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  1. For decades, I was reluctant to travel to NYC as a tourist. A couple of years ago, I took my daughters for a week of Broadway shows and was blown away by how helpful and friendly people on the street were to visitors. We had a wonderful time and I'd visit again. We didn't see/do it all in a week. You made a great choice (and I've got another Legend cruise upcoming myself)!
  2. I do enjoy the hull art on some of the other lines' ships - wild! But when I look at a Carnival ship and my eye goes to the Whale Tail, I know she is where my enjoyment will be (whether dinner in MDR; fun at trivia, karaoke or comedy; a nice walk on the gym's treadmill while watching the waves, a show in the lounge, a good night's sleep or a dip in the pool). That makes me smile.
  3. All of the paper advertising that appears in my cabin! Yes, I like the spa specials. The adverted specials could be on the TV screen, the Hub App (which I am yet to use) and/or monitors throughout the ship (no additional announcements from the ceiling, please!). Bonus: it would be a green thing to do.
  4. The Fantasy. Too small. Never again! Our very first cruise. I knew there had to be a reason people returned to cruising again and again so we gave it another chance on a larger Carnival ship...and we keep cruising.
  5. Does anyone think, based on their own similar experience, I have a chance at claiming my cruise credit nights at sea for Southampton, UK to New York in May 1967 on Cunard's Queen Elizabeth? Today, Cunard is owned by Carnival.
  6. Canned water (still, not sparkling) is not to be found in our local stores. Nowhere. Any brand. The closest thing I've encountered was "juicebox-like" cartons of water at a restaurant in Dallas. I did see it on the national news during a hurricane; a beer company switched its production to canning water to deliver to those affected by the storm.
  7. No information was provided about when the decorations are removed; still wondering whether our Legendary voyage on January 5 will feature full decor or not. Traditionally, Christmas decorations come down on January 6 (Epiphany).
  8. The Drury Inn & Suites on Poydras Street: the streetcar is at the doorstep, the French Quarter is within an easy walk, the 5:30 Kickback is exceptional, as is the also-included breakfast....we are always very comfortable there.
  9. According to CNN Business reports, Coca-Cola will be transitioning Dasani bottled water into aluminum can and bottle packaging. I wonder if Carnival predicted this imminent reduction in revenue from their sale of in-room bottled water? We used to bring our own case of bottled water on board until that was banned. If we are driving to port, or can make a shopping stop after the airport, I'll be able to bring water onboard again (until Carnival changes the rules). Thank you, Dasani!
  10. I really do like the Dream (and was disappointed when she left New Orleans, a fun port from which to embark!). Also am a fan of Carnival's Legend and Conquest.
  11. I second Daddyfto's recommendation of Moby Dick's stringray city tour in Grand Caymanl. It is one your kids will talk about for years to come. Cozumel is a very easy town to just walk around in! Plan on cab fare into town (it can be a blistering hot walk). Take yourselves on a "self-guided tour" of the Mega Store (a bit like WalMart), pick up some snacks after your kids try to decipher the Spanish on the labels in the grocery aisles, see the fountains downtown, haggle with a street vendor for $1 necklaces, stop to watch the scuba school students in the sea, wander through the market area. Roatan - absolutely stay in the free beach area and enjoy splashing in the water and soaking up some sunshine at the sand. Belize - I've never stayed on the ship during a port call but this is one (of two, the other being Jamaica) that I would consider enjoying the solitude and less-crowded day if you don't want to part with any money whatsoever. Investigate the port area (within the fence) and get back on board....could take you an hour. Maybe.
  12. Dining with us for dinner in MDR was mandatory. After that, it was more likely our kids would go to Club 02 (or their appropriate one) and find their friends. We had to make a point of including them - or they would find "more fun" things to do while the parents were left to decide what to see/do.
  13. Beware the spa gift card: ours had plenty of restrictions on when it could be used. Look at it right when you receive it because it just might expire before you get around to judging its merit to you.
  14. We are leaving on the Legend from Port of Tampa on Jan 5, 2020. Wondering if people have first-hand accounts of convenient downtown hotels, public transit from the airport, things to do near hotel area/restaurants (if no included hotel breakfast) and getting to the port. I've read a lot about Ybor City - but we are not "nightlife" style people. PS: Really wish this topic could be searched for just recent Tampa posts!
  15. We are not night owls....we are morning people. I'd like to see something more added earlier for breakfast! I realize I am in the minority. But starting a beautiful day at sea at sunrise needs more than just a cup of cocoa...
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