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  1. Not sure what you or I am missing How do they get down to $14.99 ( keeping in mind the the 14.99 is 25% off of the 19.99 )
  2. Using your examples And I didn't see this before in your post " "On board the daily rates for full voyage plans is typically $15.99 for Surf versus $19.99 for Surf and Stream. This is for full voyage plans. The 24 hour rate for a single day pass is much higher." I believe in your example one time it shows the Surf and Stream for $14.99 which is 25% off The last half says 30% off the Surf & Stream so 30% off of $19.99 is $13.99
  3. Well again more Royal Caribbean crazy math.
  4. I know this is an older thread but I am going to welcome it back with this question Does Royal still have the SURF only option or is it now Surf and Stream I seem to remember seeing the Surf and Stream on sale from 30% to 40% off but what is the price off of ? Right now for a Oct 27 cruise I am on the sale is only 25% off Anyone know the price of the Surf and Stream per day before any discounts
  5. Same for me, 15 night TA with plenty of Sea Days
  6. When Royal changed over to a new designed webpage I lost 8 cruise points and have never got them back I have tried and tried . My wife who has cruised with me every time I have except for one 5 night cruise I went on with my daughter and grandkids. She is missing 20 plus points I have to be honest here, I would have gladly given up my drink package for having my points corrected . I am a D+ and get plenty to drink that way. I have reached out to Ms. Yera-Rodriguez we have a mutual friend, a few months ago about my problem . No luck there
  7. Exactly , you don't have to buy the Package you can book Best Rate I had a look at a Aug 10th 9 Night Med cruise on Celebrities EDGE Veranda for X is $1906 Veranda for X with 2 perks is $2314 pp Veranda X with 4 perks $2629 pp X = Gty Veranda
  8. I think your key word is "MISSED" Good luck on this , please let us know how you make out tomorrow.
  9. I am a TA but we never received my letter. All accounts were checked.
  10. I sailed with a couple , the husband got the package the wife didn't which was before they changed the rule. He ordered a drink at diner when they brought him his he slipped his card to his wife and she ordered a drink Shortly after they brought the car back and said something like he needed to wait a few more minutes because the system will not accept it. I don't remember how many minutes they told him he had to wait before ordering another drink. All it all they never talked to the wife so they caught on to what he was doing.
  11. After days of uncertainty, more than 2,300 passengers aboard Norwegian Pearl have been told their voyage has reached an abrupt end – 500 miles short of their intended destination of Civitavecchia, the port for Rome. Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) has told passengers on the stricken ship that their journey is ending in Barcelona – where she is stuck with serious mechanical problems. A shuttle bus is running from the cruise port to the city’s airport. A spokesperson for the cruise line said: “Due to the need to make necessary repairs, we will be ending the current sailing in Barcelona as well as cancelling Norwegian Pearl’s July 5, 2019 voyage.”
  12. Anyone able to still get this deal "Last Night " July 2nd ? We tried to get it for someone traveling with us but couldn't now on facebook they are saying they could all day yesterday. I am so confused LOL
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