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  1. The upsells I've heard about lately have been crazy. Someone in another forum reported that they received an upsell offer to an owners suite for $4,999 for a 28 day cruise to Hawaii / Tahiti next year. That may make sense if they were in an inside cabin, but they booked a PH suite! Maybe they are seeing how far they can push the pricing and still get folks to buy. Methinks this experiment is doomed to failure and the sooner the better!
  2. I was in your position a month ago and elected the Surf package due to the lack of information available. I was able to do everything I wanted to do (including email, Facebook, read news sites, etc. and easily switch between devices) except I could not download a book from my local library app. When I talked to the Internet Manager about it he said that there are pages of exceptions for every plan. I guess I was fortunate not to run across any other issues. I did make the recommendation that they publish a bit more information about what you can and can't do in each of these plans which was met with a sympathetic "I know". Not exactly the answer to your question but if you want to be sure that you can do what you want, the Surf package is probably a better investment.
  3. We also had the outdoor type doormat inside the living room door on the Majestic. Beats the bath towels that our steward laid out inside both doors when we cruised on the Royal a couple years ago! That time we actually put down beach towels on the chairs so we didn't soil our clothes. On the Majestic we shook out the chair cushions before sitting down. And we found a good use for those slippers they give you - we kept them just inside the door to use on the deck. Once i didn't and as much as I scrubbed the bottoms of my feet, I couldn't get it completely off. I used it as an excuse to get a pedicure when we got back. 😃
  4. If you're Elite or in a suite, you'll get special tickets in your stateroom and you will be instructed to go to the Harmony restaurant where they will put you on the next tender out. The tender lines go right past there and they will just put you in the line. Otherwise as already mentioned, you'll go to the dining room on deck 5 and will be given a numbered ticket. If you're concerned about getting to shore on time, just get there early and you should have no problems.
  5. We were on the Majestic for 14 days and it didn't get to be a nuisance until the last two days. So I think the weather conditions and wind make a huge difference in where the soot goes, and hopefully you don't have to experience it.
  6. I have only experienced it on Royal class ships. We've cruised on in aft suites on several other Princess ships and have never had a problem with it. I do wonder if part of that is because the other aft suite balconies we have been on have been covered and are pretty much lined up one on top of another. There is a large part of the aft Royal class aft balcony that is uncovered, and each lower deck juts out a tiny bit more. Even though soot can be a nuisance (especially when flecks waft in to your wine as it did to me on the Majestic), I still love being back there. Having the aft and side view is amazing. Wish they could solve it but I will deal with it until they do.
  7. I hope they have but I'm not holding out hope. We had terrible soot issues in an aft suite on the Royal years ago and had quite a bit of soot some days on the Majestic last month in a Caribe deck aft suite. If it was still happening on the Majestic, I'm thinking they haven't solved it on the Sky but hope I am wrong about that.
  8. Hubby's $50 casino credit gifted to him did appear on the Travel Summary as $50 USD but didn't appear at all on our onboard folio. As I mentioned above, we did have to go to Passenger Services to have them set it up on the account in AUD and it was converted at a reasonable rate. No issues other than having to spend the short time to explain it to Passenger Services.
  9. Interesting that you are allowed to charge to your folio. A couple years ago the system was changed to either use OBC (which should be 1:1 as that is the same USD or AUD) or charge card. On our cruise on the Majestic, all of our excursions were covered by our OBC so I don't have firsthand experience to answer your question. But I would think if they were charged to your folio, it would be in AUD since that is the currency of your voyage. In terms of credit card charges, if you have access to your online statement for your credit card, you should be able to tell fairly quickly how much it will cost you. Simply book your excursion, pay for it, then check your statement to see if the amount charged on your credit card is roughly 68% of the price of the excursion. If it's the same, then you'll know that the better decision is to charge it onboard. By the way, we just visited some of the ports that you will be visiting and thoroughly enjoyed them. In Vila, we did a wonderful tour that included the Blue Lagoon with Bountiful Tours and Transfers. We also went on the same excursion that you are booking in Savusavu which included getting on a boat and going to a snorkel stop. We had the unfortunate luck of encountering rainy and windy conditions there. We went on the afternoon excursion which wasn't cancelled. When we got out to the snorkel stop there were pretty high waves and after we all got in the wind picked up significantly. The operator threw a line out and actually helped some of the folks back to the boat quickly. They then brought us to the Cousteau Resort where it was much calmer and we did get to see some corals and lots of fish, just not the variety that I observed at Lighthouse Point for the short time we were there. Under good conditions it would be great but I can't imagine that experience with any type of mobility challenges.
