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  1. That’s gorgeous. A shame it is so short lived.
  2. Will be thinking of you and praying Ann for very good results 🙏🏻
  3. DH used to have a lot of them and I had the “joy” of transplanting them. I used oven mitts to tip and empty them and put them in the new pot. Just the same, I still got pricked. I was not heartbroken when the last one lived it’s last life 😉 The sharpest flower I want is a cleome. 😉
  4. That is probably why, Sue. Never thought about it like that. There was a lot of confusion on the verandah and Deluxe verandah suites way back when. Our first HAL cruise was in 1988 IIRC - on the old N Amsterdam. Fabulous ship and cruise!
  5. It did. Just as the Neptune Suites used to be called Deluxe Verandahs. But that is a long time ago and you and I are both dating ourselves 😉 If memory serves and mine can be short these days it was probably 2 decades ago 😉
  6. YAY on your second dose 😄 Happy to hear it and happy for you 👍
  7. I don’t eat cereal so I am happy to say I haven’t been reduced to that yet 😉 I do like Kailua in my coffee though on Christmas Day and sometimes after dinner on a BHB 😉
  8. I had thought that too.- about covid restrictions and limited capacity but... We were originally on a Zuiderdam sailing that became a Volendam sailing (Zuiderdam was supposed to go to Alaska - we all know how that went). So, after carefully choosing my cabin, I ended up with being moved as if I had booked a guarantee. Not a location I would ever book on an R class ship. Long story short - my TA got nowhere changing and my calls to HAL sounded like there were cabins but of course it’s you have to go through your TA. So I sent an email to HAL with the simple question that if cabins were
  9. I wish we were closer. I have a TON of plants growing. 5 different varieties and way too many 😱 Shared some with a few people but most don’t want the work - just the crop 😂
  10. Sorry about last year’s seeds, Brenda. The seeds had to have been treated so that the plants that grew would not produce seeds that germinate. Lesson learned. I’ll just buy new seeds every year from here on in. Glad the Atlantic company’s seeds have germinated and your DH is happy 😄 You’ll be fine nursing them, I’m sure !
  11. Oh dear, Roy. I hope you are accepted for the 2nd study. 🙏🏻 It appears to be the best option.
  12. Thanks for the Daily, Rich and our morning smile 🙂 Not that we need it, but I guess our weather is celebrating Big Wind Day, today. Looks like I will be cleaning up more branches later on today 😔 A good grilled cheese sandwich is so indulgent 😉 Love National Library Workers Day. I worked in libraries from grade 9 until I completed University. It’s not all quiet, sedate work as people imagine 😉 That wine sounds like one to add to my list. Thanks @cat shepard We haven’t been to today’s port but we did have enjoyable days in Santiago pre cruise bef
  13. No. They don’t. Most do but any of the Pinnacle Class ships (Koningsdam, N Statendam and soon to arrive Rotterdam) are shower only. The rest of the ships have the combo except HC cabins. They are shower only.
  14. Well, my cruises are back (sort of) can’t book anything. My name was changed and the site did not want to co-operate to change it back but it’s done. The cruise I was going to take no longer has my casino discount. I’ll wait. I already thought the price was high. Not going higher. These are nearly P’dam prices for crying out loud and that ship had a lot more crew and much better service than any of the classes other than the R class (old Rotterdam) IMO.
  15. I agree with you Jake. We should be advised of the rules before we make final payment. It’s only fair. If we are not, I doubt HAL will get mine to be honest. DH and I need to know the rules that we have to play by. I don’t mind playing ball with the right rules but if they are changed, I call foul ball 😉
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