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  1. On 6/11/2021 at 6:31 PM, mavo68 said:

    I am really considering cancelling my RC Allure cruise in  AUG and sailing on Carnival. I am concerned about RC decision about the vaccines. We are all vaccinated and I am not concerned about getting really sick bit of there are quite a few people not vaccinated there is a risk of no having a pleasant cruise. 

    Don't forget August is in hurricane season... many a cruise has had their itinerary changed because of these storms... you might consider moving to a Jan - May timeframe... by then we will know more about protocols, virus variants etc. and you won't have to worry about storms impacting your trip either.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Jimbo said:

    Guess that crew member has not had the vaccine shot yet, if he hasn't touched solid ground in 4 months, that's interesting.

    I am pretty sure ALL crew have been vaccinated. In fact... if you go search through youtube you will find several crew members who had to quarantine in a hotel room for 14 days then... if I recalled... they were vaccinated and then quarantined again for 14 days on board ship. I might have the vaccine order mixed up..but it was essentially a month in isolation. Now the process may vary depending upon when they signed up...but odds are is someone has been in the presence of a crew member... they have been vaccinated and isolated... I was surprised at just how rigid the process seemed to be.

  3. 3 hours ago, harkinmr said:

    I know.  Was just responding to perhaps an implication that parents would vaccinate their children to go on a cruise. If so, there’s a bigger problem. I personally believe that the vaccines are very safe for children and it is wise to get them vaccinated. My 16 year old grandson was just vaccinated a few weeks ago...and he decided on his own.  Very proud of him. 😊

    I have mixed feelings about vaccinating young children and too a lesser extent healthy young adults. But it is a tough choice... it was easy for me... being in the target age group for serious complications and worse.. it was an easy choice. But hearing about heart inflammation and the emergency meeting scheduled to discuss this... makes me still wonder. I am sure that it is healthy for the vast majority..it would be nice to have data so those at risk of side effects could be identified before... but it is still amazing that scientists were able to develop such a highly effective vaccine so quickly..so some side effects should not surprise us. Despite some concerns... I do not regret getting it.

  4. The first company we used was Allianz. On our way home from a Dec cruise...Atlanta was iced in and our Friday flight was cancelled...then the Saturday was cancelled..and it looked like we would be stuck until Monday. So we decided to rent a car... stay overnight at a friends in Orlando and drive home the next day. Later I wondered if travel insurance would cover this.. and they did..the hotel, meals and some incidentals..since our luggage was still at the airport. 


    So I speak highly of them. However later I was looking for more customized plan and have used two different websites 1) insuremytrip.com and 2)squaremouth.com. I recently used the later after seeing a story in Forbes about best covid travel insurance. With either company you can customize your needs for a quote and then when totally confused... you can call and an agent will help explain. I can not tell you how many times I have asked about pre-existing conditions waiver.. and still find that confusing. This way if medical issues are your concern..you can ramp up that and downplay cancelation ...that sort of thing... but be careful.. sometime the policy that includes something you didn't need is cheaper than when you exclude it...


  5. 16 minutes ago, bajathree said:

    If you are from the US getting on a cruise ship that departs the US I don't believe you are required to be tested if you are fully vaccinated and show proof.

    I know that is the case... however... Royal just announced that on their Bahamas cruises... the ones where everyone over 16 (and in Aug 12) need to be vaccinated....is going to be testing everyone before they board the ship. So it is possible protocols will change in the US too..we will have to wait and see.

  6. 17 minutes ago, harkinmr said:

    This was not a case of false positive. Both individuals were tested again and confirmed positive. False positives are relatively rare. False negatives are the true problem. They also test again by PCR to confirm a positive antigen test. AOS will do the same. 


    Good to know makes me feel a lot better...thanks....

    So if these two people are confirmed... and breakthrough cases are rare... seems really rare to have two in the same cabin.

  7. 1 minute ago, cltnccruisers said:

    What struck me about the Rahm situation is that officials knew he had tested positive but still let him finish his third round.  Furthermore, they walked him through groups of people once he was notified.  If this was such a dangerous situation then send a vehicle to wherever Rahm was in the round, pick up him and his caddie and take them off the course using an unpopulated route.  Instead I got the impression that The Tour was just being pro forma.

    I do wonder about false positives. Royal just announced that on their AOS sailings out of Bahamas (which we have booked) that they will be testing all passengers..even vaccinated ones before boarding. This is more conservative than what I have seen in some CDC guidance... and fine...except that if there is a relatively high likelihood of false positives...how would you feel being vaccinated and finding out in the Bahamas that you are testing positive.  What do they do if you get yourself tested before leaving home...and your results conflict with their results??

