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  1. That was me. They aren't offering any replacement. Just a straight cancellation.
  2. Really bummed about this one as it was the cruise we were doing for our 30th anniversary. Wonder if they'll extend the date of our FCC we used to book it. Their offer for the change is $50/$100 OBC (depending on your cabin selection) if you rebook a Trans-Pacific or Repositioning cruise by November 24th. I don't see myself rebooking at the current prices and lack of itinerary. I get they are trying to stay alive but this one is really disappointing along with what I view as a trash offer. Edited to add: I just received the email today for verification.
  3. We probably both know the answer to that one. 🙂 In reality though, I was not expecting to get a refund at all since I knew going into it that it was a non-refundable ticket. I was just happy at the time that Air Canada was going to issue a voucher that was good for up to 2 years. At some point you would think that someone should have notified me that my money was changing hands. AC originally issued me the voucher so they probably should have been the one to tell my that the value of the voucher had been transferred to RC.
  4. First off, it's not a complaint, more of an awareness topic in case anyone has the same scenario. The outcome actually worked out in our favor. We were cruising on RCI and flying on Air Canada. Tickets were non-refundable. Back in May we moved our Alaska cruise from August of this year to August 2021. We had already purchased our airline tickets through Air2Sea as they were actually a bit less expensive than other sources. When we called to inquire about cancelling our flights, Air2Sea told us that we would have to do it ourselves with Air Canada. Seemed odd but we called AC
  5. 1. Serenade 08/2021 moved from this year to next. 2. Serenade 08/2021 3. Wouldn't be devastated but sad to lose Serenade as it's our first Alaskan cruise or Explorer in October 2021 as it's our 30th anniversary. If they resume cruising before the Fall, we may see what works with our schedule and grab one sooner.
  6. Now I'm not sure if I can trust what you are saying.
  7. Much like many other ports of call minus the novelty. The only difference is the mega shopping areas built by the cruise lines to accommodate DI, TI, etc. in the other ports. We did Cuba a couple of years ago and found it to be quite interesting. Never experienced any of the political propaganda and in fact, our tour guide was very honest about the country. We found the people to be friendly and welcoming and would return in a heartbeat.
  8. Still owed Airport Xfer from Air2Sea and taxes/port fees from a L&S. Both done in May. I'm guessing she means full refunds though (not that I still believe there are only 100 beyond 30 days).
  9. Yeah, already said I used the wrong word there, my bad. I appreciate that argument and agree to a point. Wasn't the addition of the 3 drinks to the seapass a sign of goodwill because the DL was overcrowded? Where did that get them? They now give unlimited drinks at the DL and allow the 3 drinks elsewhere. Personally, I do not see them increasing it and believe they will just close the lounge if necessary and leave it at 3. Let's say they close the lounge and increase to 5. You'll still have some folks screaming that they took away unlimited drinks during HH and will never s
  10. You are correct. I kind of cringed when I wrote that but didn't have a Thesaurus handy to find the word I was looking for. Not required but what is currently listed as a benefit. My bad on the wording.
  11. I agree but why would they give you 5 when they are currently only required to provide 3 per the benefits list?
  12. It's a list of benefits. If it's not listed as such it isn't a benefit.
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