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  1. I am holding my breath this time. I have been pretty fatalistic and calm about cruising since we got off the Legend in February. I was watching news stories about the virus in China while we in the Caribbean - without realizing how lucky we were to be on a cruise in 2020! We were scheduled to be on the Radiance out of Europe in May. Paid in full with gift cards (airfare too). 30th Anniversary cruise with our three grown children along. When that was cancelled, I shifted the entire thing including the airfare to the Legend in September 2020. That didn't last another month or so before it was cancelled, and then I chose the Legend in September 2021. I thought that surely by 2021 we would be able to cruise again, right? lol I am really hoping the 2021 European cruises go forward. Jimbo is correct that no one knows at this point. We can only guess- how we talk or think about possible future cruising is probably based more upon our own personalities than anything else. I would be fine if they slapped a bandage on the Victory and sent her back to sea to cruise around Europe instead of turning her into the Radiance. I think she is already too torn down for that,I however. Just a pipe dream. I loved the Victory. I will just wait and see what happens. It might make financial sense for Carnival to not invest in Europe in 2021 depending on how things go. We just have to wait and see. I get frustrated at not knowing, especially as my final payment date approaches for a November cruise I am certain will be cancelled. But there is no point in being angry with Carnival.
  2. UPDATE: I received 2 gift cards today that match the amounts the customer service rep said was being added back to the original gift cards. So Joe and j1d1 are completely correct that the CR lady did not understand the cards could not be reloaded. On the other hand, I spoke with her on Friday and received the refunded gift cards by Fed Ex today. Now I need to see if my FCC has been moved to the fully paid September 2021 yet, and can be refunded to gift cards. Baby steps. 🙂
  3. I do not see a new balance yet and you and Joe may well be right that the cards cannot be reloaded. I will stay on top of that and check to make sure things get straightened out. Despite that uncertainty, I am still quite thankful to the CR person for working through all the various FCC amounts to locate my missing funds. I have no idea how airfare for 5 wound up as FCC attached to six cabins, 4 of which are on cancelled cruises. The airfare $ should have been sent to process for refunds when we transferred FCC funds to new cruises. Just glad we are on the path to getting this straightened out. Just want other people to realize assuming your funds are being processed for refunds may not work out and it does not hurt to double check. My actual processed refund arrived May 14th, and if I had not called nothing else would have been returned. ever.
  4. I definitely was trying to maximize my rewards by basically paying my initial deposit in cash and then using Carnival gift cards bought at 10% discount to pay off the entire initial cruise plus airfare for 5 people to Europe. Essentially $1000 off the cruise and airfare. So I have been quite patient about the refunds since everything needs to be refunded to gift cards and I assumed it was a lengthy process. But I was really surprised when the customer service rep dug into it and found I had 6 separate amounts of FCC attached to the 6 different cabins that had been booked (4 of which are on cancelled cruises which theoretically had been completely transferred to my newest booking). If I had not phoned- or if she had just brushed me off with platitudes- none of the $ that should have been refunded would have even been initiated for processing.
  5. Hello all, I have been waiting patiently for all the refunds to sort themselves out since March 11th and April 3rd. Short story- had a fully paid for cruise for two rooms and 5 people AND Fly 2 Fun Air to Europe on May 30th that was cancelled March 10th and we immediately re-booked and transferred funds to a similar (but less expensive) cruise and Fly 2 Fun air on September 20, 2020. On April 2nd or 3rd THAT one was cancelled, and we immediately re-booked a replacement European cruise for September 2021. Far too early to get airfare through Fly 2 Fun, AND the cruise itself was cheaper too. On May 14th I received $800 cash refund to a credit card from the March 10th cancellation. Seemed promising and I have been patiently waiting for SOMETHING ever since. I finally called Carnival today because I do not want to be in line behind all the newer cancellations for refunds. It is a damned good thing I called. Transferring the funds to pay for the new cruises twice was easy as could be. However, all the $$ that was paid for airfare and that was left over when the only similar cruises we found were less expensive- was just sitting there today, attached to the old booking numbers as a FCC. So Fly 2 Fun should have been refunded no matter what, since there is no way it should have been marked for a FCC. That is bull. But in addition, it wasn't even moved off either of the cruises Carnival cancelled. So with 2 rooms on each successive cruise, there was somewhat random amounts of FCC attached here and there to a variety of booking numbers. I had absolutely no way of knowing this, since it did not show up on any of the information I received from Carnival with the cancellation letters or the new booking confirmations showing payments. A couple of email confirmation emails did show I had "overpaid" the price of the cruise, but it was only by a couple of hundred bucks as opposed to the nearly $4000 that Carnival was just sitting on as FCC instead of refunding as airfare for flights to cruises that were completely cancelled. NOW- the good news. I did not have to wait on hold and I reached an extremely helpful customer service rep that created herself a spreadsheet and went over every single figure with me until she and I both understood what was paid, what was transferred, what was sitting in limbo and what needed to be refunded and in what fashion. It took her at least an hour to get this straightened out. Where I stand right now, is that she filled out forms to move the FCC sitting on cancelled cruises to my current booking for September 2021. The extra FCC that was already applied to my September 2021 booking she submitted refunds to the Carnival Gift Cards I had used, and told me which amount would be applied to which Gift card number in my possession. She said once the FCC stuck on the old cancelled cruises is showing up on the September 2021 cruise, I can ask for that to be refunded to Gift Cards as well- since that is how the majority of my cruise was paid for after the initial deposit money. It might be worth a phone call for those of you still wondering where your refunds are after nearly 3 months and especially if you paid with gift cards. I have read repeatedly that Carnival just issues new gift cards for refunds, but that is not what she did for me. I kept every single card I ever applied and she used 3 of them to put refund money back on the cards. Good luck everyone.
