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  1. That is what I said... I don't look at total pop numbers...since a big group are not eligible (children)
  2. My regulatory affairs department in the US did ...it was our foreign team that was convinced they could change their minds.. to be honest I don't recall if it was the regulatory side or upper management...most likely the management team..it has been a few years... And I don't fault them...they have solid reasons..
  3. Well it looks like the cruise lines are continuing to meet with the CDC and apparently have another meeting schedule this week... but as you can see from the headline of the attached cruise critic story... August looks more likely than July https://www.cruisecritic.com/ab/agents/variation-a/news/6105/ This isn't surprising at all. If the CDC is anything like the FDA... if they ask for something that is what they want and not what you think they should be able to accept. I worked for a company that thought they could convince the FDA that clinical work done overseas should be accept
  4. While July hasn't officially been cancelled...this story on cruisecritic... asks the question... will cruising startup in August.....https://www.cruisecritic.com/ab/agents/variation-a/news/6105/
  5. I reached out on FB to both Royal and Celebrity... Celebrity has not responded...but Royal said that they have not made any announcements about cancelling July. I know June was cancelled (ports out of US).. could you have misunderstood?
  6. They have a lot to do to satisfy CDC and their plan for requiring adults to be vaccinated appears to run afoul of Florida's new anti vaccine passport law. Unless they can satisfy CDC AND find a loop hole in the Florida law....within... say the next few weeks... I don't see how any RCCL ships will sail out of Florida. I was hopeful and thought that the law pertained to intrastate businesses...but it appears that the intent is to cover cruises too.
  7. I suspect each company has taken a different approach. Carnival has said very little (we know they oppose vaccination requirement), RCCL has published plans once they are in place (crew and adults vaccinated some children allowed), and NCL is telling us what they are working on (plan on 100% vaccinated..so no children). In NCL's case I see mixed messaging (much like we see out of the CDC)...on the one hand the CEO goes on business networks and talks about CDC being unreasonable (frankly I agree) and the next day telling local media it is all DeSantis fault and they may pull out of Florida...
  8. We know that they have type of agreements for their cruises out of St Maarten... but they may not be in the format that the CDC is looking for. And there are additional ports not covered in the St Maarten schedule that have to be developed. I agree, RCCL probably won't announce anything until they are done. We didn't know about cruises out of alternate ports until they were set up.
  9. There has been discussion over how strict the mask rules will actually be on test vs the vaccinated sailings. But my concern is less what is written... which is confusing and unclear... but how it will be handled. As an example a family was recently kicked off a flight because their 2 year old special needs child was not wearing a mask...actually the video appeared to show the child eating. while I have not researched this.. I suspect that the CDC directives for this situation were less stringent than how the flight crew interpreted them....Anyway... if the cruise crew were to interpret the ma
  10. Read this from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health Expert insights... Apr 9 "The emerging data confirms what many of us thought would be the case—that not only do the vaccines stop symptomatic COVID, but they also make it highly unlikely that someone can even be infected at all. I think the preponderance of the evidence supports the fact that vaccinated individuals are not able to spread the virus." And they are not the only ones saying this... https://www.jhsph.edu/covid-19/articles/new-data-on-covid-19-transmission-by-vaccinated-individuals.html https://www.usatoday.c
  11. I see your point...one of the challenges though...is how the guidelines are actually applied. If say the cruise lines interpret it the same the CEO of NCL does...then I can envision a situation where the waitstaff has been instructed to tell you to put the mask on in between bites...
  12. I suspect you are correct. Personally I think that the cruise industry should start with 100% vaccinated.. just to demonstrate that they can do it... while successful in other parts of the world.. I suspect that like the FDA ... the CDC wants to see data from more local cruises. If they started with 100% I don't see why the guidance for fully vaccinated wouldn't apply. I would also require testing before sailing... to help weed out those who might try to cheat on this requirement... then as more people get vaccinated and more data on children getting or passing it on.. is available.. start loo
  13. Boy, I hope you are correct about this being intended for cruises with mixed... vaccinated and non-vaccinated people... but the CEO from NCL seems to feel it applies to his 100% vaccinated ship. Someone at CDC needs to clarify... or NCL will be moving their fleet out out of the US.... per comments from the CEO. What contributes to the confusion is the statement indicating vaccinated persons. If you are correct... they should have added verbiage something to the effect: That vaccinated persons, when in public areas at terminals, and ports of call where it is unknown whet
