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  1. There is no universal method to prove vaccination. I am perfectly fine if one is created. DeSantis' executive order is not relevant anywhere other than Florida, and even then- enforceability against a cruise line operating at a Florida port is very legally questionable. They can fight that out with each other while I do whatever I need to do to prove I am vaccinated to go on a cruise or travel overseas. I am always amused when people on internet forums get all freaky about privacy and invasiveness of businesses or governments. Accessing the internet, registering for a message board, pos
  2. I have cruised plenty on Carnival, including some journeys cruises that are longer than a week. The photographers are there but you can just waive them off at dinner if you see them coming. They are stationed on the walkways indoor around dinner time every night, and a smile and head shake is enough. The spa people hand out things on day 1, and after that there is no interaction with them UNLESS you use the spa area. The art folks - if you don't go into the art gallery you have no interaction with them either. On some ships we have had a waiter come around selling shots in fancy glasses
  3. I would find the most value in a balcony- although the 2K price tag is not my idea of a good value on any other ship. Mardi Gras comes at a premium these days, I suppose. I would avoid inside cabins at this point just in case there is a quarantine while on the ship. Normally, if it is a route or a ship I was familiar with I might take an inside cabin for the savings. I personally would not find value in an aft balcony for a couple of reasons. It can be difficult to have enough shade on the aft balconies, depending on your route and destinations. I avoid looking at the wake because it gi
  4. I think the answer is both. With a ? It seems to differ a bit from cancelation to cancelation. 🙂 I have had excess applied as OBC. I have had some of it returned (in the form of gift cards since that was original form of payment) and when your excess payment OBC hits a certain amount (I have heard different things about that amount) the remainder can be transferred to a different cruise. Keep in mind that in all of that- the original deposit amount seems to usually be refunded and not transferred to a new cruise. If that all sounds terribly confusing, there is a good reason. The magic
  5. We are booked out of Galveston on January 16th on the Vista, and again on March 28th on the Freedom. We will just have to see what happens between now and then. I don't particularly fancy being a guinea pig BUT if these cruises sail, we will be on them and find a way to enjoy ourselves as safely as possible. We have an inside cabin on January 16th so a cancellation is far preferable to a quarantine let me be very clear! lol. We just have to roll with the punches at this point. Since I originally had a cruise paid in full with gift cards, there is no such thing as a cash refund for me an
  6. I don't love the idea of having to take an excursion offered by Carnival. We have done so and had a good time. Sometimes it is just easier because I don't have the energy to plan much before leaving due to work load or life. 🙂 But I will do it because I cruise for the ports most of the time. We enjoy sea days to recover from excursion days, but not too many. I need to get off the ship and enjoy or discover the ports. One of our best days was getting caught in a rainstorm in Martinique that drove us into a tiny bar across from the port, full of Australians from a different cruise ship.
  7. I frequently book on the website on my own and just talk to CS if I need something. However, my PVP was invaluable helping me rebook a family European cruise twice when it was cancelled for covid. I emailed him and he called me all ready to move things around for all of us. He always can find cabins that are not showing for me on the website too. So I plan to let him handle my future bookings so he gets credit for them.
  8. I have no idea since my husband and I load our ipad up with movies to watch and bring it along. lol. I thought about bringing my Nintendo Switch along a time or two, with my kindle and ipad. Sometimes we sit on deck with a headphone splitter watching movies together. Sometimes in another part of the ship. We prefer the movies out on the big screen on deck, but some ships don't have that so we improvise. Sometimes I get tired of being around people and want to go hang out in the room or balcony for a little quiet time. The Switch is a great little portable system. And we are not young k
  9. Carnival cancelled a March transatlantic cruise in July and I received the deposit I had paid in about 2 weeks. However, Carnival cancelled a European cruise in March, and I started getting pieces of it in a few weeks, but it took me until yesterday to receive the final amount they owed me. So about 5 months for that one.
  10. The offer is also good for sailings out of Australia into 2022. I think the premier offer has sailings until March 2022, and the all in Australia offer has sailings into June of 2022. We put down a deposit on a balcony room for May, 2022. That gives me plenty of time to save for airfare and hopefully enough time for the virus to be brought under control to allow unfettered international travel. I would not pull the trigger on anything before July 2021 based on travel restrictions from Australia.
  11. We were in cabin 3243 last year. It is an inside cabin on the starboard side. So our cabin was closer to the lobby than yours is, so we were not directly under the liquid lounge floor- more under the entrance area. We had some noise a night or two but nothing that kept s awake. Mostly it was a pretty quiet location and I loved being a few steps from the lobby where the string trio played often.
  12. Well I hope we are cruising by March 2021. My guess is as uneducated as everyone else's at this point so I will cross my fingers and see what happens. I was really excited that 2020 was going to be the year that I actually scheduled and took 4 vacations. I am self employed and that is difficult to do, but I was going to set aside the time for it and make sure I took 7 weeks off this year after 20 years in business. Three vacations were cruises and one was a camping trip to Yellowstone. oops. We did get to cruise the last week in January and we were wi
  13. I am holding my breath this time. I have been pretty fatalistic and calm about cruising since we got off the Legend in February. I was watching news stories about the virus in China while we in the Caribbean - without realizing how lucky we were to be on a cruise in 2020! We were scheduled to be on the Radiance out of Europe in May. Paid in full with gift cards (airfare too). 30th Anniversary cruise with our three grown children along. When that was cancelled, I shifted the entire thing including the airfare to the Legend in September 2020. That didn't last another month or s
  14. UPDATE: I received 2 gift cards today that match the amounts the customer service rep said was being added back to the original gift cards. So Joe and j1d1 are completely correct that the CR lady did not understand the cards could not be reloaded. On the other hand, I spoke with her on Friday and received the refunded gift cards by Fed Ex today. Now I need to see if my FCC has been moved to the fully paid September 2021 yet, and can be refunded to gift cards. Baby steps. 🙂
  15. I do not see a new balance yet and you and Joe may well be right that the cards cannot be reloaded. I will stay on top of that and check to make sure things get straightened out. Despite that uncertainty, I am still quite thankful to the CR person for working through all the various FCC amounts to locate my missing funds. I have no idea how airfare for 5 wound up as FCC attached to six cabins, 4 of which are on cancelled cruises. The airfare $ should have been sent to process for refunds when we transferred FCC funds to new cruises. Just glad we are on the path to getting thi
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