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  1. Sorry, it still is a personal choice. People have to balance their personal risk of Covid vs their personal risk of taking a technically unapproved vaccine. We are not in the Soviet Union..perhaps Canada is different. If you are older you are at a much higher risk of dying of Covid. We have only been vaccinating children for a few weeks and there have several cases of heart inflammation among young recently vaccinated. Fortunately the effects appear to be short lived... but more needs to be known before I would vaccinate a child. Fortunately for me, I don't have children so I don't have to mak
  2. Wouldn't that just be someone's luck... better get that will updated
  3. This really is a mess isn't it. I saw the protocols for AOS out of Bahamas... they will likely be different from ones for FL or TX and perhaps by the time I sail they will change yet again. I heard Fauci made a comment that life can return to normal (paraphrasing) when the number of new cases/day drop to 10,000. They are currently around 13,000. So what happens then? Denmark has declared the pandemic over... will we be doing the same?
  4. One thing that is confusing is the number of people who have died because of Covid vs the number that have died with covid. The way records have been kept is the later... I heard the doctor from Johns Hopkins speak this morning and he indicated that no young children have died from Covid although there have been some 300 (going from memory) that died with Covid..they had additional factors. Yes you can still die after being vaccinated and I could win the powerball...but both are uncommon and if you focus on reaching zero..you will be in the house forever
  5. Isn't Carnivals policy the same as Royal..in that they are accepting unvaccinated children under 12. The difference being Royal assumes they can not make the 95% vaccinated..where as Carnival is shooting for the 95% goal.. So Royal will likely attract more families with young children and Carnival will cut off the number of people to keep to the 95%. We have a pretty good idea of what the protocol will be on the 95% cruises... still not sure how Royal and CDC plans to handle masking for vaccinated on their sailings..will everyone be masked or will CDC allow them to only have unvaccinated masku
  6. How are they supposed to know you are vaccinated ...without looking at your card? I assume when you check in they will want to see it...if you are willing to show it...if not they will assume you are unvaccinated and given they only allow 5% unvaccinated are allowed and they will know at checking how many children they have... you will likely be sent home..or you might luck out and be one of the few allowed.... but then you will have to pay for the testing and wear a mask during the trip...
  7. Problem with that.. is that it makes it difficult to tell if the card is fake or real. I have read that they suggest you not laminate it ..so I assume this solution might be an issue as well... also we might need boosters...which..ideally would be noted on the same document. You might want to check before you cruise to make sure this won't be a problem... you might be able to get another one from your health department.
  8. Nice! Good luck to everyone eligible .... it has been a long year.. you deserve a break...
  9. Don’t forget hurricane season can also impact your cruise. I get travel insurance. Risk of an outbreak is very low and unlike ‘20, they now have plans in place to reduce the risk and deal with the sick
  10. How does Seabourn know if the cards are fake or not?
  11. I wonder about the carrot approach... show vaccination papers and you get X... perhaps an X% discount at a specialty restaurant during the first two days... deeper discount than whatever they normally offer or discount on upgrade to drink package... or a choice of the two..
  12. If they are using the wristband that was developed for contact tracing... perhaps those who are unvaccinated would get one of those. If you think about the PGA protocols (came into the news when Rahm tested positive) they only test people who are unvaccinated who come in contact with someone with Covid. So if you know someone is vaccinated..you don't need that tracking device. Now this gets into fake papers. I suggest they harden the language in the contract that indicates that if there is an outbreak and the passenger has the virus and it is determined that they were not infact vaccinated..th
  13. I do have a question. Since it appears that most of people's concerns, not all, are the possibility that a cruise could get cut short because of a Covid outbreak and/or vaccinated people will have to mask up because there are unvaccinated onboard.... Suppose the cruise line could assure you , that in the unlikely case of an outbreak that they have the capability to isolate and remove covid positive passengers without impacting the cruise and would allow vaccinated passengers to go maskless on the ship without social distancing... except ..perhaps the elevators or other really tight areas.... w
