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  1. Your comments are right on. Nothing to do during the day or night except attend sales pitches. Getting real boring. Maybe Hal will change but not holding breath. River cruises may be the answer.
  2. I appreciate your comment and thanks for the complement. I just love how a simple thought and subject becomes divergent into various other subject areas such Lincoln Center Music, lack of dancing lessons, the pricing of cruise lines, etc, etc. It happens all the time. I just feel that HAL' Symbol of Excellence has become tarnished and in need of attention.
  3. The line was not too bad and moved quickly. Maybe 10 minutes total line time. Taxi are lined up and fill up fast. We had 4 persons with luggage and the taxi starter got up a bigger taxi to hold us and the luggage. The immigration line was much longer and more time consuming. The USD rate ($27) is very reasonable for the extra 10 minutes in line.
  4. Just back from 7-day Alaska cruise on the Noordam 7-21/7-28. Previous cruise was December in Caribbean. The latest changes (read things taken away) include little simple things. Our major exception noted is the lack of opportunity to dance. This has been discussed in this forum, but new to us. First night no combo in the Ocean Bar before late dinner seating. Was told it has been a month or two without any music by bartender. Told could go to B.B.King lounge at 9:15 show, but band member was sick so no show. That was the only music available the first night which was none. So had a drink and asked for hot appetizers. No go that has been eliminated also, but was available during happy hour only. Talked to Beverage and Food Manager and asked why and his response was "things change" Cute! Next night was Gala(formerly Formal night) No music available before dinner so went to 10:15 B.B.King show. Four rock and roll songs were performed and band left after 25 minutes. Then piped in rock and roll music. Most of the people left the room. Other exceptions noted: Cheap plastic excursion bag instead of cloth for excursion. Guess plastic is good for seven seas. No pen, paper, notepad for cabin. Explorer lounge uses paper napkins for food instead of plates. Espresso coffee now $3.50 for after dinner. Started at free, then $1.75. Guess better quality coffee beans are being used although regular coffee comes out of the same machine. No flowers on the dinning table or Pinnacle. No fresh squeeze Orange Juice just water down concentrate. Nuts and liquor flavor for ice cream topping gone. Just crushed cookies (day old?). We have two future cruises scheduled, but must seriously consider an alternate before all is gone.
  5. Just back from Alaska Cruise 7-21-2019 and the flat rate for a taxi from Vancouver Airport to Cruise Pier has increased $1 to $36 Canadian or $27 USD. Four of us shared a taxi with all our luggage with no problem. About a 30 minute ride. However, immigration at airport was about an hour with long lines at noon time Saturday arrival.
  6. I contacted the City of Juneau and they provided the taxi regulations from the police department. The $12 fee is not authorized per the following Rules and Regulations. The driver must also provide in plain sight the official rate card that must be followed. The regulations: 20 CBJAC 40.520 - Class A endorsement. (a) A Class A endorsement shall authorize the holder to provide taxi services subject to the following conditions: (1) A certificate endorsed for Class A service may not be endorsed for any other type of service. (2) The certificate shall require the service to operate and maintain no fewer than six vehicles. At least three of the vehicles shall be in service at all times. (3) Taxicab passengers shall be charged only at the rates specified in this section. (A) Flag drop. $3.40 shall be the initial starting fare to be charged for all taxicab services except for charter or battery jump services. No mileage, waiting time, or other charges are included in the charge for flag drop. (B) Mileage rate. The rate of $0.22 for each one-tenth mile shall be charged and measured by taximeter. (C) Waiting time. The rate of $0.75 for each minute of waiting time shall be measured by the taximeter and charged to the customer. Waiting time shall be charged when stopped and during traffic delays. Time and mileage shall be charged alternately and not concurrently. (D) Taxi tour rate. The rate of $70.00 per hour shall be charged to a passenger for the reservation of the services of the vehicle. The minimum charge for a taxi tour is $35.00 for up to one half-hour of service. For taxi tour service in excess of the minimum half-hour charge, the time may be calculated in ten minute increments for which the charge is $12.00. No other units of time or charges are allowed. (E) Extra adult passenger. A charge of $0.50 shall be added to the fare for each passenger over the age of 12 years and each bag in excess of two per passenger. This charge does not apply if there is only one passenger over the age of 12 years. This charge does not apply to the taxi tour rate. (F) Delivery charge. A charge of $3.00 shall be added to the mileage rate for transport and delivery of items without a passenger. This does not apply to the taxi tour rate. (G) Battery jump. The rate for providing an electrical boost to the battery of another vehicle shall be a charge of ..... $20.00 (H) Airport to and from destination fee ..... $1.00 (I) Cruise Ship Dock to and from destination fee ..... $1.00 (J) Customer soilage of taxi fee ..... $100.00 Note: Licensee recovery of this fee shall be by civil process only. (K) Mendenhall Glacier fee ..... $1.50 (4) Every taxicab operated under the provisions of this chapter shall be equipped with a rate card provided by the city, setting forth the schedule of fares and charges. The rate card shall be posted inside the vehicle in a location visible to passengers. (5) Taxis shall be limited to vehicles designed to carry no more than eleven passengers including the driver. (6) The holder of a certificate endorsed for Class A service shall maintain one central place of business owned or leased by the holder and operated by the holder at which all business records shall be available for inspection, and from which all of the holder's taxis and no other taxis shall be dispatched. The central place of business is not required by these regulations to be available for walk-in service to the public.
