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  1. No But guessing she could replace a Vision ship or leave the fleet.
  2. An Aussie Travel agent claims. Get ready Queensland! This is OMG-worthy, quantum-leaping, jaw-dropping news. For the first time ever, state-of-the-art Quantum of the Seas will be sailing from Brisbane in Summer 2021-2022. Quantum of the Seas will be the newest and biggest ship to ever call Brisbane home. Your clients will be able to discover first-at-sea innovations like skydiving in the middle of the ocean. Marvel at mind-blowing Broadway style shows and spellbinding aerial displays. And embrace their inner foodie with immersive world class dining. With 25 itineraries sailing from Brisbane to 18 destinations across Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific, never before have Queenslanders had so much choice
  3. Geoff Ovation has always sailed past Cairns and Airlie. If Ovation could have tendered I am certain Royal would have called here on at least one of the Singapore repositions. Cairns should be able to dock Voyager Class now. The plan was to take Radiance Class ships this season and up date to Voyager Class at a later date if the trail was successful.
  4. Geoff the thing that surprises me about Quantum coming to Brisbane it will not be able to go to Cairns ( Yorkeys Knob ) or Airlie Beach. In today's climate with Corona they are relying on the South Pacific and NZ for cruises. Personally I think if Quantum comes to Brisbane it will be a whole new set of cruises.
  5. Navigator could easily do a season after Europe 2022 in Sydney or Brisbane then head to Los Angeles May 2023.
  6. Surely Alaska 2021 cruise season must be very doubtful. Canada appears to be stricter then Australia managing this virus. Or if it did run Royal in Alaska would probably only need one or two ships. If they used Serenade it would be easier to find any port after Alaska. I cannot see any Royal ship running from Australia until the ship has another deployment to go to like Alaska/China/Europe for the other 6 months. To restart Carnival operations in Australia seems so much easier with the ships being in Sydney or Brisbane year round. No guarantees of how soon Carnival will get the go ahead in Oz.
  7. I think I am a bit ahead of myself it only the cruises from January 2021 to April 2021. Nothing new for Serenade.
  8. Serenade of the Seas®5-Night Tasmania -Sydney8/9-Night South Pacific -Sydney10-Night New Zealand -Sydney 16-Night Top End-Sydney18-Night Bottom End-Perth9-Night South Pacific -Sydney 2021/2022 I do not think this has been reported. http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/Deployment/2021_2022/2021_2022_SUMMARY_GUIDE.pdf
  9. Translated from Chinese. No Voyager In California Northern Summer 2021 No Wonder Of The Seas In China 2021 On July 15, 2020, Shanghai -Royal Caribbean International Cruise (abbreviated as: Royal Caribbean) today released the 2021 annual deployment plan of China's home port, known as the "Super Quantum System" "Spectrum of the Seas" ) The Voyager of the Seas cruise ship that will create the “big ship era” in the Chinese market will be deployed in the three home ports of Shanghai, Tianjin and Hong Kong. A total of 111 4 to 9 night trips will be executed , providing nearly 500 nights of exciting cruises Experience, as many as 35 kinds of diverse itinerary combinations to 26 Asian travel destinations. The new crown pneumonia epidemic in 2020 has caused an unprecedented impact on the global cruise ship industry. The construction of the new oasis series "Marine Miracle" was delayed due to the impact of the shipyard operation. Royal Caribbean had to delay the deployment of the "Marine Miracle" Chinese home port. However, we look forward to the arrival of the "Marine Miracle" after the epidemic has been brought under control as soon as possible. As a leading brand in the industry, Royal Caribbean has been thinking and making breakthroughs while actively responding to the impact of the epidemic. This is because since the outbreak hit the pause button, international cruise company for the first time and published on-line for the Chinese market, the home port of the full deployment plan throughout the year , Royal Caribbean demonstrates the Chinese market strong commitment to consumers the same beginner's mind . Dr. Liu Zinan, Chairman of the Royal Caribbean Cruise Asia, said: "Royal Caribbean always believes that the fundamentals of the Chinese economy have not changed because of the epidemic, and the trend of the cruise ship market will not change. After the public health risks are controlled, people pursue socialization, The instincts of reunion and leisure will not change, or even strengthen. Royal Caribbean has prepared three lines of defense for the health and safety of tourists and crew under the new normal of epidemic prevention, including the source of virus control, multiple monitoring on board, prevention and isolation Measures and emergency plans in case of an outbreak. We are fully prepared to show the public that the Royal Caribbean Cruise is a safe place." "Ocean Spectrum" deploys Shanghai and Hong Kong to continue the journey of extraordinary spectrum From January to November 2021, "Ocean Spectrum" will open a four-season tour in Shanghai's home port , operating a 4 to 8 night trip, covering 12 popular destinations in Japan. As one of the highlights of the 2021 itinerary, "Ocean Spectrum" will visit the "gateway" of Mount Fuji-Shimizu for the first time in the 8-night itinerary, and many routes will go to the Yaeyama