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  1. Thanks. What is the reason why they are changing the dates.
  2. Royal have a couple of bookings in Eden New South Wales 20/21 season under "unnamed ship".
  3. Most likely just being a one off. But who knows with Royal Deployment!
  4. Odyssey of the Seas Name is used for a booking Grand Cayman 15 August 2021.
  5. A UK Travel Brochure claims Odyssey of the Seas is doing a 13 night Transatlantic 22 December 2020 Southampton to Miami and then will be based in Fort Lauderdale.
  6. Voyager got her tenders during the October 2014 dry dock in Singapore. Explorer got hers during the April 2015 dry dock in Cadiz.
  7. Voyager of the Seas Sailings 2021 (Speculated) 12 April - 26 April Sydney to Singapore DRYDOCK ( No dry dock suitable when based in California/ South America) 27 May - 10 June Singapore to Sydney ( To get around Jones Law.) 10 June - 4 July ( APPROX ) Sydney to California via South Pacific (one cruise ) Voyager based in San Francisco or Los Angeles Then possibly move to South America for the Summer in that region. Royal has asked about cruises from South America in recent surveys. https://thecatalinaislander.com/guest-column-royal-caribbean-cruise-lines-may-return-to-catalina-island/?fbclid=IwAR0o3GEi3jEcREtggdMBfHX-kd064_1gStcA0uW1ni3zkW-clw-GVe26dYw
  8. Maybe the next cruise is to California from Sydney 10 June 2021 and Voyager is going elsewhere with no other port dates booked in Sydney and Brisbane.
  9. It appears now Departing Sydney 12 April 2021 Brisbane 14 April Darwin 21 April and Singapore arrive 26 April. Good luck getting Royal to confirm this Emmy.
  10. Sydney has Vivid Festival on in late May and early June which makes Sydney unavailable for Royal. The thing that is stumping me is why would Voyager go back into dry dock 17 months after this millions of dollars refit. Social Media has not be kind to Royal in Oz about the crap refit Voyager is getting compared to Mariner, Adventure and Navigator. It is obvious that a reason must exist why Voyager is leaving Sydney 9 days earlier. Voyager would miss the connection in Singapore with Ovation heading to Alaska (5 year dry dock) by one day if my maths are right. So if Voyager is going into dry dock in Singapore 26 April 2021 is this the changes required to run under a different company. Another point to consider Geoff is why Sydney and Brisbane are only showing 8 and 10 June 2021. If Voyager got one date added in each port surely they would have added more if staying in OZ or not added any.
  11. From November 2021 the regular Wednesday visits for Liberty of the Seas swap to Independence of the Seas in Grand Cayman.
  12. Darwin Ports and Brisbane have bookings under the name "Voyager of the Seas" during the Oz Winter 2021. Darwin 1 June 2021 Brisbane 8 June 2021. On paper it looks like Voyager maybe getting a dry dock in Singapore and returning to Sydney for a Winter season.
  13. I do not know why Royal cannot let all passengers know about changes also. This TA stuff is crap.
  14. If Odyssey is running late is the reason why Royal hasn’t release the cruises for sale in the Caribbean Winter 2020 surely home porting in Southampton or Barcelona could be an option for a shorter Winter season.
  15. Maybe one of these bookings is Voyager. It is starting to look like Voyager Civitiavecchia and Explorer Southampton.
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