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  1. You are correct about it being confusing... and changing... first AOS cruise..they added another test taken by all when boarding...not that has disappeared from protocol. I do recall people mentioning providing the test results when applying for the health visa... remember everyone over 12 on early sailings are vaccinated. I hope someone who traveled then can tell us if Bahamas asked for it as part of health visa or not.... If I were the OP I would call and ask Royal... perhaps they can simply do the test before boarding..like they do for the unvaccinated children... but I would want to know b
  2. Here is a link to info on traveling to Bahamas https://www.nassauparadiseisland.com/health-and-safety#:~:text=Unvaccinated persons traveling to The,includes COVID-19 health insurance.
  3. I am under the impression that you need to get a health visa to travel to the Bahamas and that as part of this you need the test. I don't believe it is Royal that requires it..but the Bahamas... you might want to investigate this so that you don't have an issue getting into Bahamas. Also the test needs to be within 5 days ...
  4. Maybe you are right... I just don't recall them removing the name before HIPPA
  5. Okay off topic... but not likely to cause controversy. What I find ironic about HIPPA... is this... ever notice when you go into the doctor's office.. you sign in on a sheet where your name is removed by the receptionist... I assume to keep your identity private..... then after siting for a time...someone comes out and shouts your name.... what is the point or removing your name from the list? Is there another reason that I am not aware of?
  6. If you look at Celebrity photos of the cabin looking out towards the veranda... and compare it to the original animated video of the cabin..you will notice that the cabin appears wider than it is in reality... the perspective is off... actually way off. I suspect that you are correct... management was likely looking at images like the video... which appears pretty spacious.
  7. Actually that is not a little work. The ship is designed so that the outer wall is part of the structure of the ship.. unlike S class where the balconies hang off the structure... I am not an engineer.. so perhaps one can explain it better. The veranda on Edge is just too small.. I measured an it is 31-32 sqft..not the 41 or so advertised. I think the difference is that they measure on an architectural drawing and do not consider the thickness of the walls. To make it bigger..the only thing I can think of is to make the veranda deeper..but even that would require some significant modifications
  8. I ask because I know of at least one crew member... Chris Wong...who does a Vlog on cruising..said he got the J&J... perhaps the reporter was guessing and just assumed it was a two doser
  9. I was thinking that perhaps late shows for vaccinated..since most non vaccinated likely to be children. Perhaps late dining for vaccinated... for the same reason. Bars, spa, gym, casino for vaccinated (again focusing on adults)... solarium pools... perhaps bars on the promenade open for all... but Schooner and what used to be Viking lounge, champagne for vaccinated... more easily contained areas... just a thought...
  10. I missed the Sky lounge on Edge... one reason I prefer S class ships... especially the ones that have not been cut up to add a few suites... but even on Reflection... you still can have a nice view pulling out of port. There is literally no easy place you can do that on Edge... unless you are in the suites...but it sounds like even that does not give you the same view.
  11. Well then I hope they hold the ship if need be.. hopefully it won't be necessary....
  12. Usually we drive or fly in a day early.... but next cruise... we used choiceair for our Royal Nassau sailing.. and we went ahead and do it for the same day... in theory we get in around 3:30... so I am hoping that there is enough time in the schedule to allow rebooking flights if necessary... The ship leaves around 9pm and first stop is Freeport... so if worse comes to worse.. I suppose we could fly into Freeport... at least the cruise line will be aware of us... and I hope.. hope that if we end up delayed that they would hold the ship... a few hours... not sure I can count on that. We c
  13. Out of curiosity why 80%? What makes that number special... why not 75% or 95%?
  14. That is going to be hard to do..if the US does not hit that 70% vaccination goal. If we are at say 60% of total pop vaccinated... it will be hard to say... "we made it". Setting a specific figure makes it hard to declare success when you don't meet your own number. Now they may try and it will be interesting to see how they do that... perhaps 'new' data on natural or acquired immunity.. saying that we now have reached the magic herd immunity level...
  15. I am enjoying following your adventures... by the way is that cabin a single or for two... I ask because the bed looks a bit narrow..but that could just be the way it comes across in the video... thanks
  16. Check out marinetraffic.com there you can find those ships
  17. Vaccination question answered.... I am guessing if varies a bit depending upon crew arrival... but this guy was vaccinated later after the ship went from St Maarten to Florida... he posted this May 31. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtKeepkiLFs
  18. I went back to see if I could verify what I said.... Well I found the video... quite nice too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlZwWFxzuos This fellow is from Ukraine and is on Adventure of the Seas as a Broadcast tech... I was mistaken... he ended up in quarantine in St Maarten for a week (he thought it would be a few days).. some crew members quarantine was longer... then he went to the ship after a test and then spend 14 days in a passenger cabin. He has nice production values... not surprising given his broadcast technical position... enjoy. Royal and Celebrity clearly investing a lot in t
  19. But by winning... they may be losing... at least up to this point the cruise lines could plan... now that someone has kicked over the board.... it opens things up...but it is not final... there could be an appeal ... so just as things were settling down... they are stirred up again. In theory the cruise lines could use the CDC guidance for fully vaccinated...no masks ...no social distancing... up to the individual... but some people not comfortable with <5% unvaccinated... how are they going to feel about cruise ships being run like stadiums, Costco etc... "wear em if you got em"
  20. So now what do the cruise ships do? Someone just kicked over the board game...
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