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  1. Oh thanks for the correction.. I guess my cruise was too old. I didn’t think it was that long ago 😉 What a shame as that little museum was quite economical and had original writings in Pablo Neruda’s house. apologies to cruisemom for the misinformation.
  2. I’ve done an itinerary similar to the one you are looking at ending in Rio. We had a few more ports than this one but we did the same channels, etc. We did see ice and glaciers and there was a narrative talk with the bow opened. It was enough for us but not necessarily for everyone. We were there for some of the history, penguins, culture, etc. I know you like history like we do. IF you do this itinerary, I really recommend coming to Santiago a few days early to explore. Beautiful city with lots of history and easy to diy sights. Also, in Valparaiso there is a Pable Neruda museum (ships usually sail from there). Buenos Aires is an absolutely fabulous city. Stay there for a few days after and soak in some of the culture. Head to San Telmo for the tango parlours and if you can be there on a Sunday - the San Telmo fair. The Recoleta cemetery and museum Is really wonderful. So much more than that to see in Buenos Aires and the people are fabulous. Hope this helps
  3. There are comments on that balcony HERE . The cabin is 5001 but the balcony is the same and it is well explained.
  4. Oh my heavens, Joy! How scary 😞 Definitely he will be in our prayers 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻
  5. Our deer are very bold here, cat. They don’t run from us or even from the dogs when we are walking until we are very close - closer than physical distancing 😉 The only thing that saves my gardens is a fence. They are a concern here for many of us as they can carry Lyme disease and while I don’t mind picking up after the dogs, I don’t want to pick up after the deer 😉
  6. Thanks for the Daily, Rich 🙂 And the great quote - you had me laughing 😄 I’d happily build a scarecrow if it would keep the deer away 😉 Chicken it is for tonight and wine of course. Your wine suggestion sounds lovely.
  7. @kwb101 thanks for reminding me of that thread. I thought I remembered something there and went looking and I think I found the answer. @cruisemom42 I think you are ok. The itinerary has been changed since the regulations went into place. I couldn’t find a way to quote properly but on that New Ice Class in Force @Alphen said this “If you look at the new listed Westerdam "Antarctica Experience" and compare it with the Antarctic cruise destinations in earlier years, judging by the map, the new Antarctic cruise looks a lot different and appears not to venture as much south anymore! First picture is of our cruise in 2015, second one is the new 2020 cruise.” when I look at the itineraries in 2022 they are similar to the latter one in Alphen’s pics. Hope this helps.
  8. On World cruises and Grand Voyages. We lucked out one year with our great HD. They had some “leftovers” from the Grand voyage (probably people didn’t want to lug them home?) and they gifted the Neptune Suites with them. I was happy to pack up the Milton Brown and my tulip holders. The tulip holders work well for peonies too 😉
  9. Hmmm - the plot is thickening since they are required to quarantine for 14 days.
  10. Sorry to hear this Arie. I hope things are straightened our for you two very soon. 🤞 I’m waiting for refunds from various sources. I have HAL’s but no FCC yet. I know how frustrating it is. Stay safe and hopefully someday we will meet on a cruise again.
  11. Oh definitely some went travelling. Some traffic jams on some of the highways with the security checks. We’re not brave enough to go anywhere, yet. Down the road, I see Newfoundland in our travel plans possibly. Sadly PEI reported 3 cases of covid - first cases in some time. Although they are not related to the Atlantic Bubble, if that continues you have to wonder how long the “Bubble” will be permitted. https://atlantic.ctvnews.ca/p-e-i-reports-three-new-cases-of-covid-19-first-cases-in-over-two-months-1.5010832
  12. I can only speak for here but. You call, wait in the car until you are signalled to come in. Only one person permitted in the waiting/screening area at a time. You only take one step in the door until you are sterilized and screened. Once you have had the screening done, temperature taken, etc., and are in the sterile room, the mask is removed. (The hygienist keeps hers on along with the protective shield). You have to rinse with a special antiseptic rinse which theoretically takes care of any germs in your mouth. Certain procedures cannot be done (like the cleaning with the water spray). They are operating under very strict protocol as dictated by their Dental association. It’s very time consuming. My appointment was probably twice as long as normal Hair is tricky for sure. My hairdresser seems adept at holding the string so that the mask doesn’t move when he cuts around the ears. I will say though that the cut in that area is not as nice as it usually is 😉. However, no complaints from me. I’m grateful it can be done even if it isn’t a fun experience. I feel for the businesses with the monies they have had to invest for sanitizing, protective plexiglass, masks, etc.
