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  1. First of all, thanks for the great review. We sailed a similar itinerary in February 2019 and it is great to see all of the wonderful places again, especially Milford Sound. Sorry the weather is less than optimal in the Tasman, but you will be happy to know it is significantly better that we experienced. We had to skirt around a typhoon in the North which not only put us in colder waters to the South, we also had 50 mph winds and 15 foot swells! 😮 Luckily we are not very prone to seasickness and I find the rocking helps me sleep better... Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip and safe travels!
  2. Sailed past the island during our February cruise. It looked pretty desolate, so i was surprised to learn that there were tours to it. Also sounds like there has been some geological activity there recently, so it is unfortunate these tours had not been suspended...Very unfortunate for all involved
  3. Based on our experiences, the amount of noise you might experience from the deck above will be a function of where the Sky Suite is located. We were on the "Hump" in 2163 and never heard a thing all week. Friends were in 2189 and did have some noise on several mornings. I would agree with earlier post that if you are in one of the suites under the OVC, the farther forward the better.
  4. Ever since the keel of Edge was laid Marilyn was part of every discussion about every aspect of the ship no matter where, when or why the post was made. Just 2 days ago she was quick to respond to me personally about an Edge tour question. If it was possible to name a cruisers' godmother for a ship, she was it!! Condolences to all who met her, knew her or read her posts, but most importantly to her family....
  5. Dale, booked Marijana yesterday. I will send her your hello in my next e-mail. Appreciate the further suggestion on Kotor. TBL is a favorite of ours; used them last time in the Med and in Australia/New Zealand .Let me know if I can every repay the favor with suggestions in those locales. We in have lived in New Berlin for 25 years. Wife is lifelong resident of Milwaukee area, I've been here since 1981. Take care and thanks again!
  6. DENIE, Thanks for the great information! I am a huge fan of Tours by Locals and had looked at the tour by Marijana! Guess I better get that one booked... Curious, on Kotor what did you have planned? Big week for the Badgers!
  7. Thanks for the review. We are sailing the Adriatic on the Edge next June and have port stops in Split, Dubrovnik, Kotor and Corfu. If you are willing to share, I am interested it the tours you took in each port (or we scheduled to take in Kotor) and any other recommendations you might have. Thanks!
  8. VT, the tours show in the planner, but only the days they are scheduled, not the times as of yet. From your experience and research it appears the good news is that there might be multiple offerings on those days. Thanks!
  9. VT, thanks for the quick reply. I suspect that is probably a standard time. This is unfortunate for us as we are travelling as part of a group and have events in the morning of both of our sea days... ☹️
  10. VT and other who have taken the tour, is it usually conducted in the morning or the afternoon?
  11. Thanks for all of your comments and information! Admire your commitment to maintaining a ongoing posting of your trip. This will be very helpful as we continue to plan our cruise next June! Safe travels and best wishes!
  12. Jim, thanks for all of the terrific posts!!!! Reviews like yours and other favorites here are invaluable and has only made us more excited for our cruise next June. Safe travels and best wishes to both Ian and you!
  13. I am 6'2" and 250. I find if I pose like I am going to leap into the elevator and ask who is going to catch me, that people tend to move out of the way....😁
  14. Like Steelers36 we were on the Majestic in late February. We had 5 sea days including 2 crossing the Tasman where it was nearly impossible and certainly not pleasant to be outdoors due to very high winds and cool temperatures (we were sailing around a cyclone). Both areas are supposed to be Adults Only and I never saw any person younger than 25 in the pool area, and we were in that area a great deal. Every so often there were a few older children in the Conservatory area, but from my observation they were either playing the bells and strings politely or playing chess or board games with their parents. I am guessing had someone complained they would have been asked to leave, but given their behavior and the weather I don't think anyone much minded. Overall, there seemed to be few children on the ship, so we never observed the gaggle of kids roaming the ship as I have seen on other cruises. As I recall, there were cabana areas to rent in the Conservatory but they never seemed full when I was there. There are also Alcoves by the windows in the pool area which I understood were first come, first served and those did get good usage. Hope this helps.
  15. I am not sure what is more amazing: the timing of this thread as we sail from Sydney on Majestic on 2/18, or that we were able to snag the last available Premium Suite aft and it just happens to be on the starboard side!!!! Now the pressure is on to try to match you photos shared here!!!
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