  8. Just now, dodgestang said:


    That makes it all worse ;).  So my 10 yr old has to wear a mask the whole time shes on board?  That's going to put a crimp in her Karaoke performances

    That is my understanding. I believe that they don't have to wear it outdoors...but I am not an authority. Kids who are not used to wearing a mask...all the time indoors...may not enjoy cruising.. But there was one poster who indicated her children were comfortable wearing masks all the time...  There is a part of me who worries about anyone who becomes comfortable wearing one this long...especially younger children...

  9. 48 minutes ago, Jimbo said:

    Interesting, are they even allowed to run a test cruise with crew still in quarantine or must every crew member be fully vaccinated before they can run a test cruise?

    I suspect that they always have a steady flow of incoming and outgoing crew. He will be in his cabin for the duration. Perhaps bar tenders training/responsibility is not as relevant to the test crews as other crew members. I can see wanting cabin stewards involved along with others who may have to contact trace passengers in a simulated outbreak

  10. 2 minutes ago, Biker19 said:

    The 98 went down to 95:


    COVID-19 Operations Manual for Simulated and Restricted Voyages under the Framework for Conditional Sailing Order | Quarantine | CDC


    May 26, 2021

    Provided cruise ship operators with more discretion regarding fully vaccinated travelers. Provided additional discretionary considerations for ships with at least 95% of crew and 95% of passengers fully vaccinated.

    I wonder if they lowered that to allow bringing on newly vaccinated crew..who will quarantine until vaccine hit efficacy levels....98% might have been a bit too tight to allow moving crew around... 

  11. For those who are wondering about cruising... here is a link to a story about Celebrity Millennium which just started sailing out of St Maarten. Now their protocols are may be slightly different, since they are not sailing under CDC rules..but it looks like they have applied many of them... In any event.... This should help make some more comfortable...others may not like these steps..but they are focused on getting things going and as the pandemic winds down the rules will soften even more Article on First Cruise out of St Maarten


    Fauci, the other day said that thing could return to normal when daily new cases drop to 10,000/day and we are currently at around 14,000 (7day ave). So we are getting close..who knows what protocols will be in a few months

    Screen Shot 2021-06-10 at 9.07.10 AM.png

  12. 6 hours ago, Board_Shorts said:

    With cruise ships being the perfect environment for the rapid spread of airborne pathogens (viruses which stay in the air) and with un-vaccinated guests inevitably mixing with everyone onboard, but most importantly mixing with each other; THAT being the main issue - contagions will lead to medical emergencies, medical diverts, curtailed sailings, possible ship wide quarantines for the un-vaccinated, if not for everyone, and unfortunately of course most probably more deaths.


    Passing in hallways for example, sharing the same pool/hot tub, sharing a dining table?? (Nope!) just walking along the Royal Promenade, which is an enclosed space, visiting the shops, touching anything which they then put back, sharing elevators (always use a knuckle for the buttons; a good tip given to me years ago.) But who knows?


    Unless Fain's latest statement mentioning the "extra processes incurring extra costs, and extra restrictions," and presumably needing to pay vast amounts for 'Royal Caribbean Brand' onboard testing, daily hopefully? Chargeable to their SeaPass account of course."


    With all that the un-vaccinated will need to adhere to, I can't see many bothering with a cruise this year and hopefully going somewhere else, or preferably staying home.


    Vaccinated guests are not worried about catching the virus - we're immune. What we ARE worried about though, are the un-vaccinated who still decide to cruise, despite all the dangers, extra costs and as yet unknown procedures, and the likelyhood of at least a few medical diverts and quarantines happening in the cruise industry this year.


    I may be wrong but I see it as an extremely selfish thing to be doing.


    All views welcome.

    I don't believe cruise ships are the perfect storm anymore... changes have been made in terms of airflow and medical center has been modified to be able to handle cases..they have extra medical personnel and plans to isolated and contact trace and evacuate impacted passengers... I just wish that they would spell it out ... but if you look at cdc guidance you will see requirements... one of the reasons for test sailings is to make sure ships and crew are prepared and trained. Also ships have been sailing with unvaccinated all around the world for months... and they have demonstrated safety protocols effective.