Islands with beautiful natural scenery for the first time, as well as the classic Okinawa route Leading guests to the waves in the subtropical sunshine, and the Tokyo-Osaka-Kobe route opened immersive in-depth exploration. During January and December 2021, the "Ocean Spectrum" will go to Hong Kong to open a holiday tour , operating a 4-9 night itinerary, the majority of guests will follow the spectrum to celebrate Christmas and New Year's Day, to Vietnam, Japan and other diverse destinations, full Browse the beauty of the destination and enjoy the ocean. In June 2019, the "Ocean Spectrum" first voyage in Shanghai home port, she strongly deployed the Chinese market during the industry adjustment period, with its innovative breakthrough facilities experience, created the " super-quantum era " of Chinese cruise travel , for Chinese cruise ships The industry has injected huge momentum, and is also deeply loved and recognized by consumers, which has accumulated up to 95% market satisfaction. "Ocean Spectrum" is a sincere work of Royal Caribbean. It combines the genes of innovation in accommodation, catering, entertainment, technology and the experience that meets the expectations of Chinese consumers. "Ocean Spectrum" has many iconic star facilities and experiences , including the 261 square meters area of the duplex perfect family suite for the happy time of the whole family; the 13-meter-diameter Antarctic ball with VR bungee somatosensory games; across the bow 13 The first private suite area of the Royal Caribbean from the 16th floor to the 16th floor; 33 colorful dining options that blend Chinese and Western; a powerful performance lineup, immersive technology, and extraordinary special effects entertainment feast "Silk Road" "Spectrum Hero" "Charm Dance" "The past and present" and so on. She will continue the legendary experience that Royal Caribbean has brought to Chinese consumers. "Ocean Voyager" returns to Tianjin, opening a new wave of marine exploration From May to October 2021, the refreshed and highly anticipated "Ocean Voyager" will sail from Tianjin to operate a 4-7 night itinerary and start a cool trip to 10 major Japanese destinations . Diversified journeys start moving travel pictures-4 nights and 5 nights short-distance travel routes "speak and go", in-depth exploration of 6 nights and above tour routes starts immersive exploration, festive holiday routes accompany the whole family to meet guests' expectations for travel . The "Ocean Voyager" was first deployed in China in 2012. It is a classic work in the Chinese cruise ship market , creating the " big ship era ", and also a beloved " old friend " in the northern market , gaining countless precious memories of consumers. This time, the "Ocean Voyager" spent a huge amount of US $ 100 million to upgrade and returned gorgeously, setting off a new wave of maritime exploration. The upgraded "Ocean Voyager" will launch a series of facilities for the Chinese market for the first time , providing guests with an unforgettable family vacation experience . • A new deck adventure on the "Ocean Voyager", guests can enjoy the cruise ship's newly equipped rides and start an unparalleled adventure on the east coast of Asia. The "Perfect Storm Water Slide" consists of two "Typhoon" and "Cyclone" slides, which is equivalent to the three-story high-level slides and twists and turns, bringing guests a comprehensive sense of stimulation. Guests can not only challenge their own limits through this ultimate sliding experience, but also compete in the process of high-speed decline. In addition to this unmissable ride, the play area at the end of the cruise ship is also equipped with many facilities that are popular with tourists, such as FlowRider surfing simulator, climbing wall and mini golf, which will bring more colorful to guests. Amusement experience. • The perfect family time "Ocean Voyager" will bring a new experience to the family traveling guests, so that the family can not only share family time, but also individually experience entertainment items suitable for different family members. The "Battle for Planet Z" laser shooting game quickly became the flagship product on the cruise ship after its debut in the "Ocean Voyager". This laser shooting game takes place in Studio B. The story takes place in the distant future universe. Players are divided into two teams of aliens and robots. The two sides will start a fierce battle. The winner will win the last planet of the galaxy. Young guests of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers, can have fun in the exclusive space created for them. The award-winning "Ocean Adventure Center" is specially designed for children from 3 to 12 years old. It adopts a new open layout design and adds a variety of whimsical activities, which will bring more modern and more Free game experience. In addition, the first trusteeship center on the "Ocean Voyager" will also be open to welcome guests, and children 3 to 5 years old can play in this specially created area for them. In addition to the newly added outdoor leisure area on the deck, the cruise ship has also opened up a brand new exclusive activity area for young guests. • Body and mind relaxation trip Guests who want to relax and rejuvenate can indulge in the "Vitality Spa and Fitness Center". The spa and gym have been relocated to the end of the cruise ship after renovation, providing guests with rich and iconic services, including massage, acupuncture, manicure, fitness classes and private education courses. Guests relaxing by the pool can also enjoy the