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  1. Update. There has been a resolution, but one is asked by Cunard to keep the content confidential and not broadcast or publish the details. One will respect confidentiality.
  2. Whatever it’s officially named (Smart Attire et al), the result is the appearance of pax dressing in what one, also kohl1957, would consider to be “smart casual”, not what one, plus kohl1957, would deem to be correct “Smart Attire”. Smart Attire, for one is considered as a tailored jacket or blazer with a tie. But Cunard declares it as a “Jacket” (no description) with the option of a “Tie”. Therefore it’s actually “Casual” not “Smart”. The Casual Fifth Column Brigade will think “Casual” is the top end of “Smart”, while others with consider it to be the lower end. Thereby the difference between pax., it’s down to personal interpretation, based on what they have been brought up with as being correct.
  3. Yes. Offering a CHANCE to attend more than one Gala Evening when cruising seven nights or more. So, when taking say 10/14/19/29 nights there’s a CHANCE you could have two (being more than 1) Gala Evenings. Why Cunard are unable to confirm the actual number of Gala Evenings is known only to them.
  4. Show the proletariat how us should be done.
  5. You are correct We are in the 29 nighter in club, booked early, watched the price nearly double, then sold out. Now a sheltered is about what we paid for club and most of the total staterooms have disappeared on line. Ask your TA as they may have more access.
  6. Another thought. Every less Gala Dinner per ship/cruise equals a simpler menu, thereby saving many beans. Multiply this by every ship in the fleet, over each sailing per year, equates to huge cost savings, therefore a contribution to increased profits and inflated director bonuses. Money doesn’t talk, it swears.
  7. Stay strong, thoughts are with you.
  8. This will not be the first or last situation and ships have the solutions. Ask for a private meeting with the Manager of GS in their office, they will fully support you
  9. There many so called “Rebels”, one and DW included, who still dress for Dinner to an “Old Code” while embracing the new. This being for the man: Semi-Formal (a suit and tie) on the night before Formal Smart tailored jacket/blazer with tie for the night after Formal Formal is a Tux etc Remaining casual nights with a rotation of casual jackets. All shirts to have long sleeves with cuff links except for casual jacket evenings. Shoes to match the evening. Yes it’s old school, but it still works so why change?
  10. We are in England and my Wife and I tip our hair stylists. Then, we have received any in hospital treatment, a favourite bottle for all nurses, with a large hamper, from a well known store, for the doctors. No knowledge of other countries.
  11. Sorry, but did not know. Other Cunard suggestions. If the Lido Alternative still operating, as the best suggestion for the Italian Menu is the Cunard Special Pasta. It will surprise even the experienced diner. The Veranda Shellfish Sharing Platter, worth every dollar additional.
  12. A quick Cunard tip. If not upgraded to Grills, then for Lunch don’t head North to the Buffet (like most pax), go for the Golden Lion Pub on deck 2, to have a drink or two and be served seated with a good Pub Lunch.
  13. Thank you. It’s good the waiter, who was excellent delivering “showtime” at each visit, trusted one enough to ask the question. We had a lovely evening, his efforts were rewarded with, and he was exceedingly pleased with, a $100
  14. Thank you for clarity. In future one will now discreetly ask wait staff the cash tip question.
  15. Help with this tip question We had a great Mexican dinner in Orlando, where the guacamole, salsa and jugs of cocktails were prepared/mixed live at the table. Our waiter discreetly asked when paying by my credit card if the tip could be in cash. Which I did. But why was that? We thought it could be that the restaurant may not pass on the tips to staff.
  16. No outside loungers with a sheltered. Only two adjustable chairs, which when in the upright position, it is impossible to have a decent view without use of all the sofa cushions as boosters.
  17. Terrifying? Well for us it was the first sail out of Fort Lauderdale and our first experience of USA tip culture. Our group stayed at the Marriott Beach and all went down for dinner. Average meal, normal level of service. Bill presented and I took care of it and noted the gratuity box and put in $20.00 and a few cents to round it up to $300.00 No longer than 3 minutes later, the MD came almost running to our table brandishing our Bill in an irate manner and loudly wanting to know what was wrong with the service etc, having left, in his opinion, a very small tip. Now that was scary. Welcome to America
  18. It does not matter if it’s obligatory or not, just do it ($5.00 per bag is sufficient), as it will be appreciated and remember “what goes around…..” As a good deed, you’ll discover you will get it back, with interest, in other ways. Somebody up there is taking stock.
  19. Agree, discreetly with the “assistance with the Menu selection” protocol
  20. Personally recently upgraded our gratuities. Leave the autio-grats in place. $10.00 as a greeting (not a bribe) to Room Steward, the 2 Waiters and head waiter in restaurant. Small tip, say $2.00 to in cash Bar Staff per drink or deck drink waiters. $5.00 cash per small room service delivery with $10.00 for breakfast Then a random $5.00 here and there as a thank you for an act of kindness etc.. At the end of the cruise decide if $5.00 per day for good service should be rounded up for stateroom and dining staff if deemed excellent. No difference in tips between waiter and assistant waiter. With a flat 50.00 for the head waiter. Why the upgrade? Because a relatively small amount of additional money really does do some good. Also believe “what goes around…….”. Forgot the Sommelier, usually $10.00 cash for the decant etc., then if their wine list choices are excellent a flat $50.00 and the end of the cruise (Remember, the Sommelier has access to a list of fine “bin ends” at reasonable prices)
  21. If for two nights would never stay in Dover as it’s a working port with all that entails. Also Dover is a long ride from Heathrow. Consider a very pleasant stay in Canterbury, with it’s history, decent bars and restaurants. You can’t go wrong with the Cathedral Lodge as it’s in the middle of Canterbury with everything within walking distance. Others in CC will have input
  22. Well written. Agree, over the last 20 years people’s attitude to “standards” in many aspects of life has changed, but not for the better. We are told this by the new “me/me generation” that this is the future, to accept and embrace it, plus not to worry, as the World’s future is in their hands. Maybe the next target for the new me/me generation is to rid the World of “White Tie” Dinners/Functions.
  23. Although smoking is not allowed, there are some who deliberately ignore this. The unpleasant smell does drift. A call to the desk received the question “what stateroom number”. Agree, no lifeboats, but there is metal (part of the ship) to obstruct when seated. But happy you enjoy the accommodation.
  24. Here is the link to a previous CC discussion. https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/2529354-qm2-sheltered-balconies/ Tried once, never again, like sitting in a tin can, dingy and depressing . On can only get a good view when seated on the “balcony” by utilising the rooms cushions as a booster. Plus the smell of smoking products will waft down the ship. However, others find a sheltered balcony great.
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