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  1. Thank you for the review - we are on the Star for a Coastal this fall and looking forward to it! I know you ate Club Class, but do you happen to recall the assigned dining times? Was it 5 and 7:15 like on the Princess website, or did it vary on the ship? Thanks! Jenn
  2. Hi all ... We recently sailed on the Victory and thought I would post a cabin review, as both were odd-shaped Oceanview cabins and I know I looked for info pre-cruise. Sorry - no pictures! 2457 - very spacious, lots of floor space. There was a couch and one chair. It still has the old fashioned clunky big tv. 2454 - much smaller compared to 2457. Not much floor space, and it only had a chair, no couch. Old tv here too. Both were aft cabins with a window ledge with the window set back. Location was very convenient for most things - the Pacific Dining room was directly upstairs on decks 3/4, and the comedy lounge was aft on 5. A bit of a hike to Serenity on 12 Forward though! Noise: you could definitely feel / hear the vibration during the docking process. I don't think anyone would be able to sleep through it. It didn't bother us, but if you didn't want to be woken up, these aren't the rooms to choose. No overhead noise from the dining room though, that I noticed. Overall I would definitely choose 2457 again, but would probably pick a conventional ocean view over 2454. Hope this helps someone! :) Jenn
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