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  1. 21 hours ago, Marronnier said:

    On our next sailing on the QM2 we will be in an inside cabin as all remaining balcony cabins were either in a poor location or completely obstructed. The sailing is a combination of a west and east going Transatlantic with a Caribbean leg inbewteen. On previous sailings on the QM2 we have enjoyed sitting on the balcony for drinks or just taking in the view.

    I am aware of the seating and steamers along the promenade deck but  for those in inside cabins are there any good, preferably quiet areas on deck to sit, drink and take in the sea or scenery?


    Thanks for any help

    Your Deck Area of choice will be a personal one, so best to self investigate.

    Inside, during inclement weather, here are suggestions for areas which hardly anyone uses, but after this post, occupancy rates could possibly change.

    The Board Room

    Sir Samuel’s

    The Atlantic Room

    Deck 2 Corridor (Staiway A - Future Cruise Office) - Swivel chairs

    The Queens Room (met a couple who took seats after breakfast, stayed through afternoon tea, then returned to stateroom to prepare for dinner)

    Commodore Club - Already known of, this is always the most popular 








  2. On 7/8/2021 at 11:36 PM, traceytd said:

    Wow the water is so clear. 😃 do you remember what beach this was at?

    Marigot.  Great for swimming, but dead for snorkelling.
    Take a cab, then a short shuttle ferry to the “island”.  You may be able to hire a local boatman to boat you back to the ship to take in the beauty of coastal views.  Ask the ferry man.

    Please do not ask the outward taxi to “come back” for you if considering boating.  There are plenty of return taxis at the “ferry” drop.


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  3. 17 hours ago, Rebels82 said:

    Are there any Adult only resorts that offer day passes to cruise passengers? Thanks.

    Can recommend a day at The Naked Fisherman, take beds, lunch and drinks.  Away from T’erds.

    Best to book in advance, they are happy to work with you on food requirements.


  4. 43 minutes ago, Windsurfboy said:



    Expect them to do everything they can , eg new names, to discourage people who don’t want to pay from removing the charge, but it’s totally futile.   


  5. 25 minutes ago, exlondoner said:


    Sorry, who is this we? Are you speaking on behalf of Cunard or what?

    Think you’ll find the “we” will be those who are happy to pay no matter what the SC is called.

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  6. Just now, exlondoner said:

    I don't really understand why it makes a difference what you call it. If people don't want to pay it, surely they won't.

    We wish it to be known as a SC, being legally published by Cunard as part of booking conditions.  Then if a pax suffers appalling service they are then entitled to remove the SC, having a legitimate reason for “don’t want to pay”.

  7. 28 minutes ago, Windsurfboy said:

    If the charge, or any element of it, becomes non- removable then I think under British law, Cunard would have to include it in the fare that they quote when you book. Otherwise it would be  a  hidden charge , which is illegal.  

    Accepted.  Publish the daily SC in brochures and websites as an additional.  Then SC is legally removable if the pax feels service levels repeatedly fell well short of Cunard’s standards, despite ship intervention/s, being deemed totally unacceptable over the duration of the cruise.   This will also shorten the first and second day’s queues a PD.

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  8. Agree it currently can be removed (reason?).   
    However, in the future best for Cunard to call it a SC, then the ship’s PD will require the pax to quantify the service failure/s to justify the total removal.  Gratuities will remain as a separate discretionary element.

  9. 28 minutes ago, ovccruiser said:

    Recent cruise around Britain, entered on my account as "Service Charge" and not gratuities interestingly.

    This could be the way forward.  
    Because a pax wishing to totally remove the SC would have to explain, in detail, as to what specific element/s of service dropped so low for the pax to remove all the SC, having never previously raised a service/s issue.
    Then gratuities would remain discretionary.

    Simple and effective.



  10. 3 minutes ago, Cruise NH said:

    I see a number of cruise lines have already posted their 2024 world cruises but I've seen nothing on Cunard.  Has anyone heard anything from their TAs on this? 

    Possibly November for WC, as the new 23/24 Brochure is rumoured to be released then.


  11. 14 hours ago, jimbo1683 said:

    Please can someone explain to me what alternative dining within Kings Court means? I see there are a range of cuisines but how is this done - presumably its not part of the buffet? Is there  cover charge or is it included?

    CC members have given good advice, but one would add a Cunarder tip.

    When taking La Piazza there is an insignificant looking item in the menu, something like house special pasta (can’t fully remember).  This is a wonderful pasta dish, full of delicious seafood, you select favourites from presentation.. It is then prepared and served at your table.  

  12. 1 hour ago, LynnForestgate said:


    do you really think that P&O are on a "Slippery Slope" in standards Bazrat ?

    hence why the slow deterioration in the standards on p&o can be attributed to a certain type

    Came across this thread by accident.

    Many years ago one took the infamous “Human Detritus” cruise on the Azura and if as witnessed the deterioration is continuing, then one was proven correct to bail early.  Will definitely not return to PO. 

