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  1. I agree that regardless of what procedures that are put in place, they won't be enough to overcome the fear, hassles, and risks, since all it takes is one person to shut down a cruise and turn a vacation into a nightmare. Behavior will be ugly and paranoid, with any sneeze or cough liable to provoke outrage, and there will be suspicion and prejudice against the elderly or Chinese passengers. I was on a Princess cruise after a noro outbreak, and it was completely frustrating and miserable, with every buffet item having to be served, meaning long lines, and no access to salt or pepper or sugar,
  2. The problem so much isn't letting them off the ship. The problem is that if you have infected people put on commercial airlines, then you spread Covid everywhere--that's what happened to the passengers of the Costa ship, who were dispersed at Atlanta and many of the passengers without symptoms tested positive when home, after probably infecting many others in the airport and planes and going to home (that's how the Seattle outbreak started). I also remembered the movie "Outbreak", where a sneeze or cough on an airplane from an infected person launched a spread of a deadly virus. So if you have
  3. --No passenger access to any buffet food or drink stations. No more sharing tables with potentially ill strangers in the dining room. It will have to be like a real restaurant, with reservations and private tables for everyone. Expand room service and mimic dining room menus for all meals. Stop charging for room service. Maybe make all the buffets a casual sit-down restaurant, where they bring you the food or you pick it up at a counter (Princess does that with morning omelettes, taking a number and delivering to your table). That would potentially mean better, fresher food, instead of buffet
  4. The problem as I see it is that CA and Seattle are the centers of major outbreaks, so unless things improve dramatically, they're not going to want any cruise ships. So whatever the lines do, it doesn't make any difference of cities don't want them and if there is any risk of infection on board. I'd love no single supplement, but I'm not getting on a ship if I have to stand against other people for a lifeboat drill, and I'm not really comfortable getting stuck at sea for a month like the Jewel and Maasdam, or even worse, getting stuck on a ship with an outbreak and forcibly quarantined on sea
  5. Latest is that Hawaii is refusing to let anyone disembark, nor from the Maasdam. So much for the aloha spirit and hospitality. So it looks like another 6+ days at sea in search of a mainland US port, maybe more if it has to go at slow speed. Glad I didn't bite on the cheap Hawaii-Vancouver Jewel trip, or the cheap May Jewel Alaska cruises.
  6. I love the Bliss hull design. I think I prefer the Joy, because the pool deck is so open, and because "Footloose" is much more interesting than the other 'greatest hits/how they made it big' shows, and the other magic/Cirque du Soleil show was also impressive. I was on it last year just after it was redone for the US market, and it was really the most beautiful ship I've been on, especially the observation lounge area. There was a special moment when we were about to leave Juneau on the Joy and the Bliss sailed right past us to take our berth spot, and all the chefs and other crew came out to
  7. 'How dare they not allow me to save my chairs while our group goes to lunch. How dare they not allow me to smoke cigars while playing laser tag. How dare I have to look around for different food stations in the buffet. How dare they set up the buffet for dinner when I want food at 3:30. How dare they not make space for 4,000 people to lay in the sun by a pool or the front observation windows. How dare they not dock during unsafe conditions when I want to go ashore. How dare it rain when I want to lay in the sun and smoke cigars and eat all day. How dare they not listen to my complaints about p
  8. There's no chance the cruise will happen, so you can either cancel now or wait for them to cancel and give you a refund. They can't move the port to Seattle, because it would still have no Canadian ports to make a required foreign stop. There's next to no chance that Seattle will accept cruise ships, because Seattle has banned any gathering over 50 people and closed all restaurants, entertainment venues, and any other gathering spot. I also have a 3-day cruise leaving Vancouver in May, and rather than try to cancel now during the worst customer service emergency and financial/logistical nightm
  9. The Ovation can't go to the Northwest without a foreign stop, and since they can't go to Canada, their only option would be to go to Ensenada, which some California r/t cruises do. But if the Ovation can't cruise the Northwest or Alaska until July 1, there might not be any sense in sending it there for the current schedule, and it could just stay in New Zealand and wait until June to come to the US, presuming that there's any prospect of an Alaska cruise season by then. If companies send their empty ships to Washington, there's really no place to berth all of them, especially since they will e
  10. Alaska has its first case, although he was from a foreign cargo flight so any transmission was probably limited. https://www.ktva.com/story/41889255/dunleavy-announces-1st-case-of-coronavirus-in-alaska The Norwegian ships can't even sail to Seattle, since the trip would require a foreign stop. The only real option would be to keep all the ships in LA and cruise Mexico until the Alaska season opens (possibly). Carnival already has 3 ships that cruise Mexico year-round out of Long Beach, and I would think the Mexican ports would be so happy to get all the money that it w
  11. There are a number of smaller options for those wanting to see Alaska or the Northwest. --Fly to Anchorage and take one of the boat glacier tours. --Use the Alaska Maritime ferries, which go to most coastal cities. if you want the closest equivalent to a cruise, you can start out in Bellingham, where the ferry leaves the lower 48 (with cabins available and you can bring your own food to avoid shared facilities), and goes from there to Ketchikan and beyond. Bellingham airport has many direct flights on Allegiant, with most coming from Las Vegas, so if you fly to Vegas it's a cheap fl
  12. I think it would be far-fetched to think that Seattle would open its doors to all the Alaskan cruise ships, particularly give the pandemic centered there now and al the restrictions on public events and all schools in the Puget Sound closed for now. If Victoria and Vancouver are banning cruise ships, it's highly likely that Seattle would do the same, at least for now, and have already canceled the first two ship arrivals. The Canadian ban also leaves all the ships returning from Hawaii and California in limbo, since there are no places they can stop in a foreign port, except for p
  13. For those like me who do coastals between SD and Vancouver, Canada also just banned cruise ships from their ports, meaning the ships relocating for the Alaska season won't be able to do a Canadian port stop in order to comply with the law. The only option open to HAL now would be to include a stop in Ensenada before heading north, but then if there won't be any Alaska season until July (since ships can't leave from Vancouver or do a mandatory stop in a foreign port), there's no sense of moving the ships north. It should be a fun time at HAL HQ now, especially since it's in Seattle.
  14. Every cruise company has a contact information, and most of the junk catalogs I get also have online contacts. I simply send an email saying that if you don't stop sending me unsolicited mail, I'll never cruise on your line again, or solicit whatever business is bothering me. Then if it continues, call their customer service and say "I wrote asking to be removed from your catalog list but my request was ignored, so every catalog I receive means another year where I won't be cruising with your company". Princess cruises is up to a 10-year ban for me now :). The same goes for 'cruise
  15. The more important player is Canada, because if they block ships, none of the Seattle ships have a foreign port to do their mandatory stop. Still, if Seattle isn't allowing baseball games, concerts, or even large church services, they're unlikely to allow cruise ships with thousands of passengers, especially coming from other areas of possible contamination. Every infection and death in the Seattle area originated from a man returning from Wuhan to Seatac and using some shuttle or bus to get home. And if you go there, you don't know if the person sitting next to you on a plane, shu
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