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  1. Thanks for the videos. Raised my spirits today.
  2. Thank you dreamercruise for your answer. I'll keep checking my credit card-not in a hurry to rebook cruise or flight. When I do rebook, I'll remind AA of the extra money. l
  3. Our trip to Europe has been cancelled by the river cruise company and they gave me future cruise credit plus the airfare with American. I paid $400 extra direct to American for preferred seating and main cabin extra with my credit card in February. Will it automatically go back on CC ? Should I call airline or am I out the money.
  4. I noticed that also. She is now at 13.5 knots and due east of the Port.
  5. Nice picture!! See any activity such as ambulances etc?
  6. Yes. Looks like they are docking in that spot. Any news feeds at the site?
  7. Interesting to see where she docks. Dodge Island looks fairly full with cruise ships. One spot remains.
  8. I'm watching pilot boat #5 in the bay now aiming out to sea. He's just sitting there now.
  9. Zaandam and Rotterdam are due east of the port entrance around the spot the pilot boarded the last ship.
  10. Zaandam in the lead turning north at 12.2 knots, Rotterdam behind but catching up at 14.1 knots. Its a race.
  11. Thank you Copper. Pilot 4 made contact with the Ship Brent due east of Fort Lauderdale. Will that be the site for our two ships to get a pilot?
  12. Both ships are traveling northwest at 9 plus knots. Copper what does the buoy look like on the marine traffic map?
  13. Gate1 Today: All trips suspended through June 30. Rebook within 18 months to travel by December 31, 2022. Well there goes our May trip. I was expecting this notice but was still hopeful.
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