    Almost every ship I have been on has had a medical emergency..the reason I now buy travel insurance... I have seen helicopter evacuations... small boats pull along side... and the ship itself returning to port.. Also... from June - Dec is hurricane season... I have been on ships literally racing a hurricane... many ports dropped... seen (but not experienced) ships having to disembark in another state because of storms... so if you cruise.. especially during this time of year.. you run the risk of all of these... I think the selfish are the ones who want others to change their plans because it may inconvenience them.... However that said... anyplace I go in my state... I don't have to mask up or socially distance and I would like it to be the same when I am on vacation... now perhaps tight spots will require social distancing even if vaccinated..but for the most part I am protected. I think it is pointless to worry about remote possibilities of shortened cruises... when we are talking about sailing in hurricane season...in the Caribbean... and they say this year will be above average in terms of storms.

  13. 5 hours ago, K.T.B. said:


    When I got vaccinated, I had to provide all my insurance info, even though it was free.  I'm sure my insurance company is well aware of me (and my wife) being vaccinated.  Ergo, so does my doctor.

    They also have our medicare info... and since that is a Federal program... there is likely data within that system for all of those on Medicare. I wonder since our card has lot number info... if they could use name and lot number to confirm that the name on the vaccine card lines up with the name tied to the brand and lot number. Wonder if that data is in a computer or just on sheets of paper...? I suspect for purposes of tracking side effects that that data is in a database someplace.

  14. 1 hour ago, gc said:

    The problem is, deciding whether or not to vaccinate isn’t a personal choice—it’s a matter of world health....

     Sorry, it still is a personal choice. People have to balance their personal risk of Covid vs their personal risk of taking a technically unapproved vaccine. We are not in the Soviet Union..perhaps Canada is different. If you are older you are at a much higher risk of dying of Covid. We have only been vaccinating children for a few weeks and there have several cases of heart inflammation among young recently vaccinated. Fortunately the effects appear to be short lived... but more needs to be known before I would vaccinate a child. Fortunately for me, I don't have children so I don't have to make that choice...but it still would be the choice of my family not some government type not having to live with the consequences of making a bad choice.

  15. 1 minute ago, jrapps said:

    Carnival has a published policy for TX, not FL. Royal doesn't have a published policy for either yet aside from the guidance in today's TA call.  In today's call all they said for TX was "Vaccine requirements are being finalized based on state law."


    So if they do the same as Carnival in TX, then that shows what they WANT is vaccinations where they can get it. If they do the same in TX as they do in FL, then that shows they are more interested in families cruising than forcing vaccine requirements

    This really is a mess isn't it. I saw the protocols for AOS out of Bahamas... they will likely be different from ones for FL or TX and perhaps by the time I sail they will change yet again. I heard Fauci made a comment that life can return to normal (paraphrasing) when the number of new cases/day drop to 10,000. They are currently around 13,000. So what happens then? Denmark has declared the pandemic over... will we be doing the same?

  16. 1 minute ago, sept10dsm said:

    That can be debated.  Just read NJ alone has 8 deaths from covid fully vaccinated adults.  LA county had 12 covid deaths for the fully vaccinated (and in that article the medical authorities felt a good outcome - I don't) Maine 8  So fully vaccinated do get it and do still die.  All the medical people when reporting these numbers do state that it isn't that many or whatever wording they use but like it's no big deal.  These are fully vaccinated who didn't get the virus through the whole year since last winter and now vaccinated, get it and pass.   No one likes hearing this. 

    One thing that is confusing is the number of people who have died because of Covid vs the number that have died with covid. The way records have been kept is the later... I heard the doctor from Johns Hopkins speak this morning and he indicated that no young children have died from Covid although there have been some 300 (going from memory) that died with Covid..they had additional factors. Yes you can still die after being vaccinated and I could win the powerball...but both are uncommon and if you focus on reaching zero..you will be in the house forever

  17. 4 hours ago, PTC DAWG said:

    Agree, and I'm booked on Sept 19 2021 cruise out of Port Canaveral.  4 Cabins.  

    Isn't Carnivals policy the same as Royal..in that they are accepting unvaccinated children under 12. The difference being Royal assumes they can not make the 95% vaccinated..where as Carnival is shooting for the 95% goal.. So Royal will likely attract more families with young children and Carnival will cut off the number of people to keep to the 95%. We have a pretty good idea of what the protocol will be on the 95% cruises... still not sure how Royal and CDC plans to handle masking for vaccinated on their sailings..will everyone be masked or will CDC allow them to only have unvaccinated maskup? The last update suggests the former... which would not be fun... at least in my opinion

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