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  1. Interesting read. Australia 10 year plan https://cruisepassenger.com.au/royal-caribbean-reveals-10-year-plan-which-could-include-oasis-class-ship/
  2. The folks of the West Coast of the USA will certainly be happy about this. Are they getting Voyager or something else is the big question now.
  3. First Dates for 21/22 Deployment going on sale Week of October 28, 2019Alaska & Hawaii Week of November 4, 20197+ NightCaribbean Week of November 11, 2019Europe & Dubai Week November 18, 2019Short Francis Caribbean Week of December 2, 2019Northeast, Canada & Bermuda Week of December 9 To Be Advised.
  4. That unnamed ship appears to be Quantum Class. Geoff the one that has me thinking is the June 2021 calls which is appearing to be something from the USA which does not fit thru the Panama Canal or is it really Voyager?
  5. Port of Brisbane Updated. Radiance booked October 2021 to April 2022. Voyager April 2022 Ovation June 2022 The booking for the ‘Voyager’ 08 June 2021 is still on the bookings. Interestingly no Voyager booking October 2021 but Darwin has one.
  6. Royal mentioned the 2022 dry dock in the notice to passengers who were booked on the original Sydney to Singapore cruise 21 April 2022.
  7. To balance the Australia cruise bookings and to keep Asia the same number of ships something extra or 2 will have to come to the Asia/Oz region to match the current port bookings.
  8. Would they go around Cape Horn in the middle of Winter? Another option is Odyssey goes to Alaska mid season to free up a Radiance ship who would then go other duties to take up those Catalina Island visits. I doubt Voyager would stay in Oz June 2021 for the Winter. The port schedules show 2 ships coming from Asia in October. It appears the extra Quantum is coming via Fremantle and Hobart. Voyager would come in via Darwin and Brisbane. I cannot find anything to mention Serenade or Radiance in Oz 21/22.
  9. If you add 54 days to 17 April 2021 you get 10 June 2021 the date Royal Caribbean has a booking in Sydney Australia. 54 days would be the amount of time it would take to sail Fort Lauderdale via Europe to Sydney. If Odyssey was the ship using the Voyager of the Seas bookings in June 2021 it would certainly balance the Darwin bookings for Royal in October 2021 and April 2022. But the 7 days to get from Darwin to Brisbane in June 2021 is more of a Voyager timetable stopping in the Barrier Reef towns which Ovation is yet to visit. It is just interesting that these dates match up for something that seems to visit Oz for a quick stopover on the way to somewhere else.
  10. If Oasis 5 isn’t going to Asia I would suspect she would sail straight to New Jersey to work the premium market. Harmony would be in Barcelona.
  11. Thanks. What is the reason why they are changing the dates.
  12. Royal have a couple of bookings in Eden New South Wales 20/21 season under "unnamed ship".
  13. Most likely just being a one off. But who knows with Royal Deployment!
  14. Odyssey of the Seas Name is used for a booking Grand Cayman 15 August 2021.
  15. A UK Travel Brochure claims Odyssey of the Seas is doing a 13 night Transatlantic 22 December 2020 Southampton to Miami and then will be based in Fort Lauderdale.
  16. Voyager got her tenders during the October 2014 dry dock in Singapore. Explorer got hers during the April 2015 dry dock in Cadiz.
  17. Voyager of the Seas Sailings 2021 (Speculated) 12 April - 26 April Sydney to Singapore DRYDOCK ( No dry dock suitable when based in California/ South America) 27 May - 10 June Singapore to Sydney ( To get around Jones Law.) 10 June - 4 July ( APPROX ) Sydney to California via South Pacific (one cruise ) Voyager based in San Francisco or Los Angeles Then possibly move to South America for the Summer in that region. Royal has asked about cruises from South America in recent surveys. https://thecatalinaislander.com/guest-column-royal-caribbean-cruise-lines-may-return-to-catalina-island/?fbclid=IwAR0o3GEi3jEcREtggdMBfHX-kd064_1gStcA0uW1ni3zkW-clw-GVe26dYw
  18. Maybe the next cruise is to California from Sydney 10 June 2021 and Voyager is going elsewhere with no other port dates booked in Sydney and Brisbane.
  19. It appears now Departing Sydney 12 April 2021 Brisbane 14 April Darwin 21 April and Singapore arrive 26 April. Good luck getting Royal to confirm this Emmy.
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