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  1. I saw a video for a crew member on Millenium or AOS... if I recall correctly... he quarantined in a hotel in St Maarten for 2 weeks... I think he was then vaccinated and quarantined in a passenger cabin for another 2 weeks. So a full month in a room alone...with meals brought in.
  2. Actually, as I recall...CDC raised Bahamas to a level 3 a month or so ago... so I will need to be generous with the hand sanitizer while there.. before AOS sailing
  3. I also have a tendency for motion sickness...so why I keep selecting this time of year is a bit of a mystery....
  4. Almost as good as having stayed in a Holiday Inn Express.
  5. Ironically, we had done most of our cruises during the peak of the season... Sep -Oct... not on purpose..but..well they do tend to be cheaper... Fortunately, none of our cruises had to be cancelled or forced to disembark in another state (as happened a few years ago to a ship)... it has made me more flexible and compels you to be flexible ... we have been chased around the Caribbean a number of times.... One time after we had been to the Captains talk where he told us the ships top speed was something like 23 knots... the next morning the ship was trying to get around Cuba as a hurricane was h
  6. Any actuaries on this thread...? I am wondering what the odds of a fully vaccinated ship (or perhaps >95% vaccinated) having it's itinerary cut short due to sizeable Covid outbreak... vs a hurricane significantly impacting a cruise itinerary in the Caribbean during the June -Dec time frame?
  7. Now that is a great idea... we can cover our mouths and eyes.... hope I can breath..and see
  8. If you look below you will see that the spacious oceanview balcony has 203 sqft of cabin space vs the 198 sqft for regular balcony... but it has 42 sqft of balcony vs 46 sqft in the regular.. So if cabin space is what you want the spacious one is the one to get... the 42 sqft size balcony is a fairly standard size in the fleet.... but if you like having a bit more room on the balcony... then the regular one is the one to go with....
  9. Gee.. I used spit on my snorkel mask... probably defeats the purpose of masking, if I spit on my glasses.. 🙂
  10. Looking forward to the makeup on the mask on the formal or whatever they call it ..night
  11. While it is humid here in the Atlanta area... we are at 1000ft elevation and have a river that most would call a large creek not exactly the Potomac or Hudson River... I found Washington DC and NYC to be more stifling in the summer and often hotter.
  12. One more question... did people other than the Pope... dress up on the traditional formal night...or were people a bit more casual than usual? I want to try packing as light as possible... since DH will need wheelchair assistance and dragging two bags around the Nassau airport is not appealing.
  13. One thing I like about cruising is meeting new people...with all the social distancing and reduced capacity.... were you still able to sit at the various lounges and bars and talk with strangers (vs people in your group)... how did that go...? At dinner we often converse with people at the table next to us... can that still be done...?
  14. I use the surgical masks with the metal clip at the nose... I am going to see if I can get the anti fog wipes... I can't imagine what it will be like wearing one in Nassau in August... I will need a service dog to help me find my way....
  15. Thanks for that suggestion.. I will look into that... but I think the rules are pretty clear... Now.. perhaps they can make certain all bars, perhaps the solarium, gym, spa, dinning room late seating and theater late seating (since fewer kids in any event) vaccinated only... that might help...
  16. You know you are correct... I keep getting mixed up with all the different protocols... will be interesting to see what happens with Celebrity.... and the vaccine passport ban... if they have to institute Royal rules... I will have a problem with that.. I can handle perhaps for a few days..but a 12 nighter... no way
  17. No matter what I do my mask fogs up.... I can stand it for short bursts...but find myself pulling at it to clear up the fog...yes I tried the kleenex to absorb moisture..works for short periods.... I can't see spending thousands for that... but I am only on Royal for Nassau...other cruises on X. If the Royal one isn't as much fun...will rent a condo at the beach...there I can go anywhere maskless...
  18. Actually, while the fee may be an incentive to get vaccinated... you are going to have to wear a mask indoors whether you are vaccinated or not... at least until you scramble to a location where you are free to take it off.... Not much benefit to being vaccinated in that sense (forget the protection from the virus aspect).
  19. I am very happy to hear this... we sail on her in August.. and as I watch the FL protocols tighten I was getting concerned... I can live with the way they have set up the Nassau trips... I hope they stay the same or..if possible...loosen... but I can live with social distancing... masking inside... is something I want to avoid.... keep having fun... your reports are very helpful.
  20. Before the pandemic...they used to have "luggage valet" service... they would take your bag and check it straight through. Not for all airlines... and the ones that participate have rules on how early the flight can be..... as I recall for Delta the flight would have to be after 11:30. You might contact Royal and see if 1) they are going to have this program 2)what is the earliest flight..if your airline is participant. It cost about $25/pp...but well worth it.
  21. DH has mobility issues and in the last few years we have rented scooters... we try not to get an accessible cabin..wanting to leave those for others with more serious issues... so I try to find cabins on the newer ships with the bed by the veranda (so we can squeeze it into the cabin)... and also near elevator and I tend to go with deck 6...just in case he would need to use stairs.. or he has to wait for an elevator..I can easily do the stairs from deck 4 or 5.
  22. Sometimes people select specific cabins for a reason... maybe they want to avoid being next to crew staircase..or don't want to be under the windjammer or over a venue that plays heavy base music late etc...or look for a specific cabin near elevators. I met a frequent cruiser who was upset that they upgraded her from an inside cabin to a balcony...her issue was that she would not sleep unless the cabin was pitch black... so if you have picked a cabin...for some there was a reason.
  23. oops... I am looking at too many different forums...
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