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  1. In my humble opinion, it all depends on who is paying. If OP paid for the two rooms...then the friend needs to get her own room and the sister needs to keep her part of the original bargain. If Sister bought her own room, she gets to change the plan...though it’s pretty inconsiderate and may make the trip less than pleasant. if the Parents paid, they need to mediate this between their two children. If it were me, I’d tell Sister that the original plan stands and her friend should book a single.
  3. Yesterday, this “4 times to CoCoCay” poster was slamming another poster who might have been missing his first and only chance for a vacation. Exactly the point I was trying to make...and now... Yes...”Cosmetics” are easy for large profitable organizations to repair. Not so easy for island families subsisting on workers pay checks. Doubt they are dreaming of pina coladas today. This is a monster storm. I do believe RCCL has participated in relief efforts in the past. I hope those plans are well underway as we speak, because they will be needed.
  4. You obviously REALLY need your cruise. Entitled to YOUR emotive outburst over a comment, but you were intolerant over another poster expressing indignation over a drastically shortened cruise.
  5. If lack of empathy on Internet Boards is a primary problem, reading comprehension is a close second.
  6. Does being pragmatic preclude one from showing compassion? You and I do not know the full circumstances of anyone else’s situation. Though empathy is rare on the Internet, it certainly is more admirable than hectoring someone whose hurting. I just read read an article about a 911 operator who decided to chastise a drowning woman until the poor soul succumbed. Guess it gives a feeling of superiority to some.
  7. Some of the unsympathetic posters here are among those who cruise most frequently. They can shrug off a drastically shortened cruise because they have others scheduled. Not that big a deal. Lets I say there is a bakery that makes good cakes. One customer orders a cake on a regular basis. One day, when he arrives for his cake, he’s told the oven broke...here’s 12 candy bars and a coupon for a discounted cake anther time. Is he disappointed? Not so much, he has these cakes often enough, no big deal. Another customer has saved up to get his first cake, his wedding cake from this bakery. When he shows up on the wedding day, 12 candy bars and a discount coupon for the future does not compensate for his situation. It IS a big deal. Is the bakery at fault...no. But neither is the customer wrong to feel poorly served.
  8. I sympathize as well. Many of the regulars who post here have the time and ability to cruise frequently. But there are those who save for years for that one special vacation. Or, they fund a honeymoon for one of their children, as one poster explained. There is a significance to their disappointment that seems lost to many here. yes, yes, yes...should have...could have...”its the weather, stupid”...read the contract, blah, blah.blah. But a four day cruise reduced to a one stop turnaround...or any such “reduction”...when it was somebody’s long anticipated VERY special and RARE vacation...not the third this year...is a devastating disappointment. Lately RCCL seems to disappoint customers too often in too many areas...there’s a new thread several times a week on the latest “switch” to what the fully paid cruiser thought he was buying. But the ships sail full, so as a business, it doesn't seem to matter to them. Disappointed customers are chaff in the wind.
  9. I think some are looking at this issue emotionally...as to who deserves what. I have a different perspective. RCCL has made a lot of changes in their business model in recent years, in order to attract the suite customer...Star Class, for example...saved areas...Royal Genies etc. In the past, their emphasis seemed to be on repeat customers, loyalty customers...not luxury customers. Now they are trying to do both. But their generous loyalty program may have been so successful that the sheer numbers of Loyal customers may be creating problems for the Suite customer...many of whom are looking for more of an exclusive environment. It will be interesting to see what happens next. And it will absolutely be a business decision, not an emotional decision...based on who deserves what. It will be decided by what’s in the company’s best interest. So why discuss it emotionally here? My only question is...which group would find it easier to go elsewhere? I bet that’s being discussed in corporate offices. Complaints have value...better that customers express their issues “with their mouth...rather than their feet.”
  10. That’s even more proof of my point. Looking at the low eligible “suite” count, and the use of the word “exclusive” in the marketing, there is little to warn those who don’t frequent this website...that overcrowding and suite guests being “excluded” from the suite lounge because of that overcrowding, is often a real possibility these days. If this situation continues to undermine the Suite Experience for RCCL cruisers, it will undercut suite revenue for RCCL. Those spending the money required for a suite have many options on other lines...because their status and exclusive amenities are bought, not earned..Whereas Loyalty customers, Pinnacles, have earned amenities not “bought” for that cruise. Suite customers don’t need to stay “loyal.” They can go wherever their money buys them the best experience.But Pinnacles have to stay loyal to keep their “benefits” and status. If they get reciprocal and go to another line...how long until that line is overcrowded as well? These loyalty programs are becoming a boondoggle. RCCL will then find a way to remedy the situation. I think this will happen sooner rather than later.
  11. It’s not “exclusive” but it is worded as if it is. In fact, let’s look at the proportion of suites to rooms on Oasis: Royal Caribbean Cruises - Oasis of the Seas Complete List of Staterooms and Suites This is a list of all the cabins and suites onboard Royal Caribbean Cruises's Oasis of the Seas. Please click a cabin number below for more details about that particular cabin. Please note, cabin decor and size may vary among cabins in these categories. All descriptions are general as it relates to a particular category. Number of Decks: 15 Number of Categories: 52 Suites 194 Balcony Staterooms 1793 Oceanview Staterooms 257 Inside Staterooms 495 Total Number of Staterooms 2739 Accessible Staterooms 51 Connecting Staterooms 708. Now out of 2739 staterooms, only 194 are suites. That should mean that there would be plenty of opportunity for those paying a premium price to cruise...to use the amenities allotted to that class of cabin. But RCCL has diluted these amenities by opening them to an unknown (at time of booking) potential mass of others. It’s like booking a restaurant room thinking it will be a-private party and the restaurant crams in anyone else they want who walks in the door. Their wording is deceptive in their marketing. This will sort itself out. RCCL will have to find a solution in order to keep their suite customers coming back instead of choosing a competitor.
  12. There are many individual “issues” that complicate vacation choices for those fortunate enough to still MAKE those vacation choices...mobility issues, heart disease, lung issues, neurological issues, handicapped loved ones. Many people endure these same problems without the ability to afford vacations of any kind, so waiting for an elevator would thrill them if only the financial opportunity arose for them to have a cruise vacation. Those who endure these issues do not have a choice to “take the stairs” , but if they can afford to cruise, they can afford to “choose” a different type of vacation..smaller ship, land based, etc. If the elevator issues are so irritating, either wait in another lovely place on the ship as suggested for a short time...or wait and deal with the issue...or spend your money on a different vacation. The vast majority of this world do not have the lucky choice of any of these vacations...they can’t afford it. The level of angst and anger in this thread over elevator waiting is really over dramatic.
  13. But should they ALL go with them, while other disabled wait...when they can take the stairs? These are debates that will arise. in my own family, we are dealing with issues that frustrate our ability to do certain previous “favorite” things. We just have created new favorite things and feel blessed to do them. There’s plenty of wonderful choices out there...and we CAN choose those things. If we insist on doing things that now involve frustration or increased difficulty, we keep a personal awareness that we MADE that choice, knowing those drawbacks.
  14. It’s not rude to be realistic about our own limitations, my own included. I can certainly legally book any vacation I want...but I must also take personal responsibility in those choices. The cruise line has provided elevators, rooms etc that accommodate wheelchairs in accordance with all legalities But if you choose a mega ship with thousands of people, you may need to deal with the problems described here in this thread. While you cannot choose to take the stairs, you can choose to take a smaller ship or land based vacation. Courtesy and compassion cannot be controlled by RCCL. Do you really believe that a designated elevator would not present its own issues?
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