I remember correctly!
  13. We didn't do a final count because even when we were given receipts the amounts on them were 0. I don't think I'd break even with the ultimate package again mainly because I wouldn't need to do all of the sampling next time! And I usually had 2 or 3 glasses of Moet which wouldn't be included...I'm sure if I put some effort in I could make it worth it! Haha...I just don't know if I'd want to again. I'd be perfectly happy having a frozen drink every afternoon and a martini of some sort at night. I don't generally drink anything except water with my meals anyway. That's what I am thinking - different staff members, maybe they got used to a more hectic day of boarding? They most definitely weren't as friendly as those we met on Saturday (but the only one who was actually unfriendly was the woman checking set sail print outs and directing you into lineups, and I think she was just overwhelmed - but then again, I'm not even sure why she needed to be there...)
  14. donovan52

    Adventure of the seas-SAN JUAN

    We went on Dec 14 and ice show tickets were distributed on boarding day as well as the next morning. The shows were on that first day (at sea) I believe at 2pm and 4pm and on Wednesday at 7pm and 9pm. I am at work but can double check my info when I get home. You don't need to do anything online before you go and the times and location will be in the compass. We loved the ice show :)
  15. donovan52

    Adventure of the seas-SAN JUAN

    I think the aquarium bar is just called the lobby bar now, so you could still meet in the same spot! We were in the Adventure in December and while a few things (Windjammer food, happiness of the crew in general) were not as good as in the past, we still had a fantastic time and would do it again in a second. We thought the entertainment was great, we had a great room steward (maybe the best we've ever had), and great service from the Champagne bar and Pool bar.