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  1. Fantasy was our first family cruise; it was so disappointing that many family members were surprised that we ever sailed again. The waves were high, the Gulf was large and it wasn't a fun experience. [When the advertising brochures and credit card applications around the ship are replaced by sick bags, that's more than a hint that the passengers are in for a rough trip.] Yet we tried it again on a bigger ship - I just knew there had to be a reason why people cruise repeatedly and now I have figured it out. So happy about that... and look forward to sailing with Carnival again! 🙂
  2. even the blood test for antibodies is, at present, not much better than a coin flip!
  3. USA Today has an article about what Sir Richard Branson's new cruise line will be doing to keep everyone well and healthy. Starting with all passengers and crew taking a rapid Covid virus task at boarding. No buffets on their Scarlet Lady - they say they never had plans for a buffet (but it seemed like buffet stations to me!). An electronic wearable will be used instead of a plastic card for onboard purchases, room "key," etc. The part that appealed to me is their partnership with an air filtration company that claims to provide 99.9% neutralization of the virus by bringing in fresh, outside air and cleaning the other air. This had to be retrofit (already) - but it it is done. I had no plans to sail Virgin Voyages (not my demographic) but I am impressed by their plans and hope Carnival will seriously consider the techie-bracelet and the air filtration system for indoor and all cabin spaces!
  4. On our January 2020 cruise, we had problems with spoiled milk from cartons available on the Lido deck. It was half the time, which made it all the more frustrating. I told staff each time it happened. Finally, we gave up drinking milk on the Legend.
  5. We've repeatedly chosen cabins just outside the doors to the main theatre on Legend. Love 'em! The location is extremely convenient...shhh, don't tell anyone else! 😉
  6. Half Moon Cay - best beach ever on a cruise (just leave me here for the week?); Grand Cayman - Coral Bay Beach; excursion: Stingray City with Moby Dick (when the weather/water cooperates to allow access); Cozumel - really enjoyed our visit there earlier this month: for the first time, we sat and relaxed at an outdoor restaurant and watched the people go by while enjoying fresh guac and chips (no stress at all; this is LIFE); Monaco - for the sights (expensive cars and wealthy people); Barcelona - so walkable; Belize - Altun Ha ruins (enjoyed these more than Chichenitza!). I will need to do further research, however.
  7. We've done Legend, both in Europe and in the US. In fact, earlier this month. I think her only shortcoming is the absence of the MUTS (Movies Under The Stars). Since her drydock, the hammocks under the pergolas are absent from the Serenity area but that is no loss to me; in fact, a gain of chairs. The Firebird Lounge is a great venue for the comedians and The Quest. The Alchemy Bar seems to be in the way of traffic flow and somewhat added as an after-thought but that's not somewhere I frequent. The patrons seemed very happy watching their drinks being concocted. She's just the right size; you'll have a lovely cruise.
  8. We've done this multiple times and, only once, with the King and two pullmans. That plan makes for difficult foot traffic within the room. We much prefer the four single beds (akin to two sets of bunks). This leaves the most space for moving around, getting ready, storing/accessing suitcases under beds, use of nightstand storage, etc. Just requested it earlier this month and it worked great again (once the cabins steward re-made the room as we had requested on our booking)!
  9. I've cruised both; admittedly, many decades apart. As a child, we were sailing on the original Queen Elizabeth from Southampton to New York City (with a port call in Le Havre, France). There were separate playrooms depending on which class of ticket you had! I was served tea (the evening meal) and then left in the cabin while my parents went to dinner and dancing nightly...the cabin steward "looked in" on me. That would never happen today. Carnival definitely has the fun, the food and an atmosphere that helps me relax and enjoy vacation. I'm delightedly nearing my single-digit dance for my next cruise 🙂 Platinum will soon be within reach.
  10. This question will set off a vigorous discussion here. By rights, it seems you ought to have your passport with you. In practice, your Carnival Sail n Sign card along with your state-issued US driver's license will get you back on the ship in all Caribbean ports I've visited (although two less-common ones now insist you carry your passport and the cruise line that goes there informs their passengers, per a news article in the past week). They do not always ask to see your driver's license, either. Mine floated out of my possession and into the sea and I didn't realize. I got back on the ship with my Sail n Sign. Some kids found my license in the water, gave it to their parents who stuffed it in their beach bag....and I got a call from Guest Services the next day that it had been turned in. Lucky! Or I'd have been driving 14+ hours home without a license. If you miss your ship's departure and your passport is locked in your cabin safe, that's a BIG problem.
  11. Many thanks for posting these! Did you write a review and/or how was the cruise (initial reactions and comments)? I can very excitedly state that we'll be on our way to Tampa in 21 days.
  12. John is busy with his friend's funeral. He posted that he will post movies early next week; Monday, if I recall.
  13. Spring1onu, I have taken and enjoyed having a mesh papasan floater chair (Target) with me....I like nothing more than floating in the sea in the sunshine. I could do it for hours on end! I've also taken a pool noodle with me - also exclusively for port use. I bend it into a U-shape and float. Pool noodles are for driving to port (or buying in the port city). The spring-mesh-papasans are the solution for cruises when flying to the port (and fit in my carry-on, my only luggage).
  14. Using a gift card from your local grocery store when they offer a financial incentive might get you an extra 10% off or discount on a tank of gas? The AARP gift cards used to give you an automatic 10% discount because they were purchased for 90% of face value after earning points taking online informative quizzes. That program is now defunct in that format. There is the DriveWise program by an insurance company that people here mention in tandem with gift cards. I do not know the details of that program. The Spa discounts I recall seeing in the advertising flurry that arrives in the cabin each night are usually 3 services from a provided list for $139 dollars. No couples-massages on that list.
  15. You could return to your cabin in your robe (ask your cabin steward for one if there is not one in your closet). I often see people arrive for spa appointments wearing their robe already. I've seen people on deck at night wearing the Carnival-provided robe. I've seen people sitting way in the back, up high, in the main theatre wearing their robe (sometimes it can get very cold in there). Just a thought.
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