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  1. Exactly...Desantis could end up hurting cruising more than helping...I just don’t see his gamble going his way... mediation has put the pressure on him more than the CDC... and today the CDC is looking more cooperative....funny the difference a few weeks can make. I just hope the Nassau sailings are run under the 95% rules
  2. What about ships with fewer than 95% vaccinated... eg Royals plans to have more families...?
  3. I see your point... I am sailing out of Bahamas..so I assume they will go by fully vaccinated rules..but we shall see.. I knew it was a gamble when we booked and the price was right on this sailing. My other sailings are on Celebrity...late in the year and next year. I don't generally mind kids on a cruise...but if I had to mask up, socially distance and pay a hefty price to do so.. I would not be happy... particularly since I have been out and about today at restaurants etc and only staff was wearing masks and not in all places.. the mall was packed..
  4. I too wonder about centralized data. Those receiving medicare will be captured in their database... but those with private insurance, I am not sure..that data may be in the county and state databases. I could be possible to combine all of that..but not sure that is being done. They may simply be reporting numbers by age groups on a daily basis...without the underlying details... but given that medicare is a Federal program..I would be surprised if that is not in a larger database...very surprised..
  5. I don't understand... if you are vaccinated...why do you have to vaccinate for those under 12. Once fully vaccinated you can go without masks or socially distancing... the ones at risk are the unvaccinated...and the more vaccinated people around them ..the less chance they will get it.. Here is a nice writeup from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.https://www.jhsph.edu/covid-19/articles/new-data-on-covid-19-transmission-by-vaccinated-individuals.html.. they were several weeks ahead of CDC... I assume CDC got even more data to make them feel comfortable making the changes
  6. Check in for Aug 14 as well... only a few hours ago
  7. Unless you are in a suite with access to the Retreat.. there is no way to look out towards the front...unless you are in the spa or have an ocean view front facing cabin... That is one reason... I forgot, that I prefer about the S class.
  8. My husband and I prefer the S class over the Edge. We were on one of the maiden voyages and while I loved the ship there were a few things I did not care for. 1) I am not a sun person and the lack of any shade on the roof top deck...kept me away except in the evenings. 2) there weren't enough bars... we ended up spending most of our time at the Martini bar...and we had to get their early to get a seat. 3) Eden was just too odd for me. 4) If you have bad knees the lack of comfortable seats will bother you...too low and too deep. 5) Common complaint was that if eating in one of the specialty res
  9. Another legal question... concerning the vaccine passport ban. Would it be legal to simply ask passengers when they were vaccinated... and then notify them that if they contract Covid while on the cruise and it is later determined that they had not told the truth about being vaccinated that there would be a fine of double the cost of the cruise and reimbursement for any medical expenses or perhaps lifetime ban from cruising... Couldn't the cruise lines modify the cruise contract to insert language that would cover this. I am assuming that the cruise line can't ask for documentation...but could
  10. Couldn't they ask if you are vaccinated and put a clause in the contract that if they contract the virus and it is later revealed that they were not vaccinated at the time of the cruise...that there is a hefty fine and ban from future cruises...
  11. I think he is trying to open things up...but the real impact is that if successful... vaccinated and unvaccinated will be able to cruise...but everyone will end up masking and social distancing...which will hurt the cruise industry more than help it.... too clever by half. I do think the suit expedited things...but frankly they should let it go...they got things opened up...sure there are limitations... but if conditions continue to improve... the state can come back later to expand cruising with reduced masking etc... once things get underway. We need more time to not only have the informatio
  12. So what has all the fuss been about. I argued that I couldn't see how a state could interfere with cruise lines ...but had no idea that the issue was already addressed in the law itself.
  13. I have a question for the legal folks who have been following this case and Florida's anti vaccine passport law. I saw this quote on another thread: "As for Florida, as long as the cruise lines use the CDC's orders as cover, they can effectively sidestep the Florida law (and this carve out is actually spelled out IN the Florida law)". Is this true? Because there has been a lot of consternation over the anti vaccine passport law and how that might impact cruising... So I was wondering if anyone knows if the Florida law did actually have CDC orders as an exception...
  14. Is this really true.... that the Florida anti vaccine passport law has a carve out... for CDC orders? This is the first I have heard of that... why did the NCL CEO threaten to leave Florida because of this rule... knowing it was a CDC requirement.... This is interesting...
  15. This sounds more restrictive that what the CDC has settled on...which I believe was no masks for those who are vaccinated... and the Nassau sailings are mostly vaccinated... the document you mention sounds like what I was told when I booked the cruise several months ago....
  16. Can Florida agree to vaccine requirements...given that they just passed a law against vaccine passports...which I assume means compelling vaccination.... wondering how they get around that... any thoughts?
  17. I suspect that is they knew.. they would say something.
  18. I tried pricing insurance without cancellation.. and as I recall it ended up being more expensive than a policy with cancellation... can't recall the details... but you might try one of the online insurance companies and try different options... we have used insuremytrip and squaremouth... so I played with different options and then called and talked with an agent. My concerns are mostly medical...having seen many people carried off or lifted off a ship...
  19. Candidly, while I don't mind kids... I really like Celebrity's adult feel. The most children we have had on a cruise were 100 during an Easter 2 week cruise. Most of the children were from Great Britain.. I assume they get more of a break than US kids. Usually there are less than a dozen..but we sail in the fall most of the time. I love sailing Royal too...but there was a serenity on Celebrity that I did not experience on Royal... but sometimes I feel like the excitement of a Royal ship and others the peacefulness of Celebrity. Celebrity can easily go back and focus on families with child
  20. Two pages of conflicting suggestions... I standby my original post
  21. When we did lift and shift on Celebrity...it was for the same category of cabin.... So..if they are not using inside and/or ocean view for passengers..it seems that regardless of when you booked...you would lose out. I suspect that is what is going on. Information has been changing so quickly it is hard to keep up...but as I vaguely recall when we booked our Aug Royal Nassau sailing I was told that the inside cabins were not available.. I think Ocean view was part of that as well..but to be honest... I am going by memory on this... We sail both Royal and Celebrity..and it can get confusing .
  22. I can't recall if it was Royal or Celebrity...but one was not selling inside cabins or ocean view on some of the initial sailings. There was a reduced capacity requirement... I believe that was back in the original CDC requirements...not sure that was kept as they updated..but some of the social distancing. So I am wondering if passengers who had booked these cabins earlier...might have had their trips cancelled...while those who may have booked balcony cabins..at a later time...still have reservations?
  23. Just keep in mind that they haven't been working as a team with passengers for over a year.... so there may be service issues that you would normally not see in a Royal or any other cruise line. We are sailing in August and I hope by then the kinks will be worked out...but I realize that it could still be rough as they get back up to speed.
  24. I wonder if the 965... is initial crew needed to get things going and they will bring in additional crew...who may currently be quarantined. Or perhaps they will bring them from other ships that have already been vaccinated. As I recall there is quite the procedure of quarantining when they arrive..then vaccine...then wait 2 weeks (I assume they are using J&J).
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