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  1. Bummer about the pub. We enjoyed eating at the pub on Anthem last year. Oh, not to worry, we have the 3 day package already booked (plus a 4th from our TA). Just trying to decide if it's worth paying $120 pp to upgrade to unlimited. Another factor is our toddler naps at noon, so we can't do lengthy lunches. Not sure whether they are faster at lunch than dinner (never dined at specialty restaurants then - usually do Windjammer).
  2. Does the Crown & Kettle Pub on Explorer of the Seas serve any food, and if so is there a fee for it? If so, can you provide a link to the menu? Considering whether to get the Unlimited Dining, and as I'm not a big sushi fan, it seems we'd be bouncing between Chops & Giovanni's, with maybe a lunch or two at Johnny Rockets (where I understand we'd still need to pay for any milkshakes). I'm concerned we might get bored eating at the same places over 9 days (and 5 sea days), so I'm trying to determine if there are any other places where the $35 a la carte dining credit might apply.
  3. How long does it usually take to hear back? I emailed rcldining@rccl.com with a dining request on on 10/18 and followed up on 10/26 with no word yet (cruise is 11/28).
  4. Our cruise departure was on the early side (3PM), so when we arrived around 10AM, the place was cleared out already from departure traffic. YMMV. But as I said above, after 11 is also probably good because those on our cruise just walked straight on, no waiting. If that's the general practice, I'd say that's the sweet spot.
  5. We got there about 10:05, and were initially thrilled to get the last seats in the general waiting area. Then we discovered people checking in after us were able to walk right on the ship, while they *very slowly* sent those of us waiting onto the ship (after all of the status folks). Very frustrating. We didn't end up boarding until after 12:30, which was tough as I had been hoping we'd get our toddler fed and napping in his stroller by then, before the early muster drill ~2:30PM. Struggled to keep him out of trouble in the waiting room when he was super tired, and then struggled to get him to nap before muster drill. Dinner was also really fun given the short nap. So...I'd suggest either getting there before 10 so you're one of the first people waiting, or getting there after 11 and you may be able to walk straight on.
  6. Bummer, but I get it! Thanks for the info.
  7. Does Royal sell day passes for their cruise ships? If so, do you know for how much and who to contact to arrange it? Traveling on Anthem 2/23 and we'll be docking for a day in Port Canaveral, near my cousin. Looking into options of what we can do for the day, and wondered if we can pay a fee to bring her onboard for the day. I vaguely remember reading someone talking about day passes for a cruise line somewhere, though I think it might have been a new ship the line (not necessarily Royal) was trying to show off. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the photos! I was hoping for a bit more, but at least there's the mushroom waterfall. We're driving so I think we'll pack a few more water toys to bring onboard.
  9. Can you describe the Baby Splash Zone on Anthem of the Seas (pictures would be awesome!)? Is it just a small space with an inch or two of water like Freedom of the Seas, or are there some gadgets/gizmos/slides that my toddler can enjoy?
  10. Good to know boarding is earlier. (We though that might be the case, but good to have confirmation.) Are there any true smoke-free casinos on Anthem or are the smoke-free areas right next to the smoking ones? On other ships/places I've found casino smoke to permeate the area, even when not crowded, so I'm bit leery about relying on that. If they're really smoke-free though that would be a good plan. Is there a library onboard Anthem? I've found the libraries to always be deserted so maybe that's another idea that could work. To Grandma Dazzles - we aren't trying to be uber strict about the schedule (in fact one option we're considering is to delay his nap by an hour, which in toddler time is ages!), but we find he does best keeping generally to his schedule. Too far off and he'll refuse to sleep/get crazy hyper. And then he's exhausted, we're exhausted, and our fellow passengers are annoyed and shooting us nasty glares.
  11. Yep, we sail early, at 3PM, so napping at the hotel is completely out. (Not to mention hotels seem to have earlier and earlier checkouts, 10/11AM are most common now.) We live 4.5 hours away, so we contemplated driving up the day before (and he'd nap early in the car we suspect), but ultimately decided that given the early sail time that was far too dicey to risk, particularly in the winter time.
  12. Has anyone ever been let into their rooms early from the official time? If so, is that a reasonable possibility or a complete unicorn dream? Just trying to figure out how to juggle putting our toddler down for his nap. Normally he naps 12-2PM, but we're not scheduled to get into the room until 1PM. That would be ok, we could hold off on the nap - but the muster drill is 2:30PM so we'd have to wake him up from his nap early (and we'll pay for it about dinner time). We're scratching our heads on what is best to do, because I don't know that he'll sleep in the stroller.
  13. Received an offer today for 2/23 sailing (just booked it 12/31): Sky Loft: $750 pp Owner's Suite: $550 pp Grand Suite: $400 pp Junior Suite: $250 pp We booked using on online TA. We won't be offering unless they drop the minimums some though, because part of why we booked it was the low price. It's only showing GS as available right now - for $5k+ more than we paid for our balcony.
  14. Got it, thanks. That makes a whole lot more sense! Hopefully it'll be available once we're on board.
  15. My sailing (Anthem 2/23) doesn't have the beach beds, bungalows or cabanas listed, although they briefly appear while loading the page as not being available online. Does this likely mean that they are sold out, and waiting till sail date to book further? Though a lot of hard work on reloading the page, I was able to click into these pages. They all have an age restriction of 4 years old. Is this standard - are there any without age restrictions? I saw some posts on this forum asking about them for their 3 year old and 6 year old for example, so I was surprised to see the age restriction (particularly for a sedate activity - it's also not like it's an adults-only area). We have a 2 year old and it'd be nice to have a bed or bungalow so he could nap there right on the beach without having to go back to the ship. I doubt he'd nap on a lounger, particularly if we can't get one in the shade.
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