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  1. Not 1.6 million it is 6.8 million https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/13/health/johnson-vaccine-pause-cdc-fda/index.html
  2. In oHIo there is a House Bill 6 on the news Part of that bill allows places to hire High School students who are in med programs at their schools to help handle paper work at vaccine locations.
  3. Yes they were , the examples I posted are dated Feb 3rd and 24th Thanks to SmokeyB. for posting the current price Link
  4. The amount approved is what caught my eye. Seemed odd the second shot was approved $10.50 higher.
  5. Yes if you read back we have said it was administration , and the shot cost you nothing. At the end of the day there was no out of pocket cost to anyone getting the vaccine.
  6. Never heard that The payouts from Medicare are different which is odd. Here is my wife's I didn't get mine from Walgreens show It will be interesting to see what my provider charged and received.
  7. Yes that is correct . No out of pocket money
  8. I asked my kids yesterday both are nurses and both had to show they insurance card. I don't know how things are handled in your state. In oHIo the providers are charging anywhere from $18.50 to now what I see is $30
  9. Can't answer that. I see it is different than in oHIo
  10. Medicare first quarter statements are coming out , it shows the amount for each vaccine etc.
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