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  1. Billthekid

    Flight Ease Credit

    Thanks for the input. Finally was able to talk to Reservations at Holland. The Flight Ease credit was incorporated into the air quote. So no more discounts will be forthcoming. I mentioned that perhaps the air credit should be reflected somewhere within the process. In the quote, or on the invoice. Don't know if it fell on deaf ears or not. Meanwhile, the quote received for business class to Argentina and return out of Chile was fantastic. Nearest airline quote was at least a couple of thou higher.
  2. Billthekid

    Flight Ease Credit

    The subject is not whether to use to use Fight Ease or not and its values, but did the $500 Flight credit associated with our cruise fare get applied. There was no mention on the invoice and reservations department and flight ease group will not let me talk to them only my TA. So did the Flight Ease quote include the $500 discount or will the final cruise payment reflect the credit.
  3. Billthekid

    Flight Ease Credit

    Recently we booked an Holiday Cruise for 2019 while on our last cruise. HAL was running a special which included an outside cabin at the price of an inside, token discounts on excursions, some SBC and $500 off the booking of air on flight ease. As a side note, we were quoted two prices. One without the air and one with. The difference in the cruise fares was $400 so in effect you were only saving $100 on the air. Anyhow this week I booked the air with Flight Ease and loved the quote. The question I have "is the air fare quote inclusive of the $500 credit or will it be applied when the final cruise payment is due?" Asked TA and was told yes, but the invoice and the quote had no mention of the credit. Talked to Flight Ease who told me reservations would know. Talked to reservation and was told only my TA was only allowed to talk to them unless I was given permission to talk to them. (excuse me). Does anyone know when the $500 credit is applied?
  4. Billthekid

    Broiled Maine Lobster

    I grew up in New England where seafood was readily available. One of the simple joys was to sit down and eat a whole lobster and make a complete mess with a bib being the only protection. It was work scavaging for the last morsel of meat. On our last cruise, we ate at Rudi's Sel de Mer and on the menu was Broiled Maine Lobster. Anticipating a whole lobster, I ordered and was served two lobster tails and was disappointed. Chef stopped by and I said I thought it was a whole lobster instead of just two tails. The chef said that is how it is served. I said the menu should have reflected this information. He got huffy and left. The question becomes, should I have anticipated a whole lobster, or should the menu reflect just two tails. Your thoughts.............
  5. Billthekid

    Abbreviation week. FCD and ZPM and Welcome Home

    As they say in Football Games; "upon further review" I found the pamphlet about double your shipboard credits which is in very bold large letters. At the bottom in very small print and using my magnifying device it says; "If the booking made on board is cancelled.....you will retain the Future Cruise deposit to use...........but will lose the additional Onboard Spending Credit (promo ZPM). To me, that means you retain the basic SBC which and deposit which varies by cabin and the length of the cruise. Which doesn't make sense to me because that sez no matter what happens the deposit stays in place and an SBC will be provided. It continues to say; The Onboard Spending Credit with Promo Code ZPM applies to 1st and 2nd guest only..... So, in conclusion, Holland and Onboard cruise consultant, needs to state those facts in their pamphlet that it is not a doubling of SBC, but a combination of two offers; an SBC (shipboard credit) and ZPM (Welcome Home). In my case breakdown of the shipboard credits for my schedule cruise is correct. Future Cruise Credit and Welcome Home for a total of $400 for the both of us or the total of the Hotel Service Charges for our 14-day cruise.:loudcry: Can't even get a drink out of it.
  6. Billthekid

    Abbreviation week. FCD and ZPM and Welcome Home

    Various email correspondence between my self, my agent and HAL produced this response: Thank you for contacting Holland America Line regarding your clients (title and name) upcoming ms Prinsendam voyage. The advisement of additional on board credit on the cruise consultant's sheet is tiered from ocean view up to suite. Had the guests booked a category C (ocean-view), they would have received an additional 100 per person from the combination of the FCD on board credit and the Welcome Home on board credit. Those would have provided $50 each per person. Because they booked a suite, each promotion provided them with $100 of on board credit. The credits currently attached to the booking are correct as advised by a previous supervisor. We are sorry for any frustration this misunderstanding has caused Now I need an explanation of the explanation, aka, razzle-dazzle.
  7. Billthekid

