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  1. I said "apparently", because I did not hear it... my husband watching on Sunday said that is what he heard... now apparently there is some dispute over if he did or not... here is a link to what the paper in the area said about the incident https://www.dispatch.com/story/sports/2021/06/06/jon-rahm-jack-nicklaus-memorial-tournament-pga-tour-covid-19/7572795002/ It seems like he isn't talking and neither are people associated with the tournament....but in Golf Digest article they note "He added that a fully vaccinated player would not have to go through the tour's testing procedures as a resul
  2. DH said that on Sunday they said he was not vaccinated.. only reporting what he heard while watching the golf tournament
  3. Not true, Disney nor any other parks are exempt
  4. dswallow... do you have the link to the protocols for the AOS June sailing... I couldn't find it. The vaccine requirements are still in place and they have two sets of protocols..one for vaccinated everyone over 12 or 16 and for unvaccinated... the rest of the children. But this is out of Bahamas...so not CDC...but probably similar..
  5. Interesting approach... it would have to be very subtle...so as not to appear like some North Korean cruise 🙂
  6. They will be on the Royal July and Aug cruises 🙂
  7. No the vaccine requirements are still there... actually expanded to those 12 and over beginning Aug 1... It is the Bahamas that does not require vaccinations to enter...but does want non-vaccinated to have been tested
  8. I don't think so... "In addition to outlawing vaccine passports, the bill will limit how local governments can extend emergency orders, allowing them to extend in seven-day increments for a total of 42 days. And, the governor would be able to override local orders that are 'unnecessarily restrict individual rights or liberties. "These changes to the emergency orders are significant, as the seven-day extensions are currently allowed indefinitely. And, the bill would make permanent the order that does not allow theme parks, like Walt Disney World, to require that guests show any form o
  9. When they announced these cruises Royal really should have updated information on the protocols for these cruises...noting that they could change AND they really need to tell people what happens when someone is sick ...because many keep going back to march '20.. and I believe from what I have pieced together that they have a better plan that will likely keep the cruise going... isolating and evacuating the sick... but I am not sure I am correct... I think people would feel better if more of these details were answered. At least I have a good idea on how the Nassau protocols will work...but I c
  10. Thank you for that... can you provide me the link for CDC guidance for unvaccinated ship... cause I thought this dealt with both... some requirements for unvaccinated and recommendation for the 95%...but if I have the wrong link... I would appreciate the correct one... Thanks in advance. This one was updated May 26th..for reference
  11. I read that part of the guidance and it was very confusing... now on the AOS sailing with mostly vaccinated... children below certain ages will not.... vaccinated people do not have to mask... but the others do....now it is a lot easier to tell who is and who is not vaccinated in this case. Tell me... look at this section of the guidance... it looks like on these <95% cruises...that they could designate certain areas for vaccinated only and allow no masking in those areas... is that your reading? What is confusing is that Richard Fain as recently as May 30th said on a video that
  12. I think ... that while he was inaccurate... his intention was to say it was a very small number...of course I am attempting to reminds and I could be wrong.
  13. No vaccinated people who are afraid of unvaccinated people should stay home..or go camping
  14. That number looks more like the total that tested positive for Covid after vaccination... again out of some 135million so....
  15. DH tells me he was not vaccinated.... they opened up vaccination to younger people back sometime in April
  16. 535 people out of 135,000,000 fully vaccinated... may not be 1 or zero... but it is very very small number... and a portion died with covid not because of covid
  17. FYI 2,854 hospitalized of which 23% "asymptomatic or not related to Covid-19" of the 535 fatalities 16% asymptomatic or not related to Covid-19 this is of a total of 135,000,000 fully vaccinated people... While not exactly a comparable comparison... all those who plan on driving to port.... the risk of being in a car accident on a 1,000 journey is apparently 1 in 366. So yes it is possible... most anything is possible... but probable ?
  18. My concerns about sailing with <95% vaccinated... is these likely different protocols... I mean.. how is that going to work? I can see when you arrive at port that those unvaccinated people might be tested but after that... will they be kept out of the diamond lounge unless masked? What happens if they don't replace their mask between bites at dinner...will some other passenger turn them in to the waiter...what then? Just look at the posts on this thread..you just know there will be snitches everywhere... that does not seem like fun to me. But seeing some of the bigoted comment
  19. The cancellation policy is quite liberal... take advantage of it. But at some point unvaccinated people will be on cruises... so for those concerned about that... consider camping. You certainly don't want to take an airplane or stay in a hotel or go to a restaurant.
  20. I doubt one would fail...but they may find areas that require either protocol changes or further training.
  21. Nah... since the house generally wins... likely real money it the casino 🙂
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