tranquil atmosphere throughout the day in the upgraded sunbathing area and rejuvenate their body and mind. Perfect holiday, enjoy a variety of destinations In 2021, Royal Caribbean Cruises will lead guests to as many as 26 exciting Asian destinations, gathering a variety of themed sightseeing experiences such as scenery, culture, food, parent-child, etc. , to meet the diverse needs of guests of different ages , and make family travel changes Be more convenient and rich. Royal Caribbean’s shore-based sightseeing products and services have been further upgraded to a diversified, in-depth, and family-oriented sightseeing experience. Nearly a hundred of elaborate customized travel products will lead guests to forget to return to each unique city. On the journey of the Royal Caribbean Cruise, we will visit the colorful and vibrant harbour, the ancient quiet traditional town, the modern modern fashion city, and the wonderful scenery of the Eastern Wonderland. In Nagasaki, which was once rated as "Top Ten Travel Destinations in Asia" by "Lonely Planet", we appreciate the unique appearance of East and West, and feel the leisurely travel pleasure, all the way from the lush green port to the solemn and solemn Peace Park; In Kagoshima, which has a world natural heritage, we have exclusively customized rich and well-loved perfect holiday sightseeing products for guests, continuing the legendary experience of the destination, feeling the unique charm of natural scenery and unique historical charm; gaining the love of many tourists In Kumamoto, we open up a new world of taste buds, measure this refreshing Japanese town with footsteps, have an intimate interaction with Kumamoto Minister Ben "Bear", and there are more exciting things waiting to be explored. The journey of the Royal Caribbean Cruises will start one after another in 2021, with all seasons, multiple journeys, and new products . From now on, you can log in to Royal Caribbean China official website, WeChat applet, Feizhu flagship store and other channels to learn more exciting trips. Traveling in life, living in travel, Royal Caribbean Cruises looks forward to meeting the vast number of guests on the sea, and jointly creating a unique travel memory in 2021! The specific itinerary information is subject to the official release of the Royal Caribbean International Cruise. About Royal Caribbean International Cruise Royal Caribbean International Cruises is the world's largest cruise ship brand, and has been committed to injecting innovation into sea travel for more than 50 years. Each series of Royal Caribbean cruise ships incorporate new technology and extraordinary facilities. They are outstanding representatives of cruise ship construction and are specially designed for guests who are brave to explore. Royal Caribbean strives to provide guests with an extremely innovative holiday experience. Its rich routes cover 6 continents, 72 countries and more than 260 destinations. Among them, the "Perfect Island Vacation Series" has attracted much attention since its launch. The first private island in the series will be the "Coco Island Perfect Holiday" in the Bahamas. With a series of innovative initiatives, Royal Caribbean International Cruises has won the "Best Cruise Company" award in the Travel Weekly reader vote for 16 consecutive years. As a fast-growing cruise ship company in China, Royal Caribbean has been committed to leading the development of the cruise ship industry since opening the first Shanghai-China home port route in 2009. It has been the first to deploy and operate world-class cruise ships in the Chinese market, and has successively introduced two large tonnage ships. The cruise ship with new age and advanced facilities-"Marine Voyager" and "Marine Sailor", leading the Chinese cruise ship industry into the "big ship era". In 2015-2016, Royal Caribbean successively introduced the newly-manufactured and high-tech cruise ship "Ocean Quantum" and "Ocean Praise" to China, pushing the Chinese cruise ship market into the "new ship era". In 2019, the first cruise ship "Ocean Spectra" of the Royal Caribbean's new super-quantum series opened its first voyage in China. The super-quantum series condenses Royal Caribbean's years of experience and knowledge accumulated in the Asian market through product optimization practices, which has another impact on the international standard of the design and construction of new cruise ships, and has become a new milestone in the development of the Chinese cruise ship market. The fifth cruise ship of the Oasis series under construction, the "Wonder of the Seas", will also be deployed in China after launching. This Royal Caribbean’s newest and largest cruise ship will lead the Chinese cruise ship market to another golden decade.
  10. Hong Kong Kai Tak Cruise Terminal cruise bookings have been updated. This booking remains. "Su 20 Jun 2021 Wonder of the Seas 1500 transit Mo 21 Jun 2021 Wonder of the Seas 1900" But the December 2021 and January 2022 Wonder Of The Seas bookings from Hong Kong have been replaced with the words. ""Spectrum Of The Seas"
  11. One of the major USA Travel Agents has the Ovation Hawaii to Sydney 28 September 2021 17 nights. Also the Autumn departure from Sydney to Hawaii 10 April 2022 stopping only the 3 Tahiti ports.
  12. Spectrum future cruises are from China , Hong Kong (December/ January), China. (Plus Singapore unannounced From Oct 2021.) Wonder Of The Seas according to Hong Kong Ports will be based there December 2021 and January 2022.
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