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  1. The problem with a "cancel for any reason" fare is that they are way too expensive☹️
  2. Hi All, We want to book the 18-day Hawaiian cruise, sailing in 2022, since our 2021 cruise was cancelled. The exact same ship and exact same cabin (VE) is $1,200 more. As much as we want to go (and use our cabin credits) we just can't. It's against our principles not to be taken advantage of. What are your thoughts? Thanks, Jon
  3. Hi Everyone! Next year my wife and I will sailing on the Koningsdam for the first time. I've been looking at YouTube videos of the main dining room table layouts and noticed something different. The latest videos show the tables in the lower dining room pretty much lined up in definite rows, according to the number of seats. Older videos show the tables arranged like what is shown on the Halifacts website: https://halfacts.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/kodmmdr-new-numbers.pdf Can anyone who has been on the ship lately verify this? Thanks, Jon
  4. We just got off the Amsterdam 14-day Alaska Explorer cruise (Aug 12-26). We were curious what people thought of the Hubbard Glacier excursion. I felt our captain was plenty close to Hubbard this time (although there was not much calving that day) and wouldn't think the extra $130/person would be worth the expense. Maybe someone had a good experience on another cruise?
  5. Hi All, Every HAL cruise we've been on there has been a discounted dinner in the Pinnacle restaurant. Will our Mariner (25%) discount be honored on top of the usual discounted price? Thanks, Jon
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