  13. Thanks for the Daily, Rich 😄 wow - I never knew Alice in Wonderland had it’s own day! Love the quote. Very true indeed. Hamburgers sound like a great idea for dinner, thanks 🙂 Happy Independence Day to you and all of our American friends 😄
  14. Happy July 4th to all of our American friends
  15. I’m sorry to hear that and I know how hard it is with 2 cruises cancelled this year. With that said, I think you are wise. I hope you can find some kind of nice holiday vacation to replace your cruise and I hope down the road you will be posting here with new cruise plans 🤞
  16. So that’s the on board credit transferred, correct? Not future cruise credit? If it’s OBC and yes that happens then you can us it on board for bookings, wine packages, specialty dining - just about anything but casino play. If it’s a future cruise credit then that will be credited to your next booking. It sounds like it is OBC transferred but we can’t confirm unless we know. If it’s not clear then call the agent and ask. You really need to know what you have 😉. Knowledge is power 😄
  17. And perhaps as a visitor who has only been to Toronto you should not try to be the voice either. Hopefully this will make things clearer for you since you chose to ignore the rest of my post:
  18. That is disappointing. That was my understanding too. They aren’t letting them in here without a mask. If that changes, I won’t be going for sure 😉
  19. Huh??? This post is totally uncalled for. I am NOT pretending anything. I report facts. In reply: #1 - I don’t live in Toronto. I live in New Brunswick (my location is clear on my name) and report what I see. (We have 2 deaths so far here in total due to one stupid person) #2 - if you can physical/social distance you don’t need to wear a mask outside. When my foot is well enough to walk my dogs, I don’t need to wear a mask, but I will have one with me in case there isn’t space. Normally (before I broke my foot) we just avoided those areas. #3 - say what you want but I am sure that a LOT more people are wearing masks here than in your country. Otherwise, how do you explain our flat line versus your climbing line? #4 Of course not everyone wears a mask all the time but if you want to go into the hospital, the beauty salon, physio, dentist, several stores here, etc., a mask is mandatory and it is upheld here. Anywhere where you can’t physically (aka social) distance in an enclosed space it is required. Stores here are very careful on social/physical distancing. In fact, the only stores I will dare to enter are the ones enforcing the mask rule. Otherwise, I do curbside service. #5 - our leaders have come together to fight this pandemic - that’s part of the success. Conservatives have praised Liberals (they’ll fight later when this is over). That makes a huge difference. It’s a pandemic for crying out loud. We all need to work together. We’re trying to do that in our province for sure.
  20. I agree that the virus does not respect borders. It doesn’t care as long as it can spread. But, if borders are closed then I respectfully disagree since I think the closures do help. If it’s semi under control in one country and running rampant in another country, if those citizens where it is not under control are not permitted in then it does help contain the virus. that’s the reason so many borders are closed and IMO, it seems to be working. Every country has it’s own problems right now containing and trying to control this thing. If it can’t spread and can’t find hosts, it will dissipate. Wearing a mask when you are out and about protects everyone and can help stop the spread.
  21. What a nice thing to say, thank you ❤️ The Spanish Farewell is a lovely itinerary (I’ve been looking at it). Happy to add it for you 🙂 Hope you enjoy your first HAL cruise and have fun celebrating your anniversary and birthdays 😄
  22. There is certainly a segment of HAL cruisers have shown they will pay the higher prices. Prinsendam commanded significantly higher prices generally and the ship often sailed full. The ship had a very loyal following. If HAL were to put more quality into the small ship sailings I suspect they would find a market for the smaller ships. JMO and I could be wrong of course. I have been before 😉
  23. The Bon Voyage threads are derived from this listing. If you would like to receive a Bon Voyage, I need the following details posted please: Your EMBARKATION date The SHIP you are on  # of days (including if you are on a Collectors or B2B) & the NAME of your cruise     B2B? If you want Bon Voyages for them, please give the dates. Thank you 😄
  24. Oh my heavens! So glad your prodigal fur baby has returned safe and sound ❤️
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