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  1. Thank you so much for the information!!! Greatly appreciated.
  2. My family cruised on VOTS in November and they said the Stabilizers weren't working. We sail on Dec. 14th and wondering does anyone know anything about this? Have they been fixed?
  3. Awesome Pictures.... There is just something about this island that has made me want to go there... I'm not sure what it is, but it looks amazing and the water it's color is beyond the most prettiest turquoise color I have ever seen... I can't wait to see it. Do you happen to know the cost for the cabana is at Margaretville??? or the cost of the lounge chairs there? So, around the whole port area, the water is rocky??? Is there an area that's not??? Thank you again for sharing with us your pictures... Carolyn
  4. We can't wait... although you put Royal... in your response, and I was like, wait... I think it's Regal, so I had to go back and make sure I booked Regal and yes, It's Regal. I was afraid I was going crazy... Thanks for the information about the Ultimate Balcony Dinner.... I'm so excited... Also, are there drink packages?? Soda??? and Do they have a florist/??? on ship. My sweet hubby and I both usually send each other something special that's usually in our room when we arrive. Thanks Norris!!!! Carolyn
  5. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!! Thank you for your wonderful input!!! We made a decision!!! Yay!!!!! Happy Dance, Happy Dance... We're booking Princess Regal, Nov. 3rd, to Princess Cay, Bahamas, and Grand Turk!!!! Mini Suite!!!! We're so excited... We've so enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts and suggestions about both Princess and RCCL... (I posted the same question on RCCL). Both Royal Caribbean and Princess seam to have the same quality of ships but I wanted something a little more relaxing and maybe a little bit more elegant. (Please note, my choice doesn't mean that RC isn't elegant and relaxing) I just felt that Princess is calling our name and it fits what I'm looking for. Although we still plan on sail on FOTS... and Allure or even Harmony one day, but for now Regal Princess has my name... Plus I really wanted to sail to The Turks... and I'm really looking forward to having a romantic dinner on my balcony... Again, Thank you everyone for your input... It was so much fun to read your comments... Carolyn
  6. If I could figure out how to give you several thumbs up I would... We need more emojis !!!! Thanks for the great suggestions.. More than anything, I love to sit on the pool deck (a quit one) with my feet in the water drinking some kind of yummy drink with an umbrella in it. I do love to listen to music and I do love to be pampered... But I will say, sitting with my feet in the water and relaxing is awesome!!! Thanks Carolyn
  7. Oh thank you thank you thank you!!! If you sit at the Sanctuary Area, no matter what, it cost extra??? or if you just want a plush lounger with the MP3 player... How much??? Is there a pool in this area or is it located in an area really close??? I think I need to go back and research this area a little better... So is the Balcony Dinner something that you order through room service???? or do you order it through customer service... I really really love this idea!!! It would be so romantic for Charlie and I!!! Oh the MOTS sounds like a really fun time too!!! Thank you so much for the wonderful information!!! Carolyn
  8. Thanks for the reply!! Yes, I'll agree the Walmart of Cruise lines or as I've always said the LaQuinta of motels... and yes, we do shop at Walmart every now and then and we do stay at a LaQuinta, when we need a quick over night place to stay. :) But I would love to Cruise on a Neiman's type cruise line. SeaBourn or SeaDream... My Boss and his wife have sailed on both of these lines... Fancy Fancy!!!! (which maybe to Fancy for me) But yes, I do want to sail on something a little fancier!!! Or more or less something a little relaxing and calmer... and I have truly loved my 4 cruises on Carnival. They we're amazing and the cruise staff was wonderful!!! I just want a little calmer cruise... Thanks for your thoughts!!! I totally agree with your response... Carolyn
  9. THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! Thank you for the wonderful information.... When I started looking at cruise lines to sail on the one's that I thought we're or would be fabulous is of course Disney, Royal Caribbean and Carnival, just because they advertise wonderfully!!!! Plus We just absolutely love everything Disney... We have enjoyed Carnival but don't really want to be apart of the loud activities that are with them. We did love the Magic (1 of Carnival's newest ship) and we absolutely loved the Red Frog Bar on the ship) I never took a look at Princess until the other day when I was at work bored out of my mind and I was looking for wonderful cruise reports with pictures... I looked at RCCL and then wondered over to Princess and found a wonderful trip report by Bimmer09... From there, I started doing research and pricing on line and found how amazing it looked and how I felt like it would fit into our life style perfectly!!!! So this is where I am now... Doing more research about both RCCL and Princess... We do plan on sailing on Disney, soon... but we have a wedding this June and so our vacation time for this year is a little shorter then the next year. When we plan on sailing with Disney I also want to spend a week in Orlando too. Thank you again, for your fabulous, fabulous information on each lines... Enjoy your Cruise!!! Carolyn
  10. Oh I forgot all about that website... The pictures are fabulous!!! Thank you for reminding me of it. :) I think Princess needs to put you on their payroll. :D I love the thought of casual elegance... instead of Vegas Glitz's :eek: The pictures sure show how elegant the ship looks. Thanks for your wonderful information!!!! Carolyn
  11. I bet... I always see a diamond on peoples post and how they've reach diamond status, and awesome that would be... Did you enjoy sailing on Navigator of the Sea... We had it booked for April 2015, but thanks to the oil industry and the price of crude... We had to cancel it. :mad: Did you enjoy it??? Did you get any snow??? Thanks for your information... Carolyn
  12. We live in Abilene, and for a few years we lived in Sonora... Lucky for you that you've missed the snow. Abilene has completely closed down... My sweet hubby works out of San Antonio and lives there most of the time. So cruising for us is such a wonderful time for us to spend time together... Allure looks so beautiful and I really want to sail on her... But I think for right now I'll either sail on FOTS or Regal Princess... We've never sailed to the Eastern Caribbean and I Can't wait to check out St Maartin and St. Thomas both of these island look fabulous!!!!! Thank you so much for your information.... I'm finding that RCCL is a wonderful cruise line but I really think I already thought that. Thanks Carolyn
  13. It's really hard for me to step out of my box. But I'm going to give it a wonderful try!!! Thanks for the information. Carolyn
  14. Oh yes.... Looking at snow in my backyard is awful!!! I NEED SUNSHINE AND A BEACH!!!! So searching for a cruise is something I need to look for!!!! SUNSHINE AND A BEACH somewhere! Allure does look amazing but I think I'll cruise on it when I have lots of sea days to really enjoy it. Thanks for the information! Thanks Carolyn
  15. Oh yes, planning is half the fun. That's one of my favorite things to do is planning and planning. Where does the Southern Caribbean route sail to. And Yes... We're looking at a whole new ports, we've never sailed to St. Maartin, and St. Thomas and of course we've never sailed to any of the private islands before... And I would love to see one of the private islands... Whether its Royal Caribbeans, Disney's, or Princess. I just love the beach... Thanks... Enjoy your cruise... No cruise is a bad cruise...;););) Carolyn
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