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  1. We have been on 2 one week Christmas Market cruises, one on Viking and one on Avalon. Both were wonderful. We were supposed to do the Rhine in December, but it was cancelled, so we rescheduled to next year. One year it was terribly cold and one year it was very mild. Notamermaid has given you great advice. My advice would also be to do a one week cruise and add extra days on each end. That will also give you much more time to visit the markets as you will be on your own schedule. Some of the markets are very close to the ship (Budapest, Passau, Cologne), while others are not. On the ones close to the ship, you can walk yourself to the market in lieu of the ship planned activity as long as you know when to be back. Salzburg was snowy and beautiful, but that was about the only snow we saw. The days are short as it gets dark around 4:00. The markets are really wonderful and the people are very friendly. Happy to answer any questions you may have.
  2. We have really noticed a difference with Princess in recent years. They have really cut back on staffing (always seem to be short handed) and food (not that great). We have sailed on Princess many times, but decided we like Holland America better. The staff seems better trained and there are more of them. Princess' ships look a little tired, and I really miss not having a love seat in the cabin. No place to sit in Princess cabins. If you upgrade to a mini suite, you have a sofa, but most of them don't have any shade.
  3. So sorry! I was looking at the Nieuw Amsterdam! 🙃
  4. You are under the pool deck. You will hear chairs scraping overhead very early in the morning. I would change if you can. We made that mistake once.
  5. Juneau requires about an hour of travel to the boats (30 min or so each way). In ISP it is about a 5 minute ride. Another advantage of a small port!
  6. We have stayed in both. On our second Avalon cruise, they upgraded us to a Panorama, which we were very excited about. Turns out, we really didn't notice that much difference, because we were never in the cabin. You mostly cruise at night and during the day you will most likely be at a stop, possibly rafted to another ship. You will be going in the summer and our upgraded one was a Christmas cruise, so quite a difference in usefulness of windows that open. If memory serves, the rooms are actually the same size, but the panorama feels bigger because of the windows. Is the panorama better? Of course. Is it worth the price difference? Your call. For us, we would rather save that money for the next cruise because it is such a big difference. If this will be the only river cruise you will ever go on, you may want to splurge.
  7. They should have a slow walkers group. Sometimes it doesn't make any difference, it all depends on the local guide leading the group. In Vienna, our guide walked so fast I thought we were in a race.
  8. I cancelled one excursion we had booked before the credit was available. Then rebooked and the credit was automatically applied. You do have to wait a few minutes between. I may have actually left the website and gone back in. It takes a few minutes for the cancellation to filter through.
  9. It may be too early for your cruise. If you the "Have it all" promotion, the specialty dining and $100 off shore excursion will show up on your planner. Ours just became active today. If you don't have the promotion, the rules may be different.
  10. Not true. I was able to book mine this morning online for our Aug 21st cruise.
  11. The whale watching here is phenomenal, much better than Juneau. The whales were bubble net feeding and it was fascinating. Don't dismiss ISP just because it is small. It is a nice change from the tourist heavy atmospheres of most of the other ports. It is quiet and peaceful and quaint.
  12. No reason it shouldn't be. It is actually part of the hotel and it looks like they are open. You can check with them to verify: capefoxlodge.com
  13. Yes there will be. If they are really cancelling all of these cruises and taking their sweet time notifying the passengers, we may be done with Viking. How much of a nightmare will it be trying to rebook our Christmas Markets cruise when they have cancelled (presumably) 10 out of 24 December cruises? I know our sailing was almost sold out, so I really don't understand this. If this is how they treat their customers, I think we will take a pass on sailing with them again.
  14. Yes, we are booked on the Mani, Basel to Amsterdam December 3rd. It is one of the sailings that is affected.
  15. Viking's website shows a concerning pattern of "sold out" cruises that were not there a few days ago. Certain days, ships going both directions on several itineraries are showing sold out. For instance, on the Rhine Getaway in December, all Friday and Saturday sailings in both directions are suddenly sold out. In earlier months, the dates change, but always the same day of the week, i.e. the same ship. This looks to me like a lot of cruises that they have been taking reservations for and collecting payment for may be cancelled. Thoughts?
  16. Agree. They have handled this aspect very poorly. If they were not going to have a way to use the credit, they should have waited to post the shore excursions.
  17. Yes! We rode up and down, no problem with mobility. In fact, coming down we saw a seal and a dog having a barking stand-off on the boardwalk! If you are there in August/September, the creek will be full of salmon (the seal was probably looking for lunch). Doesn't smell too good, but fun to watch.
  18. I always get trip insurance thru insuremytrip dot com. The policy options come up and you can compare them side by side. You can also click on a link and look at the entire policy before you buy it. They also give you thousands of reviews on the policies and you can even separate them by who actually had to file claims.
  19. Same for me. I am hoping there will be a way to get that credit later. I didn't want to risk missing out on the shore excursion we really wanted. Not sure what their capacity is this year or how fast they will book up.
  20. Alaska shore excursions are showing now when you sign into your account if anyone is interested.
  21. Right, but I am talking about departure from Ketchikan
  22. I assume the difference is not having to stop in Victoria. I hope the port schedule is correct and we have a longer day in Ketchikan.
  23. The Alaska port schedule, which was updated yesterday, shows the Nieuw Amsterdam in port at Ketchikan until 4 pm. The HAL website shows the ship leaving port at 1:00 pm. Anyone know why the difference? I know the usual departure time for ships out of Seattle is 1 pm. It also shows an NCL ship in port until 6 pm but also arriving in Seattle on Saturday. NCL's website is in agreement.
  24. I see you are from Florida. If you have a Florida driver's license, you already have a real id. Florida has pretty much 100% compliance with driver's licenses as they started with this several years ago. You may remember the last time you renewed your license you were required to bring additional forms of ID. If your license has a star on the upper right side you are all set.
  25. You are counting on the US lifting travel restrictions on UK citizens before your cruise date?
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