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  1. She said, "it's really not my habit to intrude Furthermore, I hope my meaning won't be lost or misconstrued But I'll repeat myself at the risk of being rude There must be fifty ways... to take vacation... Go to the Lake, Jake Make a new plan, Stan Rent out a lodge, Rodge Just listen to me No need for a fuss, Gus Nothing more to discuss much Just ask for your cash,Flash And get yourself free They aren’t gonna sail, Gail Like some hospital ship, Tripp It ain’t gonna be, Lee So listen to me. Learn how to golf, Rolf Go fish in a stream, Jean You gotta adapt, Hap So set yourself FREE.
  2. I’ve had the same experience. I just assumed that perhaps the “conversation” was perceived as becoming a bit heated...and the posts were removed to calm the waters of the discussion a bit. Though why ANY of my charming, unopinionated, and congenial posts should ever be construed in that manner...remains a unfathomable mystery to me to this day. 😇
  3. i always return my cart. 😊 But if I’m one of only 3 people wearing a mask in my grocery store (besides employees who pull them down to talk) ...what’s the point? All this pontificating sounds a bit weird in other parts of the country. Just saying....
  4. Let’s remember on this particular board we are here to discuss cruising not an essential service to sustain life. There are many vacation options....cruising is just one of them. Cruising is also an particular “experience“.... that is the reason for spending money to vacation on a ship. That experience is a about dining, shows, activities that include many other people. It includes ports where one mingles in crowds of locals. It includes crowded pools and show venues. All of these things do involve risk of some kind of viral infection...we have seen this well before COVID. Some posters here are willing to assume that risk to have the same sort of wonderful experience that cruising has always provided for them. Others want an environment that is as risk free as possible...and that means imposing their needs or fears on others...and altering the cruise experience of others, so they can be included. Again, cruising is one of many vacation options. Maybe the selfish ones are those who are demanding cruising be altered even if it spoils the vacation experience for others who don’t share their fears? One can rent an oceanfront hotel room with a balcony facing the sea and have room service deliver all your meals...and thereby avoid crowds, unmasked people, and buffets. Some of the comments on here are so fearful and demanding of no risk cruising, it would be near impossible to enjoy “the experience”...it would be so changed, confining, and regimental. Why would any of us who are in open up areas spend money to “vacation” in those circumstances?
  5. For the US... https://data.cdc.gov/NCHS/Provisional-COVID-19-Death-Counts-by-Sex-Age-and-S/9bhg-hcku
  6. https://data.cdc.gov/NCHS/Provisional-COVID-19-Death-Counts-by-Sex-Age-and-S/9bhg-hcku
  7. If we just look at the protests and riots analytically, there are certainly some COVID tests cases here underway. There have been protests where hundreds of people have laid shoulder to shoulder, some masked, some unmasked on the ground. How can these states then tell people they cannot lay side by side on a beach or arrest and fine them if they do? There have been riots where people are engaged in very strenuous activities, masked and unmasked,carrying heavy loads, huffing and puffing...loading vehicles, climbing onto vehicles. If people are allowed to do these activities, why can’t manual labor jobs resume with the similar choice to be masked or not? There have been riots where a great deal of physical contact and touching have taken place similar to that seen in professional and college football. If it is permissible for large crowds to assemble to watch these sorts of extreme physical contact, masked and unmasked in the streets , why can’t professional and college football resume in stadiums again? Just some morning musing....
  8. “Nursing home officials had determined that her mother was now close enough to death to allow her to visit for one hour each day. Mastromano drove straight over. She put on a gown, gloves and a mask. A nurse's aide escorted her into her mother’s room. “Mom, it's me,” she said. “They let me come.” Her mother didn’t look like she did a month earlier. She was thinner and pale. She was on her side, breathing heavily and moaning. Mastromano noticed a new lump on her neck. She didn’t seem fully conscious. Mastromano wished she could have been there during those last few weeks. How many nights had her mom screamed herself to sleep? Did she understand why her daughter had stopped coming? Was she scared?“ Remember stories like this...this woman didn’t even have COVID and loved ones unable to visit a dying family member to say goodbye. That wasn’t important enough to let you mask up and say your last goodbye. But now...it’s okay to be out in a huge crowd out on the street...well, just as long as it’s not a beach.
  9. It does make one wonder. And how quickly the high anxiety and foreboding dread of the MSM about following social distancing or (OH GOD!) killing Grandma...has...just disappeared.