  13. 31 minutes ago, RhondaC said:

    We'll be on our first cruise, since Covid started, in December!  We're thinking of just staying on the ship in Nassau this time, since it's all under construction and seems that not much has reopened.  But, I would like to see if there's a place open to buy a cigar (or two) for my husband.  I remember a place called Graycliff?  Are they downtown, and does anyone know if they are back open?  Or are there any other stores that would sell good cigars?  I'm hoping for something good that he can't buy here at home.




    Graycliff is the place, give them a call to discuss, as they could have a Cuban rarity available when you next visit.

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  14. 3 minutes ago, FionaMG said:

    I'm doing some very early reconnaissance for a cruise out of Southampton next September. 


    We'll be flying in from Faro and although BA has a non-stop flight from FAO to SOU, it's weekly on Saturdays, which doesn't work for our cruise, which starts on a Friday and ends on a Wednesday.


    We can get non-stop flights to Bournemouth with the dreaded Ryanair but it would still mean spending two pre-cruise nights in Southampton rather than one and it looks like it's a bit of a pain to use public transport to get from BOH to Southampton. 


    So could someone who knows the area please give me a rough idea of the price we might expect to pay for a private transfer (cheapest vehicle type, we don't need a fancy limo)? I'm trying to work out whether the cost/hassle ratio justifies flying into BOH and spending the extra night as against flying into LGW or LHR the day before the cruise and travelling down to Southampton by National Express, which would potentially be cheaper but more than double our travelling time since it'll take longer on the coach from London to Southampton than it will on the flight from Faro to London!


    Thanks for any insight.

    For a standard vehicle work on £75.00 including tip without any traffic congestion.

    There is ÜBER but have no idea on price.

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  15. 7 hours ago, Megans cruise said:

    Hello everyone 

    I am a crossdresser going on my first ever cruise. I am very excited but nervous about been on board dressed as a woman. I do go out in public dressed and try and blend in as best i can. My question is will i be able to go on board dressed and enjoy myself as a woman? As i havnt been on a ship before are there rules about crossdressing and what type of clothing should i pack? (When i get dressed i dont go for very short skirts ect i always dress my age, knee length skirts ect)

    Any help regarding this.

    Thank you


    Have witnessed cross dressers enjoying themselves on RCL, Celebrity and Cunard.  With RCL being in the highest group with Cunard the lowest, but Cunard had the most sparkle.

    One’s Wife had a great “fashion” conversation in the Commodore Club, his first hand knowledge was exceptional and interesting.  What he said goes on behind the scenes will not be published, as it is definitely not for the delicate nature of many posters on this site.

    Live and let live, as long as they abide by the dress code.




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  16. 49 minutes ago, BigMac1953 said:

    Not very much, I'm afraid.

    In the good old days, you got a birthday cake. Now you can buy one.


    Slightly different in the Grills as they still give you a cake. On our last trip two years ago one was presented to me by Ico, Maitre d'.


    Remember, if there is 2,200 pax that means in any two week period, on average, there should be 90+ birthdays.

    Ico, the Maitre d’ of Maitre d’s - such a kind man - Chocolate or Strawberry?

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  17. 15 minutes ago, Victoria2 said:

     My flying history and hotel stays have  all been for leisure  and at the moment, the programmes/ accumulated air miles will be a  thing of the past if I don't keep accounts active. We will look at the '23 itineraries and make our minds up whether we want to chance the metal tube again or stick to Southampton based cruises.


    Cunard  'free' wifi is the only perk I value as a top tier Cunard 'FF'.  🙂

    Think one can still keep the miles account active buy purchasing points, or using a airline credit card (that give points for a purchase) to buy a coffee.


  18. On 9/30/2021 at 9:50 PM, Racegirl6 said:

    St Kitts was dropped, and St. Thomas was added, I loved St Thomas when we went 3 years ago but we went to St. Johns and were pressed for time. What is something fun to do for 2 families totaling 8 people with 4 teenagers along. Carnival isn't showing but 5 excursions so it's looking like we may be on our own. I have never booked or gone with a private vendor before. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Consider a private yacht/cat day (think some have 12 pax or below limit.  Sun, sightseeing, snorkel, turtles, toys, food, drinks, relaxing and fun etc..  You decide exactly what to do, with no hassle.  Plenty of owners in St.T will be happy to offer competitively.


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  19. 51 minutes ago, Victoria2 said:

    I'll try again


    I think your Gold FF status might have had a bit of influence on your joggers being upgraded.😄


    How one dresses for long haul, or any, travel is entirely down to personal preference.   I might look as if I'd been mowing the lawn, elegantly of course as one doesn't want to get one's cashmere joggers [M&S not NPeal] grass stained, but in reality, comfort is the key for us.

    This reminded one of a lovely lady who one met occasionally when flying Virgin from USA.  

    On boarding her first action was to change her clothing, putIng on baggy pyjamas, hanging her clothing neatly in the wardrobe.  Reason given and a great one.  “As I seriously hit the bar after takeoff, it’s easier to change before rather than after when I’m smashed”.  Before landing and after breakfast, changed back into day clothes.  No hangover.

    The bar and aircraft staff knew her well, using her Christian name, helping her back to bed and tucking in nicely. 

    Yes, gratuities back then were in order and welcomed.



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