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  1. Hi, New to RCL. We're taking a three day weekend cruise to the Bahamas next week. 2 questions... Is there a formal night, and what is the minimum dress requirement to be allowed into the MDR? Yes, I know RCL posts guidelines, but so many lines don't follow them. Are dress pants and a nice shirt okay? Do I need a jacket and tie? If you need more cash in the casino, some lines allow you to get cash in the casino on your S&S and they post it as a purchase, so you don't get slammed with cash advance fees. What does RCL do? Thanks folks!
  2. BIG_Steve


    Have been to Nassau a few times, but not in a few years now. Will be there on a Saturday in October. Question... Is it still safe to walk around say Bay street, and on up to the Fort? I've never felt unsafe in Nassau, but I'm always reasonably cautious also. It's gotten so much bad press lately, I just wanted to check. Please, I know many hate Nassau, but I've been there. Just asking about safety.
  3. Can you snorkel on your own in Coco cay? I have everything I need, including an inflatable vest. If so, is there much to see? Or would an excursion be better?
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