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  1. PCS = Personal Cruise Specialist Think land based Concierge, who takes care of everything Cunard (like bookings, problem solving, call backs etc), albeit on land, air, or sea.
  2. Pre COVID would have said Vanderbilt or Concha. BUT now not so sure and advise to check out all hotels against postings on the current advisor sites
  3. Think to end anyone having a PCS. Plus By withholding the purchase FCDs, Cunard have effectively removed ability to book future Cunard Cruises on land with FCD benefits. Money saving exercise. Will one’s current holdings of FCDs be honoured?
  4. And use this discount code for 5% discount, if your first booking. Thereafter 5% will be applied automatically. P4CREVIEW05
  5. Thought it strange, so looked at a website and prices appear reasonable https://www.booking.com/searchresults.en-gb.html?label=fort-lauderdale-15l9KYBDuGh8QzQwxu_bIgS392965610761%3Apl%3Ata%3Ap1%3Ap2%3Aac%3Aap%3Aneg%3Afi%3Atikwd-35026140%3Alp1006561%3Ali%3Adec%3Adm%3Appccp%3DUmFuZG9tSVYkc2RlIyh9Yf5EcukO1MOGLSSAuId8ToA&sid=6cb27c2207743410812899910f8b8c72&aid=303948&tmpl=searchresults&checkin_month=4&checkin_monthday=8&checkin_year=2022&checkout_month=4&checkout_monthday=9&checkout_year=2022&city=20022339&class_interval=1&dest_id=20022339&dest_type=city&dtdisc=0&from_sf=1&group_adults=2&group_children=0&inac=0&index_postcard=0&label_click=undef&no_rooms=1&postcard=0&room1=A%2CA&sb_price_type=total&shw_aparth=1&slp_r_match=0&src_elem=sb&srpvid=50be71f50d9d01b2&ss=Fort Lauderdale&ss_all=0&ssb=empty&sshis=0&ssne=Fort Lauderdale&ssne_untouched=Fort Lauderdale&top_ufis=1&changed_currency=1&selected_currency=USD&order=price
  6. Personally, in these difficult times, to save any possible angst one would book three nights in a good hotel.
  7. Ring them, for good customer service, they would possibly switch.
  8. One to look at. With a group of friends we have had very nice lunches at Raices, followed by cocktails. It’s a fun place with a great vibe, plus good food and drinks and one does know it serves dinner.
  9. Quiet ? Then a day pass is the way to go. Check the usual pass sites, make selection then contact the hotel as price may be less
  10. May one ask the ship’s name?
  11. As others have indicted, there are differences between the three ships, but to decide as to which one is for truly your favourite, you’ll have to experience which one give you a “hug” on embarkation and at times throughout the voyage. Consider ending “looking at booking” and make one. One’s advice is to do so asap, as prices have and will continue to increase as the days pass, plus your holdings of FCDs must be feeling lonely. For one’s part in a simplistic way, the QV/QE are excellent cruise/holiday ships, but the QM is “the” ship known as a voyage maker. If that makes sense? As a QM MD said “Elizabeth and Victoria enter a port, while Mary makes an entrance”
  12. The feeling was put into words by my SIL when boarding the first time and every time since….. A relaxed sigh, accompanied by the gently whispered word of “yes”, then while looking around mentally say slowly “this is it, I’m home”…. Then let the QM give you a warm hug…..
  13. About 10/11 years ago we stayed in Plantation. Nice hotel, but the cruise morning enroute to the docks got stuck in traffic with the meter ticking. On arrival $87.00 plus tip = $100.00 Be warned… Have you considered an airport hotel?
  14. Every stateroom is a nice stateroom on Cunard, but many prefer the port-side for the long ride home, for some reason. If not booking in club, consider BA on deck 6 with the possibility of an upgrade to club. Or at a lower price point, a BC on deck 7 or 6, again with a possible advance to a BB or BA
  15. Efficient? Yes, as they happily ensured our PCS received the booking credit, even though the cruise was booked onboard.
  16. Think LL was expressing a personal opinion based on the actual overall onboard experience, not comparing ship against ship.
  17. Seconded. Having taken one PO, one Carnival cruise says it all…….
  18. Executive Offices never ignore, please give them an opportunity to try and assist. Executive.Correspondence@carnivalukgroup.com
  19. If you don’t have a Cunard PCS, suggest contacting the Executive Offices of Cunard. Because without a PCS you’re dealing with the oxymoron aka Customer Services who’s remit is to deflect, confuse and anger a guest.
  20. Out of interest, one decided to view a random upload. Clicked upon a baseball cap, T-shirt, sunglasses and fabric backpack (potential Heard beachware) person’s contribution. Carambola evidenced (empty, possibly out of season as no Herds): Pedlos, kayaks, massage tents, thin mattress for beds, drinks in plastic/paper cups (sorry, no), no evidence of beach service, no evidence of cocktails at the bar (miss the large ED25 aperitif) no evidence of taking lunch. But on leaving there was evidence of Towels. The video enforced one’s decision to pass. Towels
  21. How true, there are administrators who contribute greatly to the profitability, progression and development of a company or an organisation. Then there are administrators who don’t.
  22. Yes, it’s a Massive step up for only £18.00
  23. For what it’s worth, when sailing the Caribbean, we have always taken (just in case) two off Tommy Bahama chairs with insulated sections together with off large screw-in matching umbrellas and never been challenged. We like to select our own places.
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