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  1. I need to check with them but I am thinking they canceled 3 days before Royal canceled the cruise so my guess is they went under the CWC.
  2. I have some friends who used their FCC from a cancelled April cruise to a Nov 1st cruise which is now canceled They are fed up and want a refund, I am wondering what or how they will figure out the refund amount. If the FCC was $700 will that be refunded or will Royal issue another FCC and refund the difference.
  3. If you pre paid items in your "Planner" you could get a refund or get the 125% as a FOBC
  4. Thanks I went right over that. We have $399 each and applied them to two up coming April and May cruises haven't seen it pop up yet .
  5. I have B2B cruises starting Apr 25 21 that reservation is 7 numbers the May 7th is 6 numbers The cruise that was canceled and the FCC was issues was also 7 digit
  6. I just to to use my FCC on a booked May 2021, I was trying to do it online since my agency sold or went out of business Very straight forward except for one thing. your conformation number needs to be 7 digits mine is only 6 , I did try adding a zero at the front but no luck.
  7. Anyone ever come up against this one . Your agent company he works for merged or went belly up. The original agency doesn't reply to his emails about lost commissions and future bookings. Any recourse ? Can he transfer to another agency or does the original have to release it ?
  8. As always Thanks for the tip and help
  9. If a person wants to book a cruise with their FCC does the agent have to call that in for the booking or can it be done by the agent on CruisingPower ?
  10. Just got off the phone with Post Cruise , after being on hold. I would told yes the Next Cruise OBC can be applied to another booking but she couldn't do it I was told I had to call reservations
  11. To qualify for a military rate, an individual must be classified as one of the following: Active personnel currently serving in the Canadian National Defense; United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard or Reserves. Proper identification in the form of a United States Uniformed Services WHITE Identification Card for U.S. military personnel, and a WHITE N.D.21 Identification Card with a Red Canadian Flag displayed for Canadian National Defense personnel, must be presented at time of check-in. Retired from any of the divisions listed directly above. "Retired" is defined as A) enlisted personnel or officers with a minimum of 20 years of service, B) medically retired, or C) 100% disabled. Proper identification for those classified in category A or B must be in the form of a United States Uniformed RED (Reserve retired personnel) or BLUE (Active Duty retired personnel) Identification Card. Proper identification for those classified in category C is a United States Uniformed TAN Identification Card. Retired Canadian National Defense personnel are eligible and must possess a green NDI-75 card (retired personnel). All forms of identification must be presented at time of check-in. Veterans with an Honorable Discharge serving a minimum of 2 years, or 6-months in an active war zone, in any of the United States service divisions listed above. Proper identification in the form of a DD 214, plus a current photo must be presented at time of check-in. Spouses of actively deployed military personnel are eligible to book one stateroom as long as the eligible spouse is occupying the stateroom. This rate also applies to all other guests traveling in the same stateroom. Spouses of deceased military personnel are also eligible for the military rate. As proof of eligibility, spouses must present the Pink or Tan Dependent Military ID upon check-in. All guests traveling in the same stateroom are eligible to receive the military rate. No additional staterooms, other than the one that is occupied by the military person is eligible for the military rate. Spouses, parents, in-laws, children or other family members or friends are not eligible for the military rate without the eligible military person occupying the stateroom.
  12. I am lucky the agency I worked for paid me commissions when they came in normally with in 7 days after final payment.
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