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  1. My 5 cents (the penny doesn't exist in Canada 😉 ) Whether the gates come down for the "locking system" is irrelevant IMO. You just take the books to your room (similar to what you do on Oceania) and return them later. If a sign out sheet exists (I've seen it on some ships and not on others), and,, with no librarian, certainly both honest and dishonest people could miss it. What counts is that the books are returned. Since the folks who took them were not the ones "who checked them out legally", then it makes no difference to have a sign out sheet. HAL doesn't want to invest in a full time librarian or cameras it seems so... To me, the scanners put in the books would be the thing to do. I believe Oceania had them and they read through suitcases (I saw someone stopped). If losing library books is truly costing HAL 2.5 million dollars, then rather than eliminate the libraries, why not invest in them? Moreover anyone caught stealing one should be banned from sailing HAL again. Put that in the books and that might stop a few light fingered people 😉 I was a librarian in my former life many years ago and our library, even though a small town, has those imprinted. It doesn't matter what someone takes the book out in, it will be caught. I actually was under the impression that HAL had those now from the coding I saw on books and am surprised they don't. A[ologies Vict0riann, didn't mean to detract from your thread. 😞
  2. LOL - seems we have said that about a couple of other behoomeths. Have to go and take care of puppy and the big boy. Puppies wait for no man (or woman). thanks Kathi for starting the thread and to Lou & Dave for the webcam. Been fun sharing the sail a way with all of you. Until the next one 😄
  3. kazu

    CANALLETO, your favorite meal...

    There's a slight change to the Canaletto menu - at least on the N Statendam and, I suspect if it is changed there it will be fleet wide. It's been posted on Vict0riann's live thread from the Premier cruise of the N Statendam.
  4. Hope everone on the NA has a great cruise and a WONDERFUL time 😄
  5. People packing light? LOL. Good toots. 🙂
  6. Hopefully your sandals should and are dry. Otherwise, there's always the plastic bags from your shopping today or wear them 😉 think how well they will fit after they mold to your feet. LOL 😉 Seriously, sorry to hear you were drenched to the skin. I was afraid of that when I saw MissG's pic. FLL can be very fickle.
  7. Safe travels 😄. Hope you avoid the storms that are plaguing some.
  8. Oh shoot, Kathi! I hope you don't lose power. That's no fun in the winter and cold. I know 😉. Fingers crossed for you.
  9. Didn't see that as you posted while I was typing 😉. Thanks 😄 But they were still all invited, no? Maybe security should keep a tighter eye on the TA industry 😉. 😄
  10. Yup, that's how to win friends and influence people for sure 😄😄 😄
  11. Those were the VIP's and invites!
  12. Love the love boat toots 😄