  14. Aren't there something like 23 states with or working on bans?
  15. The cruise lines seem to be taking their time going to court.... look at Florida suing the CDC... when did they start that?... back in April.... even the injunction hasn't been decided yet... and it is nearly July. So I think that the cruise lines must be working through some options with the Gov. to avoid having to go to court... seems to me if they go that route..you can write off July and Aug ...at the very least... then we are in the height of hurricane season. Some thoughts 1) delay fines allowing cruises to test out vaccinated cruises for ..say 5 months 2) allow cruises to of
  16. This is why the vaccine ban issue isn't just a state issue..but has international implications.
  17. I agree... and since places like Disney World are still open to unvaccinated (due to law not necessarily corporate policy)... that could be an option... especially since it is mostly outdoors and if any thing Disney knows how to manage crowds. I have two grandnieces under 5...so they are likely not even eligible for a while. DH and I both had side effects from our second shot. DH got a rash and sores that even 3 months later have not gone away (Dr believes they are vaccine related)... I got a fever.. a bit higher than usual with flu shot..felt like crap for 24 hours.. no biggie. But another fr
  18. Is this the ship that can't stop in Scotland?
  19. A lot better. I have been vaccinated... I figured that the risk for an older person getting Covid was higher than the risk of some side effect from the vaccine... Now I did want to wait a bit longer than I did...but I got swept up in the moment and got vaccinated in late Jan. Now some people have diseases where their physicians suggest they not get vaccinated. With children... I would want to wait for that final approval...there have been a few cases of heart inflammation and other issues that may or may not be connected to the vaccine... hopefully that will all be sorted out by the time they
  20. It is really unclear what the protocols will be on these ships. Before cancelling I would ask Royal if they can send you an email outlining what they anticipate the protocols being and ask for their most conservative assumptions... knowing that they can get better. You might also ask if you could apply your deposit to a Celebrity cruise... that is not part of the plan..but since they are in the same family...it would be worth a shot. Check with your travel insurance... you never know perhaps they would cover your deposit because of protocol changes...worth asking even if it is a long shot.
  21. See too prefer a mostly vaccinated cruise..I doubt there will be 100%...but in any event... I am vaccinated and want to return to the most normal routine possible...but I can see situations were people can't be vaccinated or have young children.. frankly I would think twice about vaccinating a child with an experimental vaccine..I would like to wait... but if people have gotten used to masking fine... Now what would be a nice touch would be to allow Royal passenger who prefer the Celebrity model to apply their deposits to a Celebrity cruise... but I don't work for them.
  22. I think that is the question...but I have seen posts from people whose families are comfortable wearing masks...after all this time... Now personally I worry about anyone becoming comfortable with masks...but if you are... and you want to get away...and Royal makes it easier and nonjudgemental for you... go for it. I just personally being vaccinated would rather a cruise that is as normal as possible and that means maskless and being able to sit next to people I meet onboard...but that is me. So RCCL has provided options... Celebrity for those who want a more free experience and Royal who won
  23. I wonder... if vaccination doesn't begin to pickup soon ...we may end up with nearly 50% of the population unvaccinated... so it is possible if most cruiselines require vaccination that Royal will be the winner with families.... Only 52% of those over 18 are vaccinated and the needle has hardly moved in recent weeks. If people are comfortable going to baseball games, restaurants etc unvaccinated... they might want to cruise. The real question is...will they be willing to put up with masking, social distancing and the other steps... it will be interesting to watch. I, on the other hand, will be
  24. Personally I think DeSantis needs to find a way out of this mess... he is blind to it... I am a bit surprised that the cruise lines haven't gone to the courts ...so I assume things are still going on behind the scenes... but it is not helpful to anyone who is trying to plan a vacation.
  25. Lets do the math... cruise line brings in $3,000 but pays out $5,000 ... not a profitable model
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