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  1. In the short term I wouldn’t be surprised if Quantum missed a few cruises until the virus gets under control in Singapore.
  2. Limassol Cyprus is the current destination For Radiance and Navigator.
  3. Limassol Cyprus is the current destination for Navigator and Radiance.
  4. Wonder will take over from Quantum in Singapore. Voyager will go to Cadiz for a dry dock. Then after that do Christmas Greek Isle or Caribbean cruises. Voyager would make a great ship for Australia with being able to dock in more ports then Quantum Class.
  5. My guessing is cruising will not be allowed for the first stage of the bubbles.
  6. It looks like Navigator is going via Hawaii for some sleepovers. Honolulu - Oahu 2021 17 Oct - 07:00 dep 18 Oct 23:59 NAVIGATOR OF THE SEAS 311.12 m | 3807 guests Pier 2B last port | —
  7. I do not think Radiance will be much better. Voyager would make sense in Oz because she can dock at more places then Quantum if things get bad with the virus. Spectrum is booked in Hong Kong until January 2022 so things must not be getting betting in China. Wonder Of The Seas in Singapore chances seems to be increasing as the days go by.
  8. The Oz Government has big decisions to make with the borers being closed. . Heaps of Aussies are still stranded overseas from before pandemic starting. Farmers are screaming for foreign workers like backpackers to pick the fruit that’’s rotting in the fields owing to no one picking the crops. Heaps of restaurants are shut in the outback because of no backpackers available to do work the tourist seasons. The Universities want the foreign students back on campus to fill thousands of spots available. Plus we are are aware of the issues for the cruise industry. No surprise th
  9. It will be interesting to see if the UK Government move in with the number of cases and stop the cruise season. Anthem could be back in New York sooner then expected. Scotland has stopped cruise ships.
  10. Replacing Navigator out of Los Angeles is what I have been thinking. Maybe Ovation could be too big for the job.
  11. Cruise Law News claims Cruising from Israel (scheduled for June from Haifa, Israel to Limassol, Cyprus) cancelled due to ongoing deadly violence, according to a crew member who wishes to remain anonymous. Royal Caribbean's Odyssey of the Seas now heading to Cyprus to meet Anthem of the Seas where it will transfer 50 crew members. Anthem will then sail to the U.K. and Odyssey will sail to the U.S.
  12. My first thought was Serenade replacing Radiance in Oz. The booking would certainly suit a ship going to Alaska for the Summer Season.
  13. Hong Kong Just updated today. Mo 01 May 2023 Serenade of the Seas 0600 母港 turn Tu 02 May 2023 Serenade of the Seas 2000
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