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  1. Happy to add it for you 🙂 What a lovely way to celebrate such an important wedding anniversary & birthday, too 🙂
  2. kazu

    Pinnacle suite perks?

    Absolutely. 🙂 The only thing extra I recall was the specialty coffee (no charge) to use with coffee maker and the teas (same as in the Neptune Lounge). The fridge definitely has the 4* discounts. Now, all that being said, our last PS was a few years ago - a birthday splurge. There are reports now that the non alcoholic beverages are free. In any case, your 4* status is good for the huge fridge (and I do mean huge). If you are booking one, do course by course dining with friends or just yourselves. They enter through that kitchen (which they call the butler’s pantry back in the day when we did it). They are discreet and will give you excellent service. You have tons of crystal and tons of lovely plates available 🙂
  3. kazu

    Nieuw Statendam

    Yikes! 😞 Hopefully they are still giving receipts on the Prinsendam. I do check them and keep the last one so I know what my card balance is 😉 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your mother 😄
  4. Of course 😄 You might want to send the inquiry just before your sailing so it is addressed to you 😉. (At least until HAL fixes their FAQS page to include Sel de Mer).
  5. I have the cruise planner for April 2019 and Sel de Mer isn’t listed - neither are the other specialty dining. What IS listed is what is not included. I have my email from the Mariner Society I’m bringing to be safe. If there is an issue at all, I will definitely escalate. 😉 I certainly hope there won’t be 😉 f
  6. Maybe the “night auditor” doesn’t work every night 😉 I’ve had the same issue and literally cringe when they use the words “night auditor”
  7. I don’t think so - at least, not in our case last year. It was the PG manager who was adamant it was a themed dinner and there was no discount. The concierge gave me the answer. Two of us pursued throughout the cruise and got no where as it seemed to be dependent on what the PG manager said. The infamous “night auditor” took a few days to get my internet straightened out but all the loyalty discounts for specialty dining (except for Sel de Mer) were there on day one on my on board account, just as you experienced which has been the same for me on a number of cruises now.
  8. kazu

    Pinnacle suite perks?

    Usually you pay for it - whether up front or if you are lucky enough to get an upsell 🙂
  9. Some PG managers seem to think this is a “themed” dinner (Like Cellar Master) and the discount does not apply. So, if they ended up with a different PG Manager, it’s totally possible sadly, that the rules changed 😞
  10. Your understanding is the same as mine - and correct 😉 the Mariner FAQS is pretty clear on surcharge only for specialty dining (although the Sel de Mer hasn’t been updated last time I looked). I’m taking the proactive move for my sailing to be safe and taking my email from the Mariner’s Society confirming Sel de Mer is eligible. 😉 despite being assured that the ship has been made aware of Mariner benefits 😉
  11. kazu

    Nieuw Amsterdam Signature Suites?

    Correct. They are sister ships so cabin layouts are the same.
  12. copying and pasting from the old thread to make sure they get added: "Koningsdam - 07 - Apr. - 19 - 13 day passage to Rome Razorback Cruiser"
  13. Sounds like an absolutely fabulous evening, Sherita 😄