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  1. I totally agree. It can even vary on the same ship 😉 from sailing to sailing. But if there are too many CO, 4* & 5* star mariners, it’s hard for anyone of them to have priority.
  2. I actually have found I gain little weight on a longer cruise (33 days is my longest, though). I guess I’m like RuthC - you don’t need to have everything every day like you would on a 7 day cruise. The night there are escargots is an exception for me, of course 😉 DH and I will order one dessert with 2 forks, have our taste and we’re happy. As my mother taught me long ago - you can eat anything in moderation 😉 Love longer cruises as you get into “cruise mode”. But, it’s amazing how fast those days go by!
  3. Ok, I’ll chime in for a moment. It will affect the promised perks - at least the priority tendering perk, IMO. There are already ships and sailings with so many 4 and 5* Mariners that it is virtually impossible to give them “true” priority. Add a bunch of CO people into the mix and that is bound to be the case on sailings. Or, is HAL going to give the CO’s real priority and tell the 4 and 5* to go to a different lounge to get their tender ticket and Neptune Suites that they have to wait until x time to disembark without needing a ticket? I don’t see it affecting anything else in a major way at this stage.
  4. If you use a TA, they will call with the offers. If you book directly through HAL upsell offers are emailed, I believe. You can call as you get close to inquire IF you didn’t use a TA. If you did, your TA has to make the call. Upsells have never been available on the website and there are no guarantees that the upsell fairy visits as categories can be sold out and not everyone seems to receive them.
  5. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences. The Med is always wonderful to visit. Glad you had a good time 🙂
  6. Gala night will most likely be on your first full day (it is usually a sea day). If that is your sea day then I would guess that Gala nights would be on a day when your departure time is 4 pm since all on board will be 3:30 - leaving time for people to prepare.
  7. I’ve had upsell offers and always been told what rooms I could choose. I’ve never had to ‘take a chance’ on an upsell offer as to cabin location.
  8. Same price last time I did it 😉 The shop is duty free - the bar is retail price, but reasonable IMO (and by Canadian standards). You can check out what they have at the bar and then call room service. It will definitely be delivered 😄
  9. kazu


    Not quite accurate. The Rotterdam and Veendam both have NY Pizza
  10. Well we will all agree to disagree and we were blown away with our spot. Hotel Villa Spalletti. I’s really a Palazzio, , not a hotel as it only has a few rooms, gardens and a fabulous breakfast and drink set up in the evening. It’s a family Palazzo that they have maintained as a hotel initially to save it and now as business. They are helpful, congenial and take good care of their guests. I was really impressed when they warned me of a rail strike and suggested we move our private transfer up. they reached my roll member who was sharing and the company. For once I sat back and let someone else take care of it. While we were relaxing, he came in and told me all done and our new pick up time. Oh, and of course we arrived at a ludicrous hour in the morning. Way too early to check in. They invited us to have breakfast (which we did) then a bit of a walk, and back and WOW our room was ready. Beautiful spot. My DS stayed there on my recommendation (talk about nervous) and loved it.
  11. The Prinsendam did more Grand Cruises than world cruises. I think she did one once, but it was a few years ago. HAL has given the World Cruises to the Amsterdam to do. Probably because it holds more people. And it is one of the 2 flagships. Prinsendam’s Grand’s could be quite long and I am kicking myself now I didn’t got on one for at least a part of one. 😞
  12. Exactly as Rich said. I’ve never seen OBC on sale. It’s a matter of connivence or in my case - foreign exchange risk. It works for me 😉
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