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  1. I was in Rome on Palm Sunday in 1991 with realizing it was Palm Sunday. We arrived at the Vatican early and had mass with the pope. Pope John walked 3 ft from me. Then we were so close our area went up for communion. I'm not Catholic and it was one of those lifetime highlights!!!
  2. Have you investigated renting a satellite phone? Cost is about $20-40/week. Usually the rates are around $1-$1.50/minute which is a lot but in comparison to the $3-5/min on a cell phone it is cheap. I have my own sat phone and bought a sim card on ebay so the rate is around $0.70. Then you have a phone everywhere. My wife needs to talk to our kids every day (they are young) and she loved it. You also get interesting looks from passengers on ship when you use it!!!:D
  3. We are on the Solstice Nov 20-30 with a Swiss Airlines flight out at 9:50am to LAX. I called Celebrity and they guaranteed a 10am flight, so I figured 10 minutes would be ok. I booked with italycab.com and Marco is excellent to deal with. Private car for 6:40am. The other thing I plan on doing is keeping my bags to carry them off instead of having the porters take them off. I have read some others doing the same and it saves a lot of time. Good luck
  4. Just walked off the Spirit on Sunday. It is nice to see different ports. We had a great time with no problem. The staff are all excellent and easy to work with. They were extremely helpful and friendly. This was my first Carnival cruise and found the food not as good as other cruises I have been on. For my money though, I would go on the 8 day Spirit before the 7 day any time.
  5. Wow, don't scare me. I have a 9:40am flight from Rome at the end of my cruise. I have read that you can keep your bags and take them with you in the morning to speed up your departure. Has anyone done this? I have a driver at the Civitavecchia port for transfer's. Thanks
  6. Anytime I have had a group I had 1 person pay. It is too confusing for multiple people to pay, and easy for them to say they haven't received all the money. One transaction or money exchange is easier. Extra tips by each couple can be done separately. I would ask the company for suggestions. If a private company then I always ask why a tip is needed since I am paying for their services. That said, I usually run a google search for the countries typical tipping rate (remember in some countries it is offensive to give a tip). Otherwise I use 10%. Appreciate anyone else's suggestions...
  7. Italy cab is at http://www.italycab.com/index.htm So far the best price I have found with taxes included. I will probably book with them. In addition they will do a city tour of Rome at 40 euro/hr which again is a good price.
  8. I got a quote from Italy cab, see below. Best price I have found so far. Price is for 4 adults. Anyone use the before? Transfer FCO Airport to Rome. Price 45 Euro. Transfer Rome to Civitavecchia Cruise terminal. Price 110 Euro. Transfer Civitavecchia Cruise terminal to FCO Airport . Price 100 Euro. The prices transfers are include all taxes and fees,no extra charge. Quotes are complete and NOT per person. (for payment Cash Euro at end each service no deposit require) Personal private driver and new big comfortable MiniVan. Thanks Michael
  9. Can anyone comment on the inside cabin? Normally we book balcony, but we are sailing the end of Nov in the Med. Coming from Southern California the weather will be cooler in the Med. than where I live, so I decided to book an inside. However, we have booked what appears to be a very large cabin #8328. Any comments appreciated. Michael
  10. Does anyone have experience with http://www.limoservicesrome.com? Their rates start at 120 euro plus 10 euro per person extra from Rome to the port. From the airport into Rome is 70 euro plus 10 per person extra. If you book and pay before March 1 they accept the dollar at par, thus a savings of 30% for exchange rate. Seems to be the best rate I have found so far, especially with money at par. Thanks. Michael
  11. agabbymama, Thanks for the information, I will contact Rome Cab. I assume they have a website? I will look for that roll call section here, as I am new to this community. Appreciate your advice. Anyone used limoservicesinrome.com? I saw if you book and pay by March the USD is par with the Euro. Any suggestions? Michael
  12. I just contacted Romeinlimo and they wanted 170 euro from Rome to the Port and 190 euro for an early morning port to the airport. That was for 4 people. Good price or should I keep looking around? Thanks Michael
  13. Pastordonna Yes, Solstice Nov 20. Looks like a good cruise.
  14. Shaun Do you have contact information for Paolo? I need a transfer in Nov. from the port to the airport to catch a 9:40am flight for 4 people. The cruise suggests not to take a flight until 10am, so I am hoping we will be ok. Anyone's thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks for your help. Michael
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