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  1. Thank you for your info. I guess we will drop off the bags than walk around and come back later.
  2. We will be sailing out of from Sydney at 6:30pm on the Radiance of The Seas on Nov. 7, after checking in at around noon time and have lunch on board, can we go out to see more sights nearby and be back at around 5ish? Thanks.
  3. Bay of Island Kawiti Glow Worm Caves -- is there a walk off the ship type local tour to go to the Glow Worm from Pahia? We only want to see the Glow Worm Caves and driving ourselves is not an options. There is a ABCshuttle company for the tour but they want money up front and we are not comfortable to pay them via the internet. Thanks.
  4. PC168

    Sydney Opal card

  5. PC168

    Sydney Opal card

    Hi, we calculated that we each requires $60 for the Opal card, we will take the train from the airport to Wynyard Stn. once we landed, so you are saying that we can get it in the airport and activate there rightaway? Do they accept Visa or Mastercard with pin or tab in Australia? Thanks.
  6. Thank you both. Yes. We notice there is a one hour difference between Sydney and Brisbane. We do gain one hour.
  7. Hi, our ship will dock at 6:30am, 2 at sea days before back to Sydney from NZ. We are 4 adults and will do express check out and walk off the ship ourselves, assuming the ship will dock at the Rock and we want to fly to Brisbane in that morning. The question is: can we make the 10am flight? The next flight is 11am but we want to maximize our time in Brisbane for the day, then fly home the next day. We will take the taxi from the cruise terminal to the airport. Someone mention that we can walk off as early as 7am and just wondering how is RCCL. Also, how does the RCCL clear the custom before going back to Sydney from NZ, do they do it the night before for passengers or the morning the day we disembark? Thanks in advance.
  8. PC168

    Sydney Hotel

    Hi, we will be boarding the Radiance of The Seas from Sydney on Nov. 7-18, can anyone please let me know where do they dock? We booke our hotel near Winyard station. Thanks.
  9. PC168

    rain and more rain

    Just came back a week ago. We were very lucky. It didn't rain at all for the entire week. Crew was saying it rained the last 4 weeks before us in Juneau. They call this Liquide Sunshine.:)
  10. PC168

    Tracy Arm..... We made it.

    Thank you for the pic. Hope we can get as close as the OP. We will be in Tracy Arm a week tomorrow. Tuesday, Aug. 05.
  11. PC168

    Alaska Review July 11-18

    Thank you for your review.
  12. PC168

    Happy canada day

    Happy Canada Day!
  13. PC168

    MSC vs HAL?

    Hello, As you see we sailed with both lines and I agree the above said all. I have 2 teenagers age 18 & 16 and they have been cruising with us since day one. Ask my kids and they will go with HAL, teenagers love GOOD food and like to interact with English speaking teenagers. HAL cabin size is alot bigger than MSC.
  14. Thank you Sarah. Just finish reading this post. Love it. Your photos shot are amazing. Can't wait to see Alaska our turn this August. My daughter is 16 and she has been cruising with us ever since when she was 4 and my son is 18 now and he is going to U this September so therefore, he won't be joining us for our next year March Break cruise. Both of my teenagers love the food on cruise, eat whenever they want and choose what they want. I am sure my daughter and you can have a very long talk regarding to cruising. We all love cruising.
  15. I would like to know too. We will be boarding on Aug. 1. Appreciated if someone can post a MDR menu for this Alaska season. Whoever goes there before us, please report back. Thanks in advance.