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  1. As is the case here in Central Florida right now....high today was maybe 60...ok, that's enough winter!
  2. Thank you so much for all the great photos and daily updates! I had a great time on your trip and am looking forward to your next one! Angela
  3. my husband and I did a lot of inside deck walking on our Constellation TA but only about 4 miles
  4. I'm really having a great time on my virtual vacation with you! Great photos! We've only done one TA so far but look forward to doing more once I retire next summer. Angela
  5. The beauty of my current situation is I retire in 8 months so going to hang in there and enjoy the light at the end of the tunnel...yes, some days I'm pretty sure that light is the train headed straight for me 🤨
  6. Sorry, but this still sounds better than the day I had at work today....hope your vacation improves
  7. Note to self....DO NOT check in on this blog before heading out to work.....now I'd much rather go to Greece than Sanford...😉
  8. I looked forward to catching up with your trip while I was stuck in traffic today. Thanks for the great photos!
  9. Yay! I've been itching for a good virtual vacation! In 2001 my sister and I took our dad to Italy to see the town his dad left in 1902. We spent our last couple of nights in Amalfi with the intention of leaving there early on the day of our flight departure from Rome. It became apparent that early mornings there can be foggy so we ended up having to book a couple of rooms at the airport Hilton for our last night to avoid a white knuckle drive in the fog. Great hotel...was a little embarrassed when dad set off the metal detector at the airport with the bottle opener he'd lifted from the room. LOL We also love the westbound transatlantic...so relaxing getting those hours back!
  10. Great video! Thanks for posting it! Can't wait for our cruise on the Solstice next August!
  11. Oh goodness....I'm so sad that you're back on land but I had such a great time on your trip! Thanks for taking us along! Wishing you many more years of fabulous adventures together...I agree with micheleg that you should do a transatlantic and panama canal.....the best! It'll be hard to go back to a 7 day cruise after that....LOL Enjoy the rest of your time in Seattle.
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