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  1. I fear masks will become the future for a while. At least they will here until we are certain the virus is curtailed and our most vulnerable are safe. If they choose not to use them where you are, then all I can say is I hope your cases don’t spike too much and you build up herd immunity quickly (which requires a lot of testing). We’ll agree to disagree. I’m taking the precautions we’ve been asked to and while no one likes wearing a mask, it’s been a pastime in Asia for some time before covid 19. If that is what it takes to protect my community, I’ll do it. In fact, I just ordered new ones that I think will give us more protection and be more comfortable 😉
  2. As the OP, I started this thread to inform people. No need to criticize Canada or Canadians for what many believe to be a thoughtful decision based on science.
  3. But, Hong Kong did social distance until around the beginning of May and it worked.From what I understood. https://www.ft.com/content/b3eb7c4e-bad6-405e-a14a-b6e4437a4e4a They are wisely wearing masks when they cannot socially distance as we have all been advised to do. Good news that things are going well there 🙂
  4. I guess it depends on how much you value a human life. If it was your family member affected, your attitude may change about whether the rules were worth the effects, I suspect. I’ve been to several stores pre-covid where they ask you to use their socks. That’s not unusual at all.
  5. No, it makes others safer by protecting them from your droplets. That’s the whole idea. We all protect each other. If that’s a silly rule then I guess the Golden Rule is too. 🙄
  6. thanks for posting the Daily, Rich 🙂 Love the Don’t Give up the Ship day! A good motto for all of us in these times. Soup sounds good for tonight. It’s pretty cool out there 😞
  7. Bolding is mine. There were still HAL cruises scheduled to sail out of Vancouver (at least) for different itineraries and a number of cruise lines were still scheduled to visit Vancouver and Maritime ports. Whether those cruises would have happened is now a moot point with this decision.
  8. what ship Geri? That might be an option for us too and do Santiago de Compostela and Galicia pre cruise. I must go looking 😉
  9. Is that the Zuiderdam TA? I think there’s also another one ending in BCN. I’m looking at them, myself. If you can do it, definitely stay a couple of days or so in Barcelona and enjoy the city post cruise. I recommend a Terrace room at the Hotel Colon. Lots of nice hotels in BCN, though 😉
  10. They’ve been up for sale for some time, just as the Prinsendam was for years. Anything is for sale if the price is right 😉
  11. Thanks for the Daily, Rich 🙂 LOL at the if you can’t count your money 😉 😄 it’s easy to start your day with a smile when we have your Daily to put a smile on our faces 🙂
  12. I think the citizens of Vancouver might disagree with this. I don’t see what Canada is doing any different from what the EU countries have done. They too closed their borders and refused cruise ships. While some of them have begun to re-open or prepare to re-open their borders only certain countries who have met certain health criteria are permitted entry. The list is quite limited.
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