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  1. I have the pleasure to sail with her next year 😄 Uggh, Miss G. It's way too early for this stuff. the only one that will be happy in our house is Marley (our Bernese Mountain Dog).
  2. As the snow storms threaten us, I can't help but be envious of this lovely itinerary in the warm Caribbean. We hope that HELENPSL enjoys every moment of that great weather, the ports and on board the King. And, of course, we wish her safe travels, fair winds and smooth seas. Bon Voyage to Koningsdam - 11 day Southern Caribbean Wayfarer: HELENPSL Bon voyage HELENPSL!!!!!! Have a great cruise and a WONDERFUL time!!!!!
  3. We just did this last cruise and it was as smooth as silk. All you pack is the stuff in the drawers, shelves, etc. (Don't forget your safety deposit box contents 😉 ) The staff unload everything that is hanging, put it on the rack, move everything to your new room, hang up your clothes and leave your luggage for you. Once my new room was vacated, the steward gave me access to it to store my safety deposit box contents and we headed out. Assuming it is the same on your ship. We were given a new key and told to use our old key to disembark and our new key when we came back on the ship.
  4. On one of our roll calls, one of our members also had the A. At the time, it seemed it was a typo by HAL and was actually meant to be 8. I'm not sure if that is the still the case or not, though. I join in Carole's (cat133) advice to call shipboard services and request a specific table.
  5. Our CC friends are off to discover the charm of Cuba on this cruise. We hope they enjoy plenty of lovely, warm weather on their cruise and have a fantastic time visiting their ports. And, of course, we wish them all safe travels, fair winds and smooth seas. Bon Voyage to Veendam - 11 day Cuban Explorer: mrscopper - have fun with your DH & daughter Mtn2Sea crewcox - hope you enjoy your 3rd HAL cruise & your friend likes their 1st. Bon Voyage everyone!!!!! Have a great cruise and a WONDERFUL time!!!!!
  6. kazu

    Dessert drinks SBP?

    Our table mates did last cruise (May - June, 2018). they had quite the collection - LOL 😉 they are under the $9 rule.
  7. kazu

    Shareholder OBC

    I'm glad your OBC has been applied and things are sorted out for you 😄
  8. Yes, Anne, we have a new puppy. He's on 'trial' - LOL. Master Marley seems to be getting along with him quite well so far. We lost Fox - she had a heart attack at 3:30 in the morning and died with me. There was no time for a vet call. She was gone in two minutes. Marley has been desolate as he is the only dog and not only missed her, but now had no company. 😞 So my vet had two of these puppies and told me how great their temperament was. So Miko is here now with Marley. Miko is on the left in the bottom pic. Marley is on the right. Miko will grow to be big enough to play with him.
  9. kazu

    Shareholder OBC

    Your number Is the same as the one I used. I had my OBC in minutes, literally (as long as you fax while they are open). I wonder if the time change is the problem? And you might want to try to 'time it' for operning hours. then, if you get no where give them a call. There's a 1-800 number for North America and I hope one for the UK and Europe 😉
  10. I'm going to try to catch some of this in between 'puppy watching'. Gotta keep your eyes out all the time 😉 Kathi, I loved your dedication to the veterans and those that fought for our freedom at the beginning. Lest We Forget ❤️
  11. Both of our CC friends are lucky enough to enjoy Thanksgiving on board. Sounds great to me - let someone else cook, clean up and entertain you. Whether they are enjoying the warmth of the Caribbean or the Panama, we hope they have a great cruise and Thanksgiving and of course, we wish them safe travels, fair winds and smooth seas. Bon Voyage to Rotterdam - 7 day Western Caribbean: Crazy for Cats Bon Voyage to Volendam - 15 night Panama Canal: Skoogs - enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday with your friends Bon Voyage Crazy for Cats & Skoogs!!!!! Have a great cruise and a WONDERFUL time!!!!!
  12. I think the price is lower because it is the 'before Christmas' cruise? Not everyone wants to return home 3 days before Christmas. 😉 The Collector for which this is part of is priced much higher. I would expect the food and service to be the same.
  13. Thanks so much Rich. Love the pic of the sea lion roaring 😄
  14. kazu

    Passport theft-warning

    I like my 'pacsafe' bag. Comes in various sizes. RFid protection, straps CANNOT be cut and the purse/bag cannot be cut. I think if you wear your neck / waist pouch under your clothes (and it's not obvious), it is safe. JMO though.
  15. Very sad to hear this. Prayers for her, her family and friends. ❤️