  10. I just posted on another thread that our $75 Loyalty credit was converted to $109.43 AUD last month on the Majestic. I didn't have to ask, it was on the folio when we boarded. On the other hand we did have to ask about the casino OBC that my hubby was gifted and Passenger Services had to convert that from USD to AUD.
  11. Oddly Loyalty was converted from USD to AUD as well. We get $75 USD and it was converted to $109.43 AUD automatically. All other OBC (shareholder, FCC, booking promo, etc.) was "as is" so we lost a little on that exchange.
  12. We just had this situation on the Majestic last month. Friends gave my hubby $50 USD as a casino credit. We had to go to Passenger Services to get them to convert it to AUD and then it appeared on his folio. Edited to add: The gift was $50 USD. The amount that appeared on his folio was $72.95 which was pretty much the exchange rate at the time of our cruise. So they don't seem to use the same poor rates that they would if you exchanged currency.
  13. When we accepted a moveover offer we were told that we had two years to decide on our new cruise. We ended up booking within a month and took both moveover cruises within 18 months. As for Sip & Sail, everything you had on the cancelled cruise moves with you to the new cruise. And all of the OBC you had on that cruise becomes refundable. Princess does an excellent job of ensuring that you don't lose anything you had on the cruise you gave up in exchange for helping them out with their oversold situation.
  14. The lady who is the subject of this post is on the Coral Princess and has a dog named Max. Wonder if it is the same woman you saw yesterday?
  15. Interesting that they are putting those cards in the slots now. We usually fold over one of the cardboard ads that we receive and stick it in there. Obviously the card is a much better solution, especially since you can't fit a Medallion in that slot!
  16. We are on the Sky in May and the Pacific in October so I showed this to my husband. He said "well let's cancel the tugboat then". He always did have a weird sense of humor!
  17. Regarding the post you referred to, it was vile enough to get her kicked out of two groups that I'm aware of. I saw it too. Out of curiosity I looked at her FB page where she posted a picture of her dog drinking champagne on a Princess ship. Thinking the original post was a drunken one - sad to see that from a veteran on Veteran's Day.
  18. What deck are you on? If you have one of the wider aft decks you should have a table with 4 chairs on the balcony. Some like Caribe or Aloha will only have two chairs at the balcony table because that's all that will fit. And no problem with Room Service for 4 people. Just remember that a tip is a nice gesture, especially when they are having to retrieve meals for 4. Your room steward will bring the MDR menus to your cabin daily on request - they usually don't do this unless you ask for it.
  19. Several cruises ago we decided to skip formal nights. Our last few cruises have been in suites and we've simply ordered from the MDR menu on formal night. It's great to be totally relaxed eating nice food on our balcony. We don't mind that the food is lukewarm, it's still a very nice way to enjoy all that your suite has to offer!
  20. Interesting upgrade to Alfredo's. Wonder why they need the computers? Hope they aren't setting it up for cover charges in the future. 😕
  21. It really depends on the airline. I also book flights from Phoenix and usually stick to United. They tend to have high fares when they are released and then they have always come down in time. Anything can happen obviously but I have never paid fares as high as they are when initially released.
  22. I have never had a problem refaring with my TA and keeping my airline reservation. But then I haven't had a cruise that was booked under a promo that included airfare discounts. Could that be the case with your reservation? I think that all promos are different and a knowledgeable TA can advise what will happen if you refare. As for air costs, mine have come down with United for every cruise that I've booked. It could be a fluke with United as they always start out very high when they are first released then come down in time.
  23. We boarded the Majestic at OPT a little over two weeks ago with Priority Boarding. We arrived at the terminal just after 11 and after dropping our luggage were directed to the left most line. From there we went right to check in and through security, boarding the ship immediately thereafter. We got a slip that many cabins wouldn't be available until 1 PM but our suite was clean and ready for us. We enjoyed being some of the first on the ship since it was our first time on the Majestic.
  24. We docked at Circular Quay and the ship was docked by 6 AM. First Princess transfer bus was scheduled to leave at 6:40 AM. Our's was scheduled for 7:45 AM but our group was called 10 minutes early surprisingly.
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