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  1. It looks like all Caribbean islands are Level 4 and requiring vaccinations and masks. Are cruisers allowed to visit ports independently, or must they take the Princess excursions?
  2. We will join you on November 6th. Thirteen months and counting to our first Mediterranean / Transatlantic cruise.
  3. The best thing we liked about this cruise (other than the new friends we made} was the full day excursion with Patrick's in Bora Bora. We were not allowed to go to Samoa due to covid.
  4. We were on the Emerald in February 2020 for the 28 day cruise to Hawaii and the South Pacific. It was a great cruise, and we want to do it again. Does anyone know when the Hawaii cruise schedule for the fall of 2023 will be released?
  5. We have some questions for those who have cruised with a mask mandate. We are not anti-mask. We always wear masks where required. However, we cruise to meet new friends. We find it difficult to meet others when everyone is wearing a mask. We miss the laughter and smiles of new friends. We are also hard of hearing, and rely on expressions and reading lips to understand others. We love meeting at Crooner's with friends. I can't imagine sitting in a bar or theatre with a mask. We have a 14 day Caribbean cruise in February, and our final payment will be fast approaching. We desperately want to cruise again. Our question is how rigid is the mask requirement. Do you have to wear a mask in the bars and restaurants? Do you carry masks around in order to use the elevators? Are masks required at poolside, casino and theatres? Specifically, where are the masks actually worn? Did you enjoy your cruise with the mask requirement?
  6. Thanks for the responses. The information from this site is remarkable. I would have tossed the gift card if I had not posted this question. I will put the card in my "cruise drawer." Again, thanks.
  7. I recently booked a Transatlantic cruise on the Enchanted sailing in the spring of 2023. I used a $500 gift card for the initial deposit. If we are unable to go on the cruise, how would Princess handle a refund of our deposit? Will we be given another gift card, or are we out $500?
  8. We were some of the last cruisers on the Emerald before the pandemic shutdown, returning from the 28 day cruise to Hawaii and the South Pacific on March 1, 2020. We loved the Emerald and can't wait to board her again in February.
  9. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I owe you a drink. You saved me from hours of frustration. This is why I love this site.
  10. I am having problems entering an Emergency Contact. I have entered a name, phone number, email address and relationship several times, but I am unable to save the contact. What am I doing wrong? It is very frustrating.
  11. I am old school. I like walking up to a bar and ordering a drink directly from the bartender. I can't imagine talking or playing with my phone to order a drink. With the Medallion cruise, will I be able to simply order a drink directly from a bartender? You know what they say about old dogs!
  12. We booked a cruise with a casino offer. The cruise is in February of 2022. We are suppose to receive casino credit when we play in the casino. The casino credit does not appear when I review our credits on the Princess site for this cruise. Is there any way I can check for the casino credit? Do I call Princess to check the casino credit?
  13. Do you have to buy the gift cards in $500 increments? For example, can I buy a $5,000 card and receive a bonus $500 card? I am a little concerned about sending my agent ten gift cards for final payment.
  14. Make sure you are sitting down when you are able to see the prices.
  15. Does anyone know when we will be able to book these cruises?
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