  10. In two weeks, we will definitely have some answers. We are, unfortunately, running a nationwide study as we speak. If we do not have major spikes in these cities that are experiencing mass protesting....then we can be assured that young people, at the least, can safely congregate in large numbers in churches, workplaces, and cruise ships once again. Has there been any comment from Dr Fauci this weekend? Are the media not talking about COVID anymore? Has their fear subsided?
  11. I couldn’t read the Courier article because I use an ad blocker...but I did google enough to concede that Charleston and especially Columbia did have violent incidents this weekend. So I concede that point, But please read this from the BIG city closest to where I live. No, it was not perfect...but read the details. There will be no devastation to come back from. Notice that after the worst of the nights confrontation...people were still lined up waiting “to get ina crowded bar.” https://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/news/2020/06/01/george-floyd-protest-greenville-sc-ends-tension-tear-gas-arrests/5305987002/ “At one point, protesters asked the police in the line to hold a "Black Lives Matter" sign. One did. Officer S.N. Bowdoin. That led to a negotiation: The police had done the right thing, now it was time for the crowd to respect their presence. After a time, a captain ordered his officers to disperse and toward Augusta Street. The protesters were allowed to walk wherever they wanted. At the intersection of South Main and Augusta Street, the crowd stopped. Older protesters held younger ones back. The police had allowed the crowd to police itself.” All day there was dialogue between the protestors and the police, At one point, the Sheriff took a knee as requested. When night came...there were only about 100 people remaining. “For one hour, a half-block stretch between downtown Greenville's Washington Street and McBee Avenue served as a no-man's land — the unclaimed space in war that marks the distance between peace or violence. On one end, a phalanx of riot police — fitted in masks and shields and a cache of weapons of dispersing — stood ready as more than 100 protesters demanded to be let by after they were stopped at a crosswalk by a human barrier of lightly fitted Greenville Police. If they broke through, the shields and weapons awaited them. For two days, Greenville had managed to control its chaos in a way its sister cities Columbia and Charleston had not in violent protests over the death of George Floyd under the knee of a Minneapolis police officer. But by 10 p.m., six hours since one of the largest marches in Greenville's recent history began as a "Silent Sunday" protest, the riot squad thumped their shields and methodically advanced.“ So then the police reaction changed. “Conflicts flared up on East Court Street and West Broad Street, but by 11 p.m., authorities declared downtown cleared, and the squad marched in a line paired in twos up Main Street. By midnight, the streets were quiet. The sheriff and police chief were standing on a Main Street corner talking with people. A block away, a line of people waited to get inside a crowded bar.” That is SC largest city..right here in the Deep South. All politics is local...and dealing with protests means locals confronting other locals. DeBlasio’s daughter was out with the rioting mob last night..the looters honoring a dead man by stealing Louis Vuitton handbags. Greenville’ s Sheriff took a knee but stood firm when the protest looked like it might morph to looting and rioting. There is a march in our closest little town today at 4pm. There will be no trouble. Everyone knows everyone in that town. My hairdresser’s partner was murdered last year by her husband. At the church service, her sons replaced the last hymn with the Country Western song...”Go Back to your Trailer” annoyed that everyone knew their “business.” 🤔 They just elected their first Black mayor in the town’s history. He loves that town and is loved by all.
  12. You made my point. Except for the incident on Columbia...no looting, no burning. Would you be afraid to come to Charleston toboard a ship now...or prefer to fly into Newark and spend the night in a motel there. Off to water aerobics. 😊
  13. Yes...big cities like Miami and Tampa. My comment referred to the peaceful demonstrations without looting or violence that are occurring in many other smaller cities. But there are commonalities among many of these big cities that sneer at us rubes...who, now it might seem...get along much better with our own diverse neighbors.
  14. no. Even the big city...largest in the state near me...has seen no violence or looting. Please stop generalizing. Read local newspapers.
  15. Yes, we in the lesser populated states have seen less Covid. We are also seeing peaceful non violent demonstrations....the kind that inspire people to care for one another. My older daughter drove thru her downtown area here in SC this weekend. Some demonstrators of all skin hues were holding signs...and waving at people of all skin hues in their cars...who were honking horns and waving back. There has been no looting, no property destruction. She said there was just a nice feeling of a community standing together. ❤️ She visited a local restaurant...very popular and every allowed seat taken. People of all races together, happy to be out in public together again. Just nice friendly people out on a pretty day...
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