  6. A refund of $800 posted to my credit card this morning from a booking originally made/paid in November 2018 and cancelled in March and then again in April. I paid the remainder of my cruise in Carnival gift cards so this is the only cash/credit refund I am expecting. My refund status is a mess to be honest, because I originally had a May 30th cruise for 5 to Europe that was cancelled with no penalty. Our airfare was purchased and paid through Carnival and I used gift cards to pay for that as well. Basically the only cash I used was the deposit. When the May 30 cruise cancelled I immediately just transferred everything including airfare to a September of 2020 cruise. A couple of weeks later that was cancelled also. I called and took the FCC option- but had my PVP immediately book us onto a European cruise in September 2021. He transferred everything he could, but that cruise was less expensive than the two previous bookings. And airfare is not yet available for September 2021. So I will be getting additional refund but it should be on Carnival giftcards and I presume will take a while longer.
  7. They are not just calling people who ask for refunds. My PVP called today. They have lists of people who had cruises cancelled. I had not chosen anything yet. He did warn me that a cancellation email showing penalties would automatically be generated by the system but that I should ignore it because there are no penalties being assessed to thos of us who had cruises cancelled. They cannot stop the computers from automatically generating those penalty notices. Do not panic.
  8. I had always just booked online instead of using my PVP, until this mess started. Twice since March 10th he has made my life simple by coordinating FCC for 5 people in two cabins being transferred to a new booking without losing money or needing to put down a new deposit. I would be a frustrated mess without him.
  9. Well I am on the "let's take this seriously" and "have a drink and do not get anxious about things I have no control over" side. I do not think those positions are mutually exclusive! I have a couple of gift cards in my "cruise drawer" and will be putting them down on my November 29th journeys cruise when I get closer to the date. We had a big European cruise for us and the three grown up kids planned on May 30th. Like Joe, I had paid for the whole thing with gift cards, basically. Saved a ton of money. But- I cancelled it and re-booked the European cruise for September 29th for all 5 of us again with the FCC. So if September gets cancelled completely I get a refund on Gift cards or FCC or whatever. I will figure it out when it happens and hope everyone stays healthy. I am still accumulating points and will continue to get gift cards to pay off cruises I know we will be taking at some point when this all comes under control. I am very positive about cruising on Carnival again, and feel really bad for all the folks that are in limbo and don't have the freedom to arrange their schedule as easily as I do, and the people that missed their cruises this week and the next few weeks. I hope everyone stays safe and finds a way to make things work for them.
  10. I cancelled my May 30th European cruise on March 10th, right before the bottom dropped out. I was given 100% cost in FCC. However, I also had already decided which cruise I wanted to re-book, since this is a family European cruise and the options are limited on Carnival. At the time I did this, the FCC was only good until March 31 2021, and the European cruises stop in October 2020. Limited choices. I have had a PVP assigned for years but never used him before. I always just book myself online- usually based upon whatever offer I get through the casino. However, on March 10th the phone lines were not working and I found my PVP's email on one of the email offers in my junk mail. I emailed him and told him what I wanted. He called me a few times to clarify and ask for my ok on certain things. Altogether I spent about 5 minutes on the phone and sent two emails. He managed to use my FCC as a deposit for a European cruise on September 29th, applied everything else and got me exactly what I wanted. Of course, now I am crossing my fingers the September cruise goes forward safely. We had two cabins booked for 5 adult family members so it was a pain for him, I am sure. Although I have never bothered to use my PVP before, he sure came through in a pinch this time. If anyone thinks they do not have a PVP assigned, look closely at your email offers and see if there is not someone listed there for you to contact by email.
  11. What are the cut off days for the % that goes towards a refund vs. a future cruise credit? I have not been considering canceling our May cruise, but probably should educate myself as to what it would mean if I did. We booked our airfare to Europe through Carnival.
  12. I know you are right. I just am a bit obsessive probably. 😉. Kind of like I need to check for passports five or six times before I get on the plane to travel. ha ha
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