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  1. We found the flamingos in the salt pond behind the salt house. It’s near a church. St Thomas Church i think. You turn just before the church. The salt house sign will be next to the road. They were back there. I think the church was on the map but not the salt house. The lady at the lighthouse told us where to find them. 😊
  2. Yes! You can rent golf carts, regular cars and Jeeps! Lots of info on this board about the different vendors. We used wet money. We had a ball. Easy! Never did find the conch shells but found flamingos so it was a great day!
  3. It has been several years since i have been to this port. There used to be an area off the right side of the pier where harvested conch shells could be found. Is this still the case? I plan to rent a golf cart and explore the island. Is there anywhere else to look for conch shells?
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