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  1. Just saying. That when the ships get going again I would not be surprised if Back to Back cruising is stopped in the interim. Yes I realize the crew are on for up to 9 months.
  2. Michelle I agree with most of this. If cruising was only allowed in Australia I can’t see more then 5 ships all up. I also can’t see every port agreeing to cruise ships. If Cairns and Tasmania says no to cruise ships it doesn’t leave many options. The Royal Aus Boss Gavin has been quoted as saying he hopes to starts Oz domestic cruising in October. If successful I can’t see Royal having more then 2 ships one of these could be Celebrity. The ports will certainly want us to spend our money while we are there and not toddling back to the ships at 1600 for Diamond Drinks. Another thing that is very possible is for the Oz Fleet to take the Indian, Indonesian and Phillipines crew to Florida and quarantine on the way.
  3. This is mainly a deployment guessing post based on port bookings.. Info supplied by Hawaii Ports.
  4. Wonder of the Seas would be built for serve Winter conditions in n China. It certainly must be considered as a option for Bayonne if Anthem goes to Galveston.
  5. I assume some of the captains must of been on ships now for well over the ten weeks. It must be a nightmare for Miami Operations to roster them over this pandemic. Plus very annoying for those captains waiting to take up duty because of flight schedules and countries in lockdown.
  6. Geoff I think we will just have to keep checking those bookings. When one port disappears we can assume that path is not getting used. Did you notice Radiance is on different dates in Darwin, Cairns and Brisbane? Radiance now arrives Brisbane 29 October 2020 instead of 16 November 2020. I doubt we will see Serenade in OZ 20/21 season. My guess is Serenade will start with Alaska 2021 season.
  7. Those bookings still exist in the name of Ovation in Fremantle, Adelaide and Hobart late October 2021.
  8. Voyager of the Seas has a new booking in Hong Kong 11 June 2021 Transit. The bookings in Darwin, Cairns. Brisbane and Honolulu are still in place for the Singapore to Los Angeles via Sydney contradict this bookings. Darwin 01 June and Sydney 10 June 2021. Sydney bookings not visible ATM.
  9. https://www.kaitakcruiseterminal.com.hk/schedule/
  10. Su 20 Jun 2021 Wonder of the Seas 1500 訪問 transit Mo 21 Jun 2021 Wonder of the Seas 1900 Hong Kong Cruise Terminals. Also shows Wonder being Home ported In Hong Kong December 2021/ January 2022 like Spectrum and Quantum have done past years.
  11. Sydney Ports claim Spectrum in Sydney for 6 weeks. Spectrum Of The Seas 21-Mar-2020 05:00 (Sat) 30-Apr-2020 23:59 (Thu) Athol Bay Anchorage WSS Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd Radiance is still off Port Kembla Voyager and Ovation returns tomorrow Wednesday to Sydney.
  12. I would have thought the captains will still be required on the ships. I can’t imagine the ships being 100% turned off.
  13. Michelle so the other cruises in your b2bs are running?
  14. The Corona Virus will play a major part in the Oz deployment. I think one of the ships is Adventure Of The Seas. Plus Quantum.
  15. Thanks Michelle I wonder if my October Quantum cruise is running.
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