  7. Just back from Alaska Cruise 7/19. Four of us wanted to visit the glacier. Shuttle Bus was $45 each RT, or $180. So we selected the taxi route from the pier. Price was $32-34 for all four of us, but they add a $12 per person fee supposedly for the permit to enter the area. It will be $17 if you do not have the Golden Age pass. Had pass so $82 for four of us outbound. The return was just the meter of $34 for total of $116/for 4. I said that fee appears excessive and so I asked the Ranger why so high and was told the fee is only $2 for the taxi to have access, but the taxi company throws on the extra to gorge the tourist. Rates are fixed by the city and a review of their web site reflects there are no additional fees authorized. So discuss this with your driver to document what exactly is the fee for beside ripping off the customer.
  8. Thank you all (or as wife sez Y'all) for your input, Nothing in MDR, just a evening activity it looks like.
  9. Yes I read several post about a Orange Party and it seemed to center around Kings Day and Pup Crawls, but found nothing about the Main Dining room having a celebration of the Dutch Heritage fleet wide and wearing orange something. So is this misinformation from HAL's agents (again) or is this something new?
  10. We are taking some newbies on an Alaska Cruise and as such a little nervous so they contact HAL quite often. They were told yesterday that fleet wide there will be a celebration of their Dutch heritage in the MDR one night and to bring something Orange to wear. I have looked for supporting information and can not find anything. I know there is a celebration of Kings Day in the Spring, but nothing further. Does anyone know about this?
  11. Thanks for the input. Finally was able to talk to Reservations at Holland. The Flight Ease credit was incorporated into the air quote. So no more discounts will be forthcoming. I mentioned that perhaps the air credit should be reflected somewhere within the process. In the quote, or on the invoice. Don't know if it fell on deaf ears or not. Meanwhile, the quote received for business class to Argentina and return out of Chile was fantastic. Nearest airline quote was at least a couple of thou higher.
  12. The subject is not whether to use to use Fight Ease or not and its values, but did the $500 Flight credit associated with our cruise fare get applied. There was no mention on the invoice and reservations department and flight ease group will not let me talk to them only my TA. So did the Flight Ease quote include the $500 discount or will the final cruise payment reflect the credit.
  13. Recently we booked an Holiday Cruise for 2019 while on our last cruise. HAL was running a special which included an outside cabin at the price of an inside, token discounts on excursions, some SBC and $500 off the booking of air on flight ease. As a side note, we were quoted two prices. One without the air and one with. The difference in the cruise fares was $400 so in effect you were only saving $100 on the air. Anyhow this week I booked the air with Flight Ease and loved the quote. The question I have "is the air fare quote inclusive of the $500 credit or will it be applied when the final cruise payment is due?" Asked TA and was told yes, but the invoice and the quote had no mention of the credit. Talked to Flight Ease who told me reservations would know. Talked to reservation and was told only my TA was only allowed to talk to them unless I was given permission to talk to them. (excuse me). Does anyone know when the $500 credit is applied?
  14. I grew up in New England where seafood was readily available. One of the simple joys was to sit down and eat a whole lobster and make a complete mess with a bib being the only protection. It was work scavaging for the last morsel of meat. On our last cruise, we ate at Rudi's Sel de Mer and on the menu was Broiled Maine Lobster. Anticipating a whole lobster, I ordered and was served two lobster tails and was disappointed. Chef stopped by and I said I thought it was a whole lobster instead of just two tails. The chef said that is how it is served. I said the menu should have reflected this information. He got huffy and left. The question becomes, should I have anticipated a whole lobster, or should the menu reflect just two tails. Your thoughts.............
  15. As they say in Football Games; "upon further review" I found the pamphlet about double your shipboard credits which is in very bold large letters. At the bottom in very small print and using my magnifying device it says; "If the booking made on board is cancelled.....you will retain the Future Cruise deposit to use...........but will lose the additional Onboard Spending Credit (promo ZPM). To me, that means you retain the basic SBC which and deposit which varies by cabin and the length of the cruise. Which doesn't make sense to me because that sez no matter what happens the deposit stays in place and an SBC will be provided. It continues to say; The Onboard Spending Credit with Promo Code ZPM applies to 1st and 2nd guest only..... So, in conclusion, Holland and Onboard cruise consultant, needs to state those facts in their pamphlet that it is not a doubling of SBC, but a combination of two offers; an SBC (shipboard credit) and ZPM (Welcome Home). In my case breakdown of the shipboard credits for my schedule cruise is correct. Future Cruise Credit and Welcome Home for a total of $400 for the both of us or the total of the Hotel Service Charges for our 14-day cruise.:loudcry: Can't even get a drink out of it.
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