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  1. No he has his own cruise agency. We used to book through a Pvp until we discovered his company
  2. We world with a TA also. Our cruise was canceled on a Tuesday and we took the FCC with $600 obc. Booked a new cruise last night for January and as of this afternoon all our money and the obc is already on my new cruise so thankful for a great TA
  3. Thank you! Will give that a try.
  4. He strictly does cruises. Only way he can get us flights is through carnival. Are you a Ta?
  5. We booked thru a TA so unfortunately he has to book the airfare too
  6. I know. Like I said I’ve been searching everything. Carnival came up with the $11000. To be exact $11937
  7. How far out did you book your airfare?
  8. I know it. I thought he made a typo and it as supposed to be $1100 and he replied back no I realizeDes Moines isn’t a huge hub but shouldn’t be that high
  9. The 11k amount came from Carnival. Round trip from Des Moines Ia to Barcelona in Oct 2020.
  10. Thank you! That’swhat thought.
  11. That’s what we said too lol. I thought maybe a typo but was told no lol
  12. Well same flight I can book myself for $866 per person Carnival came back with over $11000 for 2 people lol. You mentioned you booked thru travel agent Did you have To go thru your travel agent to get the flights or were you able to call carnival directly? Thanks for info!
  13. Has anyone had any luck purchasing airfare through the Fly2fun program? Trying to book flights for a TA cruise next year andCarnival pricing Is outrageous. Just wondering what experiences anyone else may have had
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