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  1. ohmiss

    List of charters??

    Those guys were so much fun, weren’t they Jim?!! If it wasn’t for one roommate....hahaha! Happy New Year and hello to Lois! My next SD is the westbound crossing in Oct. All the best, Robin
  2. ohmiss

    New To Seadream

  3. ohmiss

    Travel docs box from SeaDream

    We got the same ‘Doc box’ in January. I usually just get the e-tickets however this time I was traveling with newbies. I told my travel agent to send the “goodies” verses the e-tickets. It was a nice little change and I really like the bag straps.
  4. No worries. The crew will know you are solo and will take care of you. They will arrange tables ahead of time for you and find out who would like company. All you have to do is let the maitre d know what you’d like when you board. I have no reservations about SeaDreaming solo. In fact, I would love that!
  5. Southpoint Restaurant and Lounge in English Harbour by the Yacht Club was a beautiful place to eat and drink. On the water, great food. Have another great crossing, I look forward to doing that again one day! Cheers, Robin
  6. ohmiss

    SeaDream I, January 27 - February 3

    YAY, you, SchnauzerPup!! The voice of reason and I am in total agreement with your assessments! SeaDream always puts their pax first, sometimes you can’t avoid red tape (or high seas) AND we all know, you can’t please certain people and those who continue not to like it should find another line.:cool:
  7. ohmiss

    Antigua embarkation

    Love it, you are too funny!! Yes we were charged $30 each even though we arrived at 4PM the previous day and went thru customs at 2:30. 22 hours give or take...but the agent said they go by the time the Yacht leaves. But what most do not know is the departure fee is embedded into your airline ticket fare so in essence you are paying double and there’s nothing you can do about it! I worked for the airlines, so I know this. Robin
  8. ohmiss

    Antigua embarkation

    This, I believe, is because Antigua/Barbuda, although a British territory, is their own country with their own laws. Correct me if I am wrong anyone else....
  9. ohmiss

    Antigua embarkation

    Hello Everyone...My SeaDream embarkation was a bit better than past postings. We were dropped off at the correct pier, but an hour early because of the long, difficult immigration procedure I had read about here. I went to the little white immigration building at the entrance to the dock. They said I had to wait until 2:00PM. There is a little bar right there, so my party waited there and had a beer. In the meantime, George (piano bar and marina guy) came and tagged all our luggage and it was taken to the ship. At 2:00 we went to the ship, boarded as usual....they are now doing the immigration and customs in the Main Salon. It still took some time, but it was out of the sun and we could have food and drinks there. So, things are improving in Antigua! Hope this helps!
  10. ohmiss

    Viking Sun World Cruise ongoing review/comments

    Hi Jim and Lois! Looks like a fabulous trip of a lifetime! I’m on SeaDream now and all is great. A fun group of people and an even better roomie! Heehee! I just love being here. Cheers and Enjoy! Robin
  11. ohmiss

    January 18 sailing

    Also sending good wishes and great luck to you cwaj45, sorry, I know how frustrating it was for you today. We are here in Antigua at the Yacht Club. Very nice place, many SeaDreamers are here. We were lucky today because we live in Florida and escaped the bad weather. Weather here is lovely...see you tomorrow at TOYB, I am sure. Hurry off the plane to immigration. Very crowded today. You are on the same flight we were on today. Cheers....Robin
  12. ohmiss

    Antigua embarkation

    Oh my! Thank you so much for the heads up. I’ve got 5 first timers with me and I was hoping for a good experience. Now, at least I’m aware. Thanks again, Bermudabum.:o
  13. ohmiss

    Caribbean Itinerary Changes - Winter '18

    Well, the way I look at it is, the Yacht is my destination! Take me where ever, feed me, take care of me, maybe a few adult bevs, I am a happy camper! Two more days :)
  14. ohmiss

    Antigua embarkation

    I certainly will, BB! I was on the eastbound to London several years ago. It was epic! I’d love to do it again! Robin
  15. ohmiss

    Antigua embarkation

    Thank you, Mrs. Tiki. Appreciate the key points and advice. I am wondering if things have gotten any better and more organized since Nov and the first few sailings in/out of Antigua. Has anyone been through this more recently? Thanks in advance!