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  1. Thank TX for the update. We are also currently on this cruise. I agree with the assessment on the staff. We heard the same number of 1500 passengers, our experience e with the food has been it’s the same as pre-covid, except chops, I was disappointed in the food and I though it used to be white linen, but no longer. This is our first time on this class of ship and honestly not impressed, everything seems so cramped and compartmentalized, but some venues are great like 270. We must not be going to the same areas as TX since we have been seeing people everywhere, in fact my wife and where commenting on how we wouldn’t want to be on this ship at full capacity based on how crowded it seems with this low capacity. But we are still having a great time. Back to oasis ships for us. I get that’s why the have different ship types, we each experience them differently and enjoy different things.
  2. This first one is just the requirement to enter the UK from overseas. Has nothing to do with the cruise. The second one is the requirement of Royal to board the ship. Think of it like this. Say I was going on a cruise out of southamption but I wanted to come to england for a little visit before the cruise. I would need a Negative test within 3 days to enter the country. If my cruise was a week after I enter the country I would need another test within 3 days of sailing. So I'd have to get 2 tests. If I entered the country and got on the cruise ship within a 3 day period 1 test would cover both requirements. At least thats how I read this, but I'd verify
  3. put your card in the machine and follow the instructions on the little screen that shows you name.
  4. do this: Starting Wednesday, September 8th, fully vaccinated guests can order at-home test kits, shipped right to your door (anywhere in the U.S.) in two business days or less. Complete your pre-cruise test at home, with live video supervision by a Certified Guide. Get your results in 15 minutes.Visit RoyalCaribbean.com/HomeTestKit.
  5. What are you confused about? You need to the the one the is monitor by an online proctor. These are available for purchase online and RCL will be making them available to purchase starting on the 8th.
  6. Going to be stopping in Sitka and Skagway the 3rd week of september and thinking about half day fishing. which port would one recommend? is fishing anygood this time of year? charter suggestions?
  7. I wear my tux on formal night. If there are 2 of them on a cruise I tux up for the first one and do the long pants nice shirt for the second.
  8. We received ours yesterday and they didn't have prescription stickers on them. We did both sign up as I have prescriptions in my on-line account for both of us. do I have a problem?
  9. My guess is if your the parents of child under 12 that child and the party traveling with that child will all be treated and un-vaxxed even if the parents are vaxxed since the are in close proximity of the un-vaxxed passenger
  10. the royal caribbean blog guy did one you can check out that story
  11. Since you have some time go to emed.com and do a monitored at home test. they are accepted at this time and is what we are doing because we will be traveling ahead of our cruise and don't want the hassle of looking for a local place to get a test.
  12. With this change I may never set foot in a diamond lounge again..
  13. Will wear a mask and probably for quite a while after they are required.
  14. I don't think Presidents weekend will work. After the test cruises the CDC has 60 days to review the results and issue the permit to begin cruising if I remember right
  15. Fact is with the new CDC announcement today that requires the cruise lines to get file to get approval for simulation cruises 30 days in advance and then after that reporting results results and then 60 days later they will get the OK to cruise it looks like there will be NO cruising until at least Feb.
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