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  1. So sorry for your lost. It’s hard caring for ailing parents and understand the sacrifice it takes. Hopefully they will expedite your request and process the refund soon. I’m not in a hurry either to resume cruising well at least not until next May when we have the Mardi Gras booked.
  2. This is the last thing I want to do, lol. I still have over $5K worth of gift cards to try to use somewhere. Not sure I want to ever purchase anymore gift cards in this lifetime 😂
  3. Okay thanks for the input. Like I said I have never used a TA before, probably since our honeymoon 40 years ago, lol. But have had PVP with Carnival in the past and didn't really see an advantage, so was curious if it were any different with Princess. Maybe I was just lucky, but everyone I talked with randomly calling into CSR was very helpful and informative. The one person who kept emailing me wanting to be my PVP and wanted us to go ahead and re-book with her wasn’t as helpful. I guess thats why I didn't see any real benefit from her services. We did finally receive all of our refunds from our 2 bookings from just regular CSR help. Also when calling in for the discount rate to be applied to our new booking, she was also very thorough and took care of everything correctly within minutes. Like I said maybe I just got lucky, but think I will just stick to handling it myself based on this recent experience. Thanks to everyone for all the input and past experience!
  4. Love those at Fish Lips, and actually have never found anything else like them anywhere else. Also always have to have the Key Lime Pie frozen drink (again very unique to Fish Lips). Sure do miss having those 2 favorite things this year. Oh well, maybe next May if all goes well. 😁
  5. Well my cruise had $200/FCC applied to the booking prior to them sending me the email as well it was clearly on the booking when I called in to pay in full for the cruise. I made sure prior to going through all these gift card #’s that my booking was eligible for the 10% discount as well as extra $200 OBC. It went through fine and It shows all the correct amounts with FCC, 10% discount, & extra OBC. I was told by one eep. That it had to be less than $250 FCC to be eligible, not sure if that is accurate but it worked for our cruise.
  6. I only had $200/FCC that I used toward booking, however have about $11K in Princess Gift cards to use. So for me I have nothing to lose, just applied $5,000 of gift cards to pay off the cruise in order to get the additional 10% off as well as $200/OBC.
  7. I totally agree with the waiting process, however I got the email offer to apply final payment by the end of the month in order to get another $720/off the booking so guess it's worth the frustration if we do get to sail in 2022. I figured at this point what have I got to lose? 🤣
  8. So glad to hear you are almost finished with your refund. We also got our credit card refund which officially finished us also. It’s funny since I have received all the gift card refunds I have received 2 separate emails from gift card dept. making sure that I still had all the original cards in my possession and to let them know if I needed them to reissue any new cards. It’s like I didn't reply to the first email so they sent another one, lol. But yes like you am ready to apply them to new booking for 2022, and just wait and see 🤔.
  9. This is so sad to hear, we did 2, 14-day Journey cruises in 2018 & 2019, and had a blast. After the first one we booked again right away for the next year, had the chance to go to different ports that we had never traveled to. I am grateful we went ahead and took the extra time off from work to enjoy these types of longer adventures. Do hope & pray that they will come back at later date and time when things have gotten better.
  10. Thanks everyone for all the responses! Will have to think about it and decide which direction I want to precede. Havent had one since a Mediterranean Cruise back in 2013, she was helpful at the time. Just never know who you might be getting, and how competent they might be lol.
  11. Oh okay, I just re-booked about 2 weeks ago and actually was how I found out they added my FCC to my circle account lol. I dud have to go in and add my husband’s name so it could pick up his FCC and add it. Guess I was lucky at the time, good luck! Glad I went ahead and booked something and got the mini-suite we wanted before all these other cancellations started.
  12. Thats what I’m afraid of, this person only contacted us after our cruise was cancelled in May. She has called several times asking about re-booking, yet clearly didn't do anything to help us in getting our refund processed at all. That was all on me calling numerous times to get things done. With our new booking debating about turning it over to her, afraid she wont have the experience needed. Thanks!
  13. So when I did my booking and paid my deposit it automatically added my FCC and applied it to the booking. I didnt have to do anything.
  14. Im curious to know about anyones experience with actually using the new promotion. I finally got all of my refund returned and have a lot of gift cards I want to use toward the new booking. Have been checking the thread to get some updated information and nothing was on topic. 😥Anybody have any new information regarding the new pay cruise in full for 10% savings and $200/OBC?
  15. There is hope, once we started seeing some refunds in small sections, it let me know they were finally working on our 2 bookings. Finally finished up as of today with the last credit card refund, only took 141 days total. But 🥳, I am grateful ! (We had over $11K total tied up, so I guess it takes awhile, lol)
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