    Abbreviation week. FCD and ZPM and Welcome Home

    So I am still trying to understand. We booked on board and was told we would receive double onboard credits ($200) and that was noted on the printout. Final billing comes and the breakdown of SBC is noted as $100 FDC and $100 Welcome Home. So when the consultant sez double SBC it is not a "double SBC, but a two-part offer although the Welcome Home offer is supposedly received after you return home, is that correct?
  8. On our last cruise, we made a future cruise deposit for a holiday cruise on the Prinsendam in Vista Veranda cabin. The offer included double shipboard credits (FDC) for the booking depending on cabin and length of the cruise. For a Vista and the 14-day cruise, the FDC was $200 per person and was recorded on the printout we received from the Future Cruise Consultant. Made my final payment and received my paid invoice. The SBC was a lump sum with no breakdown, so I asked for details. It was stated the credits consisted of $100 FDC and $100 Welcome Home per person. :) No idea what the Welcome Home credit was so I went to Cruise Critic for the facts and called HAL. Both places stated the Welcome Home is offered within 60 days of returning home. So HAL is now saying the $200 onboard FDC consists $100 FDC and $100 Welcome Home SBC although I was not home at the time. Am I the only one receiving this razzle-dazzle?:(
  9. I initiated this thread to elicit comments about the Hotel Service Charge. I believe it started as a gratuity based concept and has now developed into an abuse. It is a required charge by HAL which you can adjust as desired. Why is it charged to your room instead of being part of the cruise cost like port charges. Just add another line to the invoice. My last cruise included prepaid gratuities being paid for by Holland. Now did Holland actually pay those funds into the tip pool? Or did the the crew members not receive any gratuities at all from me. (I did tip in cash to several crew members because of the excellent work). I doubt Holland added those funds to the tip pool. Holland has the same fleet wide hotel service charge no matter the size of the ship or number of cruise members. So on some ships the crew members in the pools are larger or smaller and those contributing to the pool is likewise. On our Rotterdam cruise the crew count was around 600. Excluding officers, front desk, tours, entertainers, casino, gallery, wine staff, bar staff, managers, and sales staff, I would estimate 300 crew members in the "pool". 1,400 passenger paying $13.50 (+ or -) would generate $567,000 per month, or $1,890 per crew member which is approximately what the cruise industry's average salary of $2,000 per month. So in effect, the hotel service charge is in fact not a gratuity as originally created , but has become a salary payment.
  10. Thank you for correcting my data. Decimal Points has always been a problem for me. A 35% increase is substantial for a gratuity based hotel service charge. There must be more to the story,
  11. I worked with numbers back in the real world when I was working and I enjoyed looking behind the numbers.. The Hotel Service Charge started at $10 pp pd back in 1997 and represented gratuities and replaced the individual choice. Since then the charge has increased to $13.50 pp pd, a 3.5% increase. I guess that represents inflation and cost of living increases. Guest services told me those funds are distributed 35% to cabin stewards, 35% to dining room stewards and assistants, and 30% to behind the scene workers such as laundry, dish washer, etc. I talked to several persons and was told there are 110 dining room staff workers and 43 cabin stewards on our ship the Rotterdam. So 35% of $13.50 is $4.72 per eligible person per day. There are 1,404 passengers on the ship if it is full. So now it gets complicated. 1,404 passengers each paying $13.50, of which 35% or $4.72 per day would generate $6,625 per day which would be divided by 43 cabin stewards or $154 each, or $4,600 per month. For the dining staff $6,625 would be divided by 110 stewards that would mean $60 per day per seward, or $1,800 per month. A major difference. So where am I going wrong? Is the Hotel Service Charge is not just for cabin and dining stewards? There is an additional 30% going to behind the scene personnel. There are 604 crew members Daily receipt from the 1,404 passengers is $19,000, and 604 crew member, each would receive $32 per day, or $950 per month. But, crew members include officers, Chefs, managers, bar and wine persons, all of whom are compensated otherwise. Sorry for so many numbers, but wanted to open discussion on the subject. Have at it:hearteyes:.
  12. Just off the Rotterdam and noted this sign on the Lido Deck Hot Tub steps. Now since the majority of Holland's customers are more mature than passengers on most ships, what do they define as "Elderly"? ;) https://billthekid.shutterfly.com/pictures/9
  13. :DCurious about how HAL celebrates St. Patrick Day on their ships, if anything. We will be cruising on that date and assume nothing besides perhaps some Corn Beef and Green Beer for sale. I love the tradition of the day, but will not be upset is nothing happens. I can celebrate in my own way with Mr. Jamison. :D:D
  14. Billthekid

    Sydney Cruise Terminal

    There are two ports used in Sydney. Make sure you have the right one. The White Bay cruise port is 30 minute cab ride. Also on our Nordam cruise in December, our bags were held up for several hours because we had two bottles of wine packed.