  14. Think of the lovely tan you will get while wearing a mask by the pool.
  15. Candidly I just hope that the CDC staff is just over worked and hasn't had the opportunity to actually think about their guidelines... perhaps...like the teachers unions... the cruiselines could find someone from their health panel to assist in updating the guidelines... yeah that'll work
  16. The apparent updated guidance for cruise ships is not consistent with guidance for fully vaccinated... as it relates to masking and social distancing. CDC guidance related to cruise ships...updated May 5 guidance for fully vaccinated... look at "What you can start to do section" So far I have not heard any explanation for wearing masks and socially distancing once fully vaccinated. Apparently science says you can not get or give the virus once vaccinated AP fact checking on shedding; Johns Hopkins piece discussing effectiveness of vaccine.... last paragraph notes that the rea
  17. Well I found it... and it does appear the CDC updated it... at least they placed a date of May 5th on it. And I now understand why the CEO of NCL was so outraged... clearly this was written last year and no thought was given to it when updated https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/cruise/covid19-operations-manual-cso.html#mask-use. There is so much confusing info that I like to try to find original sourcing... in this case..I hoped there was a misunderstanding...but no
  18. Has anyone seen a link to the actual CDC documentation regarding the need to mask and socially distance as part of latest guidance? The link below is the CDC guidance for "fully vaccinated" people... I do not understand why guidance for fully vaccinated would be different than those items in the cruise critic story. I wonder if that is for when ships sale with non vaccinated people... anyway... look under "What you can start to do" https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/fully-vaccinated.html
  19. I am hoping this information is either incorrect or applies to test cruises were people are not vaccinated... at least I am assuming that these cruises include non vaccinated... but the comments about distancing on the pool deck of a moving ship... seem insane....
  20. I pass the following along for your consideration. https://cruiseradio.net/new-cdc-cruise-guidance-masks-distancing-explained/. So apparently... if ships sale with the 98% of crew and 95% of passengers vaccinated... not only will everyone be required to wear masks.... but you will have to wear them while eating... removing only to put food in your mouth. Someone challenged my earlier comment that the CDC had move the goal posts from flattening the curve to help health care capacity to zero covid. They wondered where I got that... well they are correct I could not find it in writin
  21. I suspect that is also the case in Florida... while they may not have carved out a place for cruise ships.. I don't see how a Governor can tell a company involved in interstate and international business what to do... seems to me the Feds are the ones with the power... If the governor had that power...he could simple tell the cruise ships that they can sail now...but he can't. Still he should clarify because it is left hanging... Royal appears to assume no impact while NCL feel they can't do business there...very confusing for those facing final payment
  22. I suspect the Gov mandate does not impact industries like cruise ships and airplanes... these are interstate businesses.... vs intrastate... like restaurants... hotels based in florida. One question that I have not seen addressed...is what exactly is a vaccine passport? We already have the easily copied vaccine cards... is that considered a passport? I don't know the answer to this...and have not heard details outlined for such a thing. As far as which ships first...my guess Navigator of the Seas, Freedom of the Seas... since it appears their crew are currently being
  23. We will have to see what happens... but I got the idea that they would provide specifics about where to go..but I could have misunderstood the customer service rep...
  24. We signed up for a cruise in August... If I recall correctly the cruise line will contact us about a month in advance with info on where to get testing. I suspect that since fake vaccine cards have become an issue in travel..that testing will likely remain a requirement even with the Bahamas changing their requirements.
  25. We signed up for this ship..originally for Dec 2020 sailing that got lift and shifted to Nov 2021. Celebrity had just brought it in to sail out of Tampa... Many if not all of the newer larger ships can not sail out of Tampa Bay because of the height of the bridge they have to sail under. I assume that if they want to keep Tampa on the schedule they will need a ship in this class (not sure if S class fits..know it is an issue with some Royal ships). Now it is possible they will pull her out of service for the upgrade... but given the financial hole they are in... they might just push that off u
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