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  1. Thanks for the replies... Much Appreciated! Haven't heard anything about Baie Rouge Beach. Any must go to bars or drinks there? What makes it so great and is it on the french or dutch side? Also, Orient Beach is walkable right? Also, is the orient beach area made up of smaller beaches like Bikini Beach, etc. or is that just the name of the Bar? Just Curious. Thanks, Jack
  2. Thanks everyone for the info and suggestions. Much Appreciated... Given we don't have a lot of time, I'm definately going to take the land taxi, especially if it is only $4/PP each way or $16 total roundtrip for both of us. Also, I'm going to go to the casino and then "wander" around the property and plead ignorance if questioned. It seems from the feeback that the DIGS Aquarium is $35 and the Waterpark is $100+, but every thing else is free. I'm also going to check out the beach and if asked to leave ask where the public beach is... What is BCH, by the way? Thanks, Jack
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    St. John Tour

    Thanks for the reply... So you're saying that if I fall in love with St. John, like I always do when I go down there, and I decide to move down there when I get back to the states. I might have a job becoming the Sunny Liston and Godfrey of St. John ;).
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    St. John Tour

    Hey Everyone, I've searched the forum, but does St. John have any preferred tours like it appears Sonny Listen's tour is in St. Thomas and Bernard's Tours is in St. Maartin. I've been to St. John a couple times and I know most people just get a taxi to Trunk Bay and other who do their research take the Lind Point Trail to Honeymoon Beach or go to a less crowded beach like Hawksnest. I suppose it might be too difficult to do a tour of the island and make it to the east end given the typical 1 hour to 1.5 Hour time it takes to get from the cruise port in St. Thomas to Trunk Ba (for example) and then the same time back when you are only in port from 9-5. Just Curious, Thanks, Jack
  5. Hey Everyone, I've read a lot of the various posts on this page and have it pretty much narrowed it down to going to Orient beach and maybe going to Maho to see the planes land. However, I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss any "MUST SEES or MUST DOS" while in St. Maartin. For example, I went to Jost Van Dyke and the Soggy Dolllar and ordering a pain killer is what I would consider a must do. Thus... 1) Are there any must see/do bars on Orient Beach. I have read about the Pirate and printed off their online coupon. I read the bikini beach bar is typically quite crowded, as probalby most of orient beach will be. Any recommendations? 2) I read Orient beach is something like $6 or $7/pp each way. What would it cost to go from Orient to Maho and from Maho to back to the the cruise port? Also, is this a good plan or am I missing something. I thought about Bernard's tour, but it is just my brother and I ( 27 and 25) and our trip is a week away on the Carnival Valor and I'm sure he's booked. Not to mention, we have no need to do any shopping in St. Maartin. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated... Thanks, Jack
  6. Hey Everyone, I've read most of the other threads about Nassau, was just hoping for some comfirmations & advice.... Background: My brother and I (25 & 27) will be on the Carnival Valor July 27th - Aug. 3rd and stopping in Nassau, Bahamas on Monday, July 28th. We are only there for a short time (7am - 2pm) and like everyone were thinking about checking out Atlantis. We are NOT interested in the water park.... so I believe our best option would be to either buy a $35/pp pass on our own, see the DIG and then lounge on the public beach next to Atlantis and Riu or to buy the beach day excursion through carnival... http://www.carnival.com/ShoreExcursionDetails.aspx?portcode=NAS&excursionname=Atlantis+Beach+Day&excursioncode=424040 I am leaning towards doing it on our own (It appears the carnival excursion is between $50-$100/pp, but includes lunch vs. $41/PP ( $36+5/pp) + lounge chair rentals, but here are a few of my questions? 1) From the cruise port, is best option is the water ferry? [$3/pp each way ($6 total/pp) vs. a $20 taxi ride there and a $20 tax ride back?] Is it hard to find the water ferry? 2) Is the public beach hard to find, where is it again and does the Atlantis beach (which would be provided as a part of the Atlantis excursion) provide any benefits? Also, is the atlantis beach included or not included with the $35/pp tour pass? 3) Given our ship leaves at 2pm, it appears we would have toi catch the very first ferrry (1 pm) in order to be back on the ship at 1:30pm ( a 1/2 hour before it leaves). If I go with the excursion, the ship would wait for us if the first ferry is full. Any advice? Thanks a lot in advance, Jack