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  1. I also just departed the ship this morning. Noahbk has given a good description of the day. I’ll add a little, and do my best to stick to facts. Around 10:30 AM the cruise director announced we were back at the location where the guest had gone overboard. They asked everyone to look and only shared that the guest was wearing pink pajamas. We stood on our balcony to look and it was overwhelming to look around and see many other passengers out on their balconies looking for the missing guest. At that time they announced we would spend 3-4 hours searching. No sex or age was given. We spent the afternoon at the Spice H2O pool and it felt like a calmer atmosphere. It was windy due to the turning. People would look over the railing awhile and sit back down. We saw a helicopter, two different airplanes and another boat searching the area. At 8 the captain announced we would continue to search until sundown and then head to Barcelona. We did ask our waiter if he could at least tell us if the guest was a child or an adult and he confirmed it was an adult. I fear the original report it was a teenage girl came from a twitter report of a guest who was just speculating based on rumor. I will add one hearsay detail. Another guest told me she heard them calling for a couple earlier in the morning before the announcement someone was missing. She was wondering if the two announcements were related. The name they were calling was a traditional Asian name. So, I imagine her theory was correct.
  2. For the Amalfi Coast tour, did you have much time out of the vehicle? Are you just riding all day?
  3. Great Questions! I am hoping to bump this up and get some replies. We don't cruise often and this specialty dining is new to us. We eat sushi once a week at home, so I am extremely interested to hear how Wasabi works with the dining plan.
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