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  1. I'm sure this was already discussed, but after seeing a couple of threads here, I wanted to see if any Canadians used the receipts from the Ministry of Health site. That is all I have. My husband has his original receipts, but I have no clue where mine are. We leave on Sunday out of NJ.
  2. Advice - Do you think a 12:30 p.m. flight going home is cutting it close? We are on the Oasis of the Seas out of New Jersey and booking flights right now. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I read today that the US may have to also start Mixing and Matching with people who took the J&J shot, as it is less effective against the Delta variant. If that is the actual case, I'm sure the policies will then change again on cruise lines. There may be some hope.... :-)
  4. Me too - I will not go on a cruise and be treated as unvaccinated and incur all the costs... this whole situation is ridiculous!
  5. Where did you get this from? I have a cruise booked for October and I don't know if I should cancel or just wait and ride it out.
  6. I just read that too - it changed again from yesterday, but it is a little confusing. It doesn't say that they will not accept 2 different doses, whereas on other cruise websites it specifically says that two different does will be considered unvaccinated. Who knows - I am so upset by this. I have a cruise booked and feel like I've been shortchanged by our government.
  7. That changed yesterday. They will accept mixed doses, but you may not be able to get off at certain ports is what they are saying.
  8. We are getting a little off topic, it's not about getting the 3rd dose or how much money is being made, etc. I just want to cruise and am bummed out because of the policy. I am hoping by September they will change it, but who knows as things are changing every day. Thanks for all the replies.
  9. It was on RCCL's website yesterday about mixing does and being considered unvaccinated and now it's gone.
  10. Sorry, I didn't mean that it was Carnival's fault.
  11. I just found out that Carnival changed it's policies and if you were vaccinated with AstraZeneca and Pfizer or Moderna, you are considered unvaccinated. I get their reasoning, but here in Canada we were told to get whatever was available to us and that is exactly what I did and now I because of me, my family will not be able to cruise - I refuse to apply for exemption because I don't feel that I should have to bare the extra costs because of doing something that I was told to do. Do you think this will change down the road?
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