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  1. On the Escape the "family suite" w loophole window on the 5th floor is bigger than the mini suite (balcony). On our very first NCL cruise we got upgraded (good old days) from inside sail away to the family room. It does have a bath tub instead of shower. It has more storage space, 2 large tv's and a curtain in the middle in case you want to "divide" the room. The kids loved the porthole window bc you could kind of get up in the window frame and have your own area for reading etc. In my family I'm the only one that ever enjoyed balcony :( Kids want now this family room (but its always darn expensive) and wife dreams of Haven - so we go balcony :)
  2. If it is available on your cruise it should be towards the end, in between "party package" and "diapers" :)
  3. That's $1150 p/p from mini to H4? That's a good offer for the Breakaway!
  4. This is very far from Stockholm... Who docks there?
  5. My worry too. Change "fairly new" for "brand new", most people didn't even know about it when I called them and when I finally made the purchase today she said I was her first customer that bought this.
  6. Thank you!!! If this is included for sure Skeeball is included. Remember that buying in advance is less expensive than on the ship ($56 vs $70). If you want to buy one pass you may have to call in several times. I succeeded on my fifth call!
  7. Ditto. Couldnt find anything about what/what's not included. On youtube theres a video from the Escape, all swipes seem to be red (only green is allowed with the card)....
  8. Agree about the Atrium, way to crowded for the more popular (and very very funny) shows. About Cagney's I wasn't overly impressed last time. We are going on Sunday, should we maybe change Cagney's for Moderno? Anyone been on both on the GA recently?
  9. I just got it too for Getaway next week. Just wonder what "Only valid with Green colored swipes" means. Hopefully air hockey is included.
  10. The cabana rental is probably microscopic chance to get if you have a "regular" cabin and/or non priority booking group. But IF you would get it I understand a $100 OBC is included valid ONLY at the Vibe bar. What can you order there if you have the drink package? Do they sell food/appetizers for a charge there?
  11. At least in previous years, whole cabin need to check-in together.
  12. Anyone that have used this package on the Getaway? What are the "Green colored swipes" games? Air hockey? The "Pac Man" air game? Basket hoops? Motor bikes? I can understand that games where you can "win" something is excluded but the rest is very confusing. Saw a youtube video from Escape, there everything seemed to have a "green swipe" (including games where you "win" stuff)??? Maybe